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    Re read for our chat It s posted here I highly recommend it for all little girls, and for reading with little girls Or reading with anyone who might ve yearned to be a fairy princess view spoiler BUT NOT IN THAT ICKY PEPTO BISMOL PINK TUTU CHEAP SILVER PLASTIC CROWN KIND OF WAY hide spoiler

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    This was my favorite book when I was in second grade I must have read it almost a dozen times, each time wishing and than this could be MY story, that I could kiss MY elbow and fly around, that MY real parents would show up at the end, wonderful and magical, and that MY grandma was rich actually, I think I thought my grandma was rich because she had a shower and an endless supply of those little cereal boxes.And then, somehow, I totally forgot what the title of this book was For 20 years I just wistfully remembered a book about a girl and a golden dog and a stern old lady and a broken swan ornament I didn t think anyone else would have every heard of it, or loved it like I did But I was so wrong Crazily enough, some librarian made a book list of kids who fly after that whole Balloon Boy incident I saw it online and laughed that someone we...

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    This was such a cute book I m so surprised I didn t hear about this when I was little I would have been all over this when I was younger This was the February book choice for Midnight Garden s book club Kindred Spirits Annabel Tippens seems like just a normal girl, but Annabel is actually quite special Instead of having parents, she has an adorable tiny white dog who talks, wears a gold collar and knows how to do 367 tricks Annabel never wonders about the unique nature of her life, until one day while playi...

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    Originally posted at Log Cabin LibraryThis month s pick for the Classic Read along with the Midnight Garden Book Group Kindred Spirits on Goodreads was another new to me book, No Flying in the House by Betty Brock The book was first published in 1970, but seems to hold the test of time, I quite enjoyed it In many ways it feels like a quiet story, not heavy on plot or messages, but draws on the desire of a little girl to have a family and to belong Annabel is such a cute little girl and I was pretty fond of her three inches by three inches protector Gloria One day, Gloria shows up on the terrace of Mrs Vancourt s home and dazzles her with three hundred and sixty seven tricks In exchange for a home that offers three meals a day, cozy fires, fresh flowers, birthday cakes, singing, and laughter, Mrs Vancourt agrees to let Annabel and Gloria live with her, as long as Gloria agrees to continue to perform her tricks for Mrs Vancourt s guests Annabel is a well behaved quite girl, who has never known her parents Their whereabouts are a closely guarded secret by Gloria Annabel has always been content with Gloria watching over her, but as she goes to school for the first time and makes friends with children who have parents, she gets quite sad She d never questioned where her parents were before, that is not until a cat named Belinda ...

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    This was one of my very, very favorite stories when I was a little girl and I am so thrilled I found it today at DI And, of course, sat down an re read as soon as I got home It is a charming story that begins with sweet little three year old girl, Annabel, and her devoted guardian, Gloria a three inch tall talking dog , who suddenly show up on Mrs Vancourt s Terrace one morning looking for a place to stay Mrs Vancourt, who has a passion for little things, only allows them to stay because she is so taken with Gloria who assures her that she can perform three hundred and sixty seven tricks As she grows, Annabell is just like any other little girl until the day she is visited by a small and very rude golden cat with emerald eyes whose sporadic visits leave her frustrated and confused about who she really is Where are Annabel s parents and why is she the only one in her entire school who can kiss her elbow and why can t Gloria tell her anything about her past Before her seventh birthda...

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    I remember reading this in the third grade and absolutely loving it I recently came across it at a garage sale, bought it, and reread it It s such a fun tale about a little girl, Annabel, discovering some unexplained magical powers and making a choice between power and family You can t help but love the 3 inch tall and wide dog named Gloria, who is her guardian I was equally e...

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    This was my FAVORITE book when I was little and I ve finally re discovered it I am so happy It took me forever to remember the title Actually I never remembered the title I just remembered it was about a tiny talking dog and a little girl Google did the rest Wow it is amazing how the illustr...

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    This book is so cute and heartwarming and one of my favorites from when I was littler than I am now.

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    I would have loved this when I was a child I think it still has value, perhaps as a family read together, or a chapter at bedtime But don t miss the illustrations Since this was written our children s books about unexpected magic have gotten sophisticated, but imo there s plenty here for a young child Who doesn t want to fly, have a tiny talking dog as nanny, a rich lonely woman as guardian Who doesn t come to realize that family is most important, no matter exactly what that family looks like What s interesting is how deceptively simple this is We re not given big back stories on the characters, or long winded descriptions of the house, grounds, clothing, foods We are given the essentials that point to the plot, and to the aspects of the characters that are integral to the themes And yet, despite the focus on the themes, it s not preachy It s just a nice story.It s not quite a four star read, but I am sufficiently charmed to round my ra...

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    My god, the nostalgia I hadn t read this book in years, but thanks to a member of Goodreads I remember the title now No Flying in the House has a quality in it that children s books today are seriously lacking in It s imaginative, with detailed illustrations, loveable characters and a friendship that can withstand anything Unlike most children s book characters, Annabel is polite, kind and an intriguing child living in a house where her best friend and guardian is a little white dog named Gloria When the secret about Annabel s family and origins is finally discovered, the friendship between her and Gloria is put to the test and she has ...

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No Flying in the House Annabel Tippens Seems Like An Ordinary Little Girl, With Short Blond Hair And Very Good Manners But Annabel Is Actually Quite Unusual Instead Of Parents, She Has Gloria, A Tiny White Dog Who Talks And Wears A Gold Collar Annabel Never Wonders Why Her Life Is Different, Until One Day A Cat Named Belinda Tells Her The Truth She S Not Just A Little Girl, She S Half Fairy But Now That She Knows The Truth, Will Her Whole Life Have To Change

  • Paperback
  • 157 pages
  • No Flying in the House
  • Betty Brock
  • English
  • 12 June 2017

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