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    Sadly this ghostly anthology opens with R.H.Benson s The Traveller, standing like Charon demanding payment before the journey begins, as it does in so many such collections Benson s prophetic works such as Lord of the World may have secured his place in literary regard, but his ghost story only succeeds in being a right bore The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall by John Kendrick Bangs is not in the least bit scary As amusing as your mood allows in my case not very If overly prim and chatty is your kind of ghost then you might crack a smile but Bangs is no Oscar Wilde.Poe s The Oval Portrait is a short but powerful piece exploring what the love of art over life might cost The spark that was fanned into Oscar Wilde s The Picture of Dorian Gray can be found here There is little sign of a ghost though.Mark Twain delivers the required spook though in his simply titled A Ghost Story along with a few chills and chuckles The Wolf by Guy de Maupassant is not a ghost story, neither is it a werewolf story It s a spare little tale about obsession end insanity It s included here for one reason It gets another short story master s name onto the book cover Washington Irving s German Student at least manages t...

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    The Traveller by R H Benson 1903 1 too dull and dated to finish The Water Ghost of Harrowby Hall by John Kendrick Bangs 1894 4 very fun The Oval Portrait by Edgar Allan Poe 1850 3 over before you knew it A Ghost Story by Mark Twain 1843 3 witty The Wolf by Guy de Maupassant 1889 2 ehh I have read better Maupasant The Adventures of the German Student by Washington Irving 1825 2 ehh The Monkey s Paw by W W Jacobs 1902 4 Great Story From the Tideless Sea by W H Hodgson 1906 3 OK The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe 1903 4 One of Poe s best Madam Cro...

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    God, I hate Dickens What a pious sap he is I know he wrote to a very particular audience, but he just makes me want to hurl I nearly stopped listening, but I really wanted to hear the rest of the stories and I figured I give him another chance since I ve changed my mind about so many other authors as I ve aged Nope Still an emotional wreck with haughty characters Boo Hoo.There were strong entries and weak I ve never read any Oscar Wilde, but from now on I will seek him out The Canterbury Ghost was a clever, clever story The Tideless Sea by W.H Hodgson left me wondering if I was thinking of the wrong Sargasso Sea I wasn t Hodgson was just writing to a myth It was a story full of suspense and with a bit of retrofitting would make a ...

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    This is a collection of readings of sixteen classic horror stories with sometimes somewhat tenuous Christmas themes or connections The selections are for the most part from early literary icons including Poe, Irving, Dickens, Doyle, Hawthorne, etc My favorites were The Monkey s Paw by Jacobs, The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde which I d somehow never before read , and a wonderful and eerie story by William Hope Hodgson, From the Tideless Sea So...

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    This story focuses on Ghosts, not really horror, so I would correctly put this under fiction or paranormal All of the stories in this audiobook are good Some are very excellent I listened to the audiobook which is recorded with different narrators all digitization came from tape with various cla...

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    I agree with Daniel s review.

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    Great short stories best listed too Brought chills down my spine.

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Dark Holidays: A Collection of Ghost Stories 16 Unabridged Tales The Traveller By R.H Benson The Water Ghost Of Harrowby Hall By John Kendrick Bangs The Oval Portrait The Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe A Ghost Story By Mark Twain The Wolf By Guy De Maupassant The Adventures Of The German Student By Washington Irving The Monkey S Paw By W.W Jacobs From The Tideless Sea By W.H Hodgson Madam Crowl S Ghost By J.S Le Fanu The Canterville Ghost By Oscar Wilde Dr Heidegger S Experiment By Nathaniel Hawthorne The Old Nurse S Story By Mrs Gaskell The Black Veil The Signalman By Charles Dickens Selecting A Ghost By Arthur Conan Doyle Read By Tom Casaletto, Sandra Burr, Leanor Reizen, Jim Bond, Roger Dressler Michael Page