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Death Magic (Haven, #6) Brand Struggles To Deal With The Tricks Of The Fae, The Retreat Of The Kindred And The Rise Of The Dead The Black Jewel Awakens In DEATH MAGIC, Book Six Of The Series Known As The Primal Jewels, The Black, The Quicksilver And The Sunstone Have Long Been Lost This Is The Story Of Their Return To The Lands Of Cymru.Many Old Evils Stir Four Score Marriages Between The Fae And The River Folk Result In Interesting Offspring That Have Not Been Seen For Centuries King Arawn Of The Dead Schemes To Raise An Army To Invade The River Haven The Kindred Face A Mysterious Plague, Myrrdin Is Nowhere To Be Found And Oberon Is Up To Something.

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    If you have been reading this series, then you will want to read this next book in the set I didn t like it as much as some of the others, but I did enjoy the different viewpoints it presented You get to see what happened after the men of the Haven marry Ob...

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    Whew Thus far, the last of this series This seemed darker than prior books, or it could be I came back to the series after too long of a gap between the books Dealings with the black jewel, the undead, a precocious wee half elf half human boy, fairy maidens taking human husbands, Brand rebuilding his historical castle, treachery, jealousy, friendship, abandonment, death and redemption There is a lot going on and not to forget the wizard Myrrdin who has quite an interesting side tale happenin Whew Thus far, the last of this series This seemed darker...

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    So far, entertaining on the level that it will give you something to read between favoured authors I find the plot predictable, with an almost formula like plan young farm boy turns into hero, etc.

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