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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Something New
  • P.G. Wodehouse
  • English
  • 01 May 2019
  • 9780140284614

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    Ashe s first impression of Beach, the butler, was one of tension Other people, confronted for the first time with Beach, had felt the same He had that strained air of being on the very point of bursting that one sees in bullfrogs and toy balloons Nervous and imaginative men, meeting Beach, braced themselves involuntarily, stiffening their muscles for the explosion Those who had the pleasure of intimate acquaintance with him soon passed this stage, just as people whose homes are on the slopes of Mount Vesuvius become immune to fear of eruptions Old Beach is alright but dash it he s not Jeeves you know A chappie feels like an ass looking for Jeeves in a Blandings book, but I say dash it you know, and all that rot, some fellows just can t be replaced, don t you know.Actually, in attempting to channel Wodehouse in his Freddie Threepwood mode I suddenly miss Bertie Wooster too they have a very similar manner of speaking, though Bertie seems to possess a few brain cells than poor Freddie probably fish in his diet The Blandings series is Wodehouse s second most popular series I don t love it as much as his Jeeves Wooster stuff but in the absence of JW audiobooks on Librivox it does brighten up commutes to work very pleasantly Topping stuff Something New is the original title of what later became Something Fresh US edition with mino...

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    3.5 stars A light, amusing snack between meatier meals, this is the first installment in Wodehouse s Blandings Castle series and every bit as silly, witty and delightfully early 20th century published in 1915 as the other books I ve read by him though I think I prefer Jeeves Wooster.The characters who people the Blandings series are the dotty Lord Emsworth, his no good but basically harmless son, Freddie, an officious secretary, Baxter, and Beach the butler However, the two main characters in this first one who unfortunately then disappear out of sight after this installment are Ashe Marson, a writer of detective novels, and Joan Valentine, a woman who lives in Ashe s building and whom he meets when she laughs at him doing his Larsen exercises They are both in need of money and adventure, and after a completely unlikely mix up of a misplaced scarab, they find themselves at Blandings Castle pretending to be something they are not in order to retrieve said scarab Misunderstandings ensue, crazy conversations follow and other silly characters enter the scene in short Wodehouse s trademark devices abound.Some of the slapstick is a bit too silly for my taste it s the little as...

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    Delightfully light bedtime reading, a few pages each night No author is quite like P.G Wodehouse he is the master of cliche cliche of plot, of characters, of description, of dialogue And yet he manages to accomplish all this with lightness and freshness...

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    Something Fresh, first instalment of the Blandings series, is a brilliant comedy Once again, Wodehouse succeeds in juggling with several convoluted plot threads to great entertainment It is truly amazing how he doesn t get entangled Lord Emsworth, the forgetful and kleptomaniac earl of Blandings Castle, has appropriated himself of the prized possession of a wealthy American collector, who happens to be the father of his youngest son s fiancee One can only imagine the ire of the hypochondriac magnate who will do anything to get his scarab back, even to the extend of employing someone to steal it back Add to this a romance or two, blackmailing, a detective writer, a secretary with bulldog tendencies, and a butler with a troubled stomach Life is anything but quiet at Blandings, especially in the middle of the night Although this novel was published in 1915 and shows a social world that doesn t exist any, Wodehouse is...

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    4.5 Ashe and Joan Stars Ashe and Joan, because they were my favorite characters in this book This is my first PG Wodehouse book and it was so much better than I expected it to be This book is about a gathering in Blanding Castle where three people are after a scarab for their own purposes The owner of the scarab is a very absent minded person and does not really care about the scarab so it is only those three people who will be at loss if the scarab is stolen by a forth unknown person The whole book is full of witticism and lots of puns DAshe and Joan are the best elements of th...

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    Something New 1915 is the first installment of P G Wodehouse s Blandings Castle stories This story follows Ashe Marson into the drafty halls of Blandings Castle, where he will try to make something new of his life by purloining a rare Egyptian scarab all for the best motives, of course.Ashe Marson is a hack writer who churns out pulp detective stories which involve The Adventures of Gridley Quayle Tired of this life, but not quite knowing what to do about it, he makes the acquaintance of his upstairs neighbor Joan Valentine She prompts him to action Read the papers Read the advertisement columns I m sure you will find something sooner or later Don t get into a groove Be an adventurer Snatch at the next chance, whatever it is And he does After reading and answering the following want ad Wanted Young Man of Good Appearance who is poor and reckless, to undertake delicate and dangerous enterprise Good pay for the right man he finds himself in the employ of J Preston Peters He will appear as this American millionaire s valet on a trip to Blandings Castle, but his real mission will be to steal back a priceless scarab which has made its way into Lord Emsworth s collection through a series of misadventures What follows is a del...

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    Great fun and a perfect mid winter cheering potion This I am delighted to say is the first of a whole series of satiric novels set at Blandings Castle and featuring the absent minded Lord Emsworth and his clueless son Freddie If British upper class really was this dumb, and I suspect great swaths of it might have been, it s a wonder the country survived and no wonder at all the the Empire was lost.Plenty of sharply humorous elbow digs at upstart Americans, the hack publishing industry, overzealous staff, etc Wodehouse fans will revel in his trademark witty dialog and madcap plotting and will find this one all the endearing thanks to a charming couple of young people who are clearly meant for each other right from their very first, very funny meeting Y...

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    The book that marked the transformation of Wodehouse from a good writer to a phenomenon.Its an amazing experience to see him effortlessly driving into every turn in the language and painting every shade of humour that can ever occur to the human mind.

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    The first of the Blanding Castle series I am hooked The absent minded Earl, Freddie the second son and a complete sap Throw in an American millionaire with bad digestion, a daughter betrothed to Freddie and you have a great farce The two worlds of th...

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    from the cover of my edition Wodehouse is the greatest comic writer ever I have no quarell with this Douglas Adams quote, it may set the stakes rather high, but the first book of the Blandings Castle Saga rises to the occasion and provided a jolly good time Maybe not the best of the series, being one of the author s early books published first in 1915, but a solid introduction to the characters and the setting that would draw the author back for 10 novels and 9 short stories And what a lovely place this is Note my review is for the Something New original text I understand the only important difference to the Something Fresh revised edition is the American origin for some of the characters Actually, this is what I would like to start with the novel is built around two opposing world views, the dynamic, decisive and fresh cousins from across the ocean meeting the complacent, slightly clueless and decadent upper class from the home country The story doesn t actually get to Blandings Castle until quite late in the proceedings The action starts in London, on a beautiful Spring morning, with the meeting between to young expats down on their luck Ashe Marson and Joan Valentine, both writers of stories for popular magazines, after trying various other positions on the job market The American contingent is completed by a friend of Joan, mild mannered Aline P...

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