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South India & Kerala South India Is The Steamy Heartland Of The Subcontinent, A Mind Shaking Mix Of State Of The Art And Timeless Tradition Where Everyday Life Is Intimately Intertwined With The Sacred Sarina Singh, Lonely Planet Writer Our Promise You Can Trust Our Travel Information Because Lonely Planet Authors Visit The Places We Write About, Each And Every Edition We Never Accept Freebies For Positive Coverage, And You Can Rely On Us To Tell It Like We See It Inside This Book 85 Maps228 Days Of On The Road Research1476 Detailed Reviews5151km Of Stunning CoastlineInspirational PhotosClear, Easy To Use MapsComprehensive Planning ToolsVolunteering FeatureIn Depth BackgroundAt A Glance Practical Info

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    Very good recap and detailed travel book

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    An utterly mediocre travel guide The housing and food suggestions were fairly decent, but the maps were sub par Often the maps failed to include key street names or geographic markers, and food, housing, and attraction recommendations were often off map, which was a problem And while the book tries to include extensive background information to help readers understand South India, the book lacks basic things like a food guide for example, common Hindi food names aloo potato, bhindi okra, gobi cauliflower, palak spinach, etc descriptions of the differences between common bread varieties chapati, roti, dosa, naan, poori, etc and descriptions of common dishes or categories of food such as biryani, chutney, curry, dal, korma, raita, sambar, tandoori, vindaloo, etc While some food names do vary regionally, in many locations with printed menus likely to cater to visitors, transliterated Hindi is the norm.In addition,...

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    Generally solid I wish it had on Andhra Pradesh.