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10 thoughts on “The Coming of the Wolf (Tales of the Wolf, #1)

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    Great read.I ended up loving this book almost despite myself At first it seemed like just a generic fantasy book, but it just kept getting better and better I highly recommend giving it a try.

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    I tried than once to read this fantasy novel and always faltered after a few pages The exposition is clunky and flat, and despite the first word being run I felt no tension whatsoever That the main character speaks to herself aloud just felt forced and the time transitions are poorly handled time passed , yes really.All this within the first 1% of the story.If I step back and look at the plot, it could be a story I like An elf woman is r...

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    This took a view of shape shifters that I had never considered and built upon it The characters are very well defined over time and I found myself looking forward to each additional nugget of definition The interaction between rac...

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    This book is written by my Brother and his first novel It wasn t bad who knew he could write

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    GoodEnjoyed it so far good story line will be buying the next one in the series to see where it goes

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    If you like the Lord of the Rings trilogy then check this series out

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The Coming of the Wolf (Tales of the Wolf, #1) When The Darkness Returns From Whence It Was Banished And The Gods Are Helpless To Act, Look To The North For The Chosen One A Being Of No Race And All Races, Part Black, Part White, A Creature Of The Balance, A True Son Of The Dhyana He Will Lead The Nine Against The One In The Final Battle For The Fate Of Terreth For Only He Can Unlock The Secrets Of The Past Every Child On Terreth Has Heard That Prophecy While Growing Up When The Elven Princess Tatianna Is Raped By A Pack Of Shape Changing Barbarians And Left For Dead On The Ruined Shrine To One Of The Lost Gods, The Prophecy Of The Chosen One Was The Last Thing On Her Mind Rescued By The Highland Warrior Hawkeye, They Rejoin Her Twin Brothers And A Cantankerous Dwarf And Flee North In An Effort To Escape The Clutches Of The Dark Alliance Outnumbered And On The Run, The Friends Face Many Trials On Their Journey Only To Find That Tatianna Is Indeed Carrying The Child Of Prophecy With The Odds Stacked Against Them And Winter Approaching, One Question Remains Will They Survive Long Enough For The Child To Be Born Only The Gods Know For Sureor Do They