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恋愛遺伝子XX 1巻 (Renai Idenshi XX, #1) A Sci Fi Story Set In A Future Where Men Have Died Off Women Have Been Divided Into Two Groups Adams And Eves Each Has A Set Role In Society The Protagonist, An Adam, Has Just Entered Kingdom Academy Romantic Relationships Between Adams Are Forbidden There, So I M Sure You Can All Guess Where This Is Going

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    Great art and a killer premise are bogged down by high school melodramatics and stale gags As a Takarazuka and Rose of Versailles fan I really wanted to like this, but it sold itself short That s probably because, as a Yuri Hime serialization, it has a very specific audience and format It would have been nice to see a Utena style exploration of fantasy and gender roles, something that took itself a bit seriously and had a bit to say.But what the hey, ...

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    This was an interesting story No men at all Hmmm The artwork is pretty good I enjoyed the story and the cute romance beginning here There is a lot of nudity here with not much left to your imagination, so I d only recomme...

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    Very quick, light, and entertaining read, but wasn t anything mind blowing or extraordinary.

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    Plot is simple as can be but Za Taishi s art is as pretty as ever This is another manga I remember starting in middle school and have suddenly decided to revisit and finish.

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    Well, I am not going to continue this one I mostly wanted to read this one because of Yuri Love Stage Princess Princess artist Sadly, my headache has intensified because of all the rules Adams and Eves mainly , plus nothing r...

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    Mizuki Hyuuga 3

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    My girlfriend got mad with me and made an scene because I stayed up until 4 AM reading this manga You know what I don t care I would use another words that are crossing my mind but they are kind of unprofessional.This manga was the best thing that happened to me since I started reading manga this year It was the best of a lot of worlds For a moment I completely forget that I was talking about girls And then I Think that I was reading a very good Yaoi Manga with little ink of a Yuri, and then I remembered that it was a Yuri manga It s was awesome In a way, they do a representation of all kind of couples And the main one is a Yaoi couple than a Yuri one I loved this manga Has so many shades insid...