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    This is book 1 of the Shirley, Goodness and Mercy Angel series Cute enough book cute enough story just cute Just trying to get into the cute Christmas spirit..

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    Two haiku review Heaven, three angelsSent to earth, get in troubleHelp women find loveLike three novellasWoven together one bookOh so very sweet

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    Have to rate it five stars because I learn a lot from this novel that has been on the shelf for six years Should have read this novel years ago.We know that angels help believers , this novel shows how Sometimes the angel works for Plan A, but humans walk towards Plan B which has been designed by God and the angels have no idea of His plan Some of the lines, even though it was spoken by Character 1 to Character 2, but it felt like the speaker was talking to me It hits home man For the first time since you entered your twenti...

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    I did not finish this although I loved the premise of the story Several of the books in this series have been good, but I have now come across two with use of profanities and too much detailed intimate information So I will not complete this series as I had planned.

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    Reviewed at Heart Full of ChristmasPart of my Christmas reading tradition always, without fail no matter the time crunch, includes at least one if not all of the stories in the Angels Everywhere series Paperbacks, now yellowed with age and slightly frayed around the edges, the earlier books remain on one of my keeper shelves year round for I often find the need for an uplifting, entertaining and funny reminder of the good things in life and beyond I probably should replace the physical books with Kindle editions soon but there s something about the memories that flow through me holding on to those physical books as Shirley, Goodness and Mercy once again take me on another adventure with life lessons learned and love flowing.A Season of Angels first introduced us to this angelic trio one stern angel with a heart of gold, one voice of sanity, but willing to get into some light mischief angel and one very funny, mischievous angel who means well but electrical things just fascinate her and she often find herself in a bit of trouble with her good intentions.Leah wants a b...

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    If you are looking for a novel that has characters that move you, bring you to tears, and stay with you forever this is not the book The characters dare I say 6 main characters are sometimes hard to follow I constantly kept referring to the back cover to ask myself which angel is paired with which woman To me, the women all seemed the same They had different lives, different angels, and different problems one couldn t get pregnant, another couldn t forget her deceased husband and move on, and the third needed a man to love , but other than those differences, there was no real difference of character I think the angels had the most character of any of the women they had spunk and adorable qualities However, despite one liking tvs and another ships or something, there wasn t one that really stood out to me The novel had lots of good feeling, everything is predictable and ends well Certain scenes talked about sex instead of the love behind it, and well if you re looking for an easy, non complicated, happy, Christmas in the summer read this is your book In the end, I think it teaches valuable lessons about love and faith, but I was slightly disappointed by the characters depth and the lack of reality in some characters The adoption options were wrong, I had to laugh when Timmy asked his mother is she would make babies with her boyfriend, and Mon...

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    Wanted to read something fluffy and uplifting for the holiday, and I like the Mrs Miracle movies on Hallmark, so decided to give this book a try It actually made me angry Two of the plotlines are fine, with nearly three dimensional characters and complex emotional dilemmas played out in a believable if wooden way One of them is resolved rather abruptly with a ludicrous plot twist from out of left field that vindicates a batty old woman in serious need of grief counseling, but whatever Then there s Monica s story, which appears to be a manuscript penned by a hormonal teenager after binging on old Harlequin Presents that got shuffled in with Ms Macomber s book by accident Monica is thoroughly unlikeable and fairly unbelievable, and somehow develops a deep and abiding love for a man she s knows absolutely nothing about, except that he also likes coffee and BLTs Nothing about this storyline made ...

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    Reviewed for THC Reviews A Season of Angels is the first book in Debbie Macomber s Angels Everywhere, a Christmas themed series about Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy, three good hearted but wayward angels, who can sometimes become sidetracked by human inventions, but who do their very best to try to answer the prayers of the people they are sent to help There was just enough romance to categorize this book as such, but it s a little different, because it follows three different couples with one of the angels on each case The angels must teach each of the three women they re sent to help an important lesson before their hearts will be open enough to accept the Christmas gifts God has in store for them Due to some mild profanities and some moderate sexual tension, the book isn t quite squeaky clean enough to categorize it as inspirational romance However, it does include a fairly overt faith element, not only in the form of the three angels, but also, most of the main characters seem to believe in God, pray, and or attend church, some with regularity, so readers who are averse to mentions of God or angels, might want to steer clear I happen ...

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    As stated before in my comments, I don t do syrupy, contrived and overly saccharine plots with crazy angels and cartoonish people Just no No couple was believable, least of all the magical return of Jody s husband He fancied a trip to East Berlin and got himself thrown into Russian prison for over 7 years then returned home as if he still had the right No phone call, nothing I d sooner beat him up for doing that to his family and son t...

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    A light and easy book to read to get me through the last week of school Finished it this morning When three willing but wacky angels called Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy are giving Christmas prayer request to answer, there s just one catch each angel must teach her charge a memorable lesson befo...

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A Season of Angels Wishes For Love Bring Hope From Above.Shirley, Goodness, And Mercy Three Willing But Sometimes Wayward Angels Areeach Given Someone S Prayer To Answer.Shirley She S Sent To Help Nine Year Old Timmy Potter, Who Longs For A New Father And Although His Mother, Jody, Has Vowed Never To Trust Any Man, Shirley Is Determined To Help Her Love Again.Goodness She Knows Monica Fischer Longs For A Husband And Home Of Her Own, But The Young Woman Has Practically Given Up On Finding The Right Man To Stand By Her Side Until Goodness Steps In To Help.Mercy Can Mercy Bring Hope Back IntoLeah Lundberg S Life This Maternity Nursedesperately Wants A Child To Fill Up The Homeshe S Made With Her Husband, Andrew.But There S Just One Catch Each Angel Must Teach Her Charge A Memorablelesson Before The Prayer Can Be Granted.