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    An entertaining brief introduction to O Keeffe for older elementary junior high maybe even high school students I m not sure the book really captures why people love her work so much But it does an excellent job of presenti...

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    Good children s non fiction detailing the life of Georgia O Keeffe that is simple, but hits the important details Even though it s from 1993 wow, when I was born it s relevant and true that I can use it for a library art program today.

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    It was an awesome book I love the series

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    Previously read currently playing catch up.I don t know what I expected when I started reading this, but whatever it was, I did not receive it.I first knew Georgia O Keefe from an educational computer game in which you helped a robot stop a mad scientist from changing history so she could cheat on her 4th grade history test Great premise, even greater game O Keefe s paintings were part of a game in which you matched analogies and patterns together, forming a completed picture The voice over provided little snippets of O Keefe s life and work, but not much beyond the fact that her art centered on southwestern themes.It was years later I discovered the sexual nature of O Keefe s work this time, it was through of slew of 90s and 00s comedians joking about how all her flower paintings looked like vaginas Unfortunately, I never did extensive enough research to confirm if that was her intention, but having read a few interviews in which her friends and critics made similar connections between her work and female sexuality, the idea stayed firmly planted in my min...

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    Summarize the bookThis book is about the life of the famous artist Georgia O Keefe The book starts by talking about where she was born and that she would grow up to become one of the most famous painters in America She is famous for her paintings of things in nature and specifically, flowers She would also paint images in her mind such as soft waves or swirls It then talks about how she studied art at many schools and won awards for her work She became very famous for her paintings of large flowers with bright colors She was one of the first women artists to become so famous in America She fell in love with her friend and fellow artist Alfred Stieglitz and they got married She also loved to paint the desert in New Mexico which is where she lived until she died at the age of 98 He work is still some of the most famous pieces of art in America and can be found in many museums Identify the characteristics from the text that support the specific genre What makes it traditional literature What makes it historical fiction This is a biography because it outlines the specific events in the life of the famous artist It also shows photos of her original artwork Identify specific literary or educational concepts that could be integrated into the classroom eg This book is a good text to use when teaching how to make inferences, or This ...

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    Getting to Know the World s Greatest Artists, Georgia O Keeffe is another nice edition in this fantastic collection by Mike Venezia These books are perfect for exposing elementary and junior high aged students to a large variety of artists and styles of art in a memorable way.

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    A children s book which I bought for grandchildren Very nice with basic information about Georgia O Keeffee and lots of great pictures of here work.

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    06 11 We love this series This was one of David s favorite in the series.

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    I used to love these books as a kid Simple, but nicely done.

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    I liked this book I told Mama I want to look at her paintings and try to imitate them so I can be an artist like Georgia O Keeffe when I grow up.

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