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How to Click with People The Secret To Building Better Relationships In Business And In Life With Some People, You Just Click The Connection Is Quick And Easy Communication Flows You Can Tell Them Anything And They Know Just What You Mean When You Connect In This Way, You Feel Understood And Accepted For Who You Really Are You Get These People And They Get You We Think Of This Connection As An Instantaneous Thing, Something That Either Happens Or Doesn T Not So, Says Author Dr Rick Kirschner This Connection Isn T A Magical Phenomenon It S A Communication Skill That Can Be Learned With Specific Steps And Techniques Based On The Author S Three Decades Of Experience As An Interpersonal Communication Expert, How To Click With People Will Show You How To Recognize And Respond Effectively To The Four Basic Communication Styles Everyone Uses Speak The Same Language As The Person You Re Talking To, Whether Emotional Or Intellectual Connect In A Digital Age Ruled By E Mail And Social Media Master The 7 Signals That Will Make You And Your Ideas Click With Others Troubleshoot The Nine Obstacles That Could Be In Your Way And Learn How To Avoid Or Overcome ThemIn The End, Kirschner Argues That These Skills Are Crucial Because Success Has Less To Do With Professional Knowledge Than With The Ability To Express Ideas, To Assume Leadership, And To Arouse Enthusiasm Among People In This How To Win Friends And Influence People For The Twenty First Century, He Gives Readers The Advice And Insights They Need To Strengthen Their Relationships And Take Charge Of Their Future.

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    I thought this book was helpful for getting along with people It gave some helpful tips I could have used it for when I had a co worker at work I wasn t clicking with I don t know if these tactics would work all the time The one things that bugged me was the author was switching from the he...

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    It is like the updated version of How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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    Not any helpful than a listicle.

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    I get lots of books in the mail because people want me to review them in this space I received an advance proof of this book a few weeks ago and I was intrigued by the title In my work as a trainer, consu...

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    Recommended to me as a modern version of the classic How to Win Friends and Influence People , which I had been considering A pretty quick read Some interesting tips and insight Wasn t blown away, but did learn a few things, including some about myself A lot of it focused on workplace situation...

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    The concepts in this book seemed relatively basic and straightforward Not sure this brought me any new information, but served as a refresher to emphasize what I already know.

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    Threats topic from many different aspects Good reading.

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    Good motivation for the new year.

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    This book had some very good tips for clicking with people I will be trying them out for sure Definitely a book that would be good to revisit from time to time.