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Heart of Brass [Reading] ➺ Heart of Brass By Kate Cross – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Arden, undercover for The Wardens of the Realm who protect steampunk England, has the status, wealth, and independence of a countess and can see the final moments of a murder victim s life Her husban Arden, undercover for The Wardens of the Realm who protectsteampunk England, has the status, wealth, Heart of MOBI :Ê and independence of a countess and can see the final moments of a murder victim s life Her husband Lucas vanishes until she spots him one night The Company wiped his memory, sent him to kill her, but he cannot Yet if he does not, someone will and kill him.

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  1. Feminista Feminista says:

    Ridiculous Absolutely ridiculous.This book has me so annoyed and at this time of the night too.Luke Grey, husband of Lady Arden Grey and used as an assassin by the Company aka bad guys His memory has been removed and his bones are plated with metal He is strong, fast, etc The fantasy setting in this novel could have really worked If it weren t for the characterisation.Luke Grey, assassin and almost automaton has spent years sleeping with other women His saintly wife on the other hand has not given up hope for 7 years She had no evidence that he was alive and 7 years is a bit too excessive, by anyone s standard, to be still hoping I refuse to believe excuses like women s intuition There is no such thing And can I add, I would give my last penny that if the roles had been reversed and the wife had the amnesia and was the assassin, she would have been as celibate as a nun To make it worse, most of this book is spent on Luke questioning his wife s relationship with his best friend, WHEN NOTHING EVER HAPPENED, whereas his string of women is discussed very little and not adequately I don t care that he did not remember at the time, he remembers now and he is still giving her a hard time For what To ease his guilt There was also the fact that they were having marital problems That is to say, his bossy attitude and him working with his once lover was putting a strain on their relationship A lover whom he never volunteered a thing about, but she had to find out for herself So no, I don t see anything worth hoping for 7 years To be honest, I find it sort of pathetic But whatever, to each their own Nevertheless, this in it of itself would have made me give this book 2 stars.What really ruined it for me was that the husband, throughout his seven years was doing things that reminded him of her Such as getting a tattoo in India, like the one she got on their honeymoon So excuse me if I call bullshit on this, but am I being told that his husband s intuition did not lead him to realise EVERY TIME HE SLEPT WITH ANOTHER WOMAN that he had a wife waiting for him Gah It s beyond ridiculous And of course, she was a virgin when they were first together and he had been with various of other women before their marriage It s so sickening this double standard. I am almost running out of words to describe how I am feeling I have come to expect strong women in steampunk novels and Arden is not a strong woman by my standards.

  2. Abigail Abigail says:

    When Lord Huntley returns to his wife s bedside after seven years away she s not expecting it to be to kill her Fortunately for the couple, The Company has been unable to completely eradicate Luke s love for Arden Unfortunately, the Wardens don t trust him and the Company now wants to kill him With a backdrop of murder and spies in steam punk Victorian England, Luke and Arden must get to know one another again and see if they can love the new versions of each other.I continue to love Ms Cross s intelligent, mechanically minded heroines that are never perfect Arden struggles with drinking, which she uses to cope with her husband being gone and the work that she does for the Scotland Yard and Wardens I don t think that a young Arden, from before Luke s disappearance, would have been as likable as the woman that she s become is A young Luke probably wouldn t have been that great either The characters seem real and none of their relationships are simple, much like life Overall I loved it and was rooting for Arden and Luke the whole time

  3. Tori Tori says:

    Originally posted at Quote She drove him to distraction, frustrated him, amazed him, and made him what to do better Arden Grey, Countess Huntley, has everything a woman of the 19th century could want Wealth, status, and independence Everything except her husband The Earl of Huntley disappeared seven years ago while on a mission for a secret government agency called the Wardens Arden knows her husband is still alive and has never given up hope he will come home to her One night Arden feels someone watching her and realizes it s her missing husband.Lucas Luke Gray, the Earl of Huntley, is now an assassin for the Company, a corrupt agency Referred to as number 5, he is sent to assassinate Arden for her crimes against the Company As Luke watches his target, he finds himself unable to complete his mission Something about Arden is familiar and his attraction to her both excites and scares him.Arden and Lucas s best friend implement a plan and are able to capture and subdue Luke.They take him to the Wardens headquarters and learn that the Company has tampered with both his memories and his physical stature Luke is definitely not the man he was seven years ago The Wardens don t trust him but Arden finally has him back in her life and will do anything to keep him there As Arden and Luke struggle to reacquaint themselves with one another again, they have to stop the Company from killing them and Arden has to stop a serial killer.Heart Of Brass is an delightfully adventurous steampunk filled with riveting action, wicked spies, steamy romance, and an all star cast Lush world building transports us to an exciting time where carriages and automations are beheld side by side Set in 19th century Victorian England, we are introduced to the Earl and The Countess Huntley Married young, these two are challenged in different ways to keep England safe as members of a government agency called the Wardens Our story starts out with Arden entering the seventh year her husband, Luke, has been missing Unknown if he is alive or dead, Arden keeps the home fires burning, stubbornly defiant against all who claim Lucas must be dead When Luke begins appearing to her, threatening her life, Arden realizes that he was captured and corrupted by the Company As she attempts to stay alive and force Luke to remember her, she realizes that the man she married is not the man who stands before her.There are two separate but equally important storylines that make up this story Luke s disappearance and subsequent return and a serial killer who is preying on young woman of London Both interesting plots that run parallel but do not intertwine The serial killer mystery is for Arden only and it strongly shows how fiercely Arden needed to be then just Luke s wife Arden has a hidden vulnerability that engages our sympathies She has never felt she was good enough for Luke, a feeling enforced by his family So she strives to become everything Luke was after he left to prove to him that she too can be exciting and challenging both in and out of their marriage When we get their background story, we realize that Arden s and Luke s marriage had problems and things were said and done before Luke disappeared, which only reinforced her feelings of inadequacy.I genuinely liked Arden She is a strong, independent, intelligent, outspoken young woman who we learn has changed drastically since her husband vanished She has had to stay strong against her own doubts and the doubts of those around her, causing her to take control of her life then a woman of this time period might normally She is a brilliant inventor and comes up with devices to help the Wardens but also certain female appliances she sells to be financially independent She s not a paragon of virtue though She has a small drinking problem which started after Lucas disappeared She is also very stubborn and obstinate Being on her own for seven years has required to assume the helm so to speak and once Lucas returns, she has a slight problem sharing command.Poor Luke You can t help but feel sorry for him even when you discover how he was before he disappeared He is back with his wife with no memory of her or their life Through Arden and his own returning memories, he begins to remember the man he used to be and finds himself disgusted by his previous behavior He treated his wife as a possession not badly, but rather indifferently Being a Warden had meant everything to him and he did many things in his service to them, things that left his wife questioning his feelings for her We learn his last mission required him to partner up with his mistress, a mistress Arden knew nothing about until after he disappeared When Luke learns of this he wants to die, not wanting to believe that he brought even pain to his wife We also learn that he was not faithful while he was with the Company When he discovers a tattoo on Arden s shoulder that is an exact replica of a tattoo he got while he was gone, he knows then that no matter what happened to him while he was with the Company, some part of her was always with him.Their reunion is bittersweet In bed, they know exactly where they stand with one another but out of it, they are both somewhat at a lost Watching them fall back in love with one another is very romantic as the chemistry between them is quite tangible and explosive Luke s expression hardened If he came in here right now and told you that somehow I was behind it all, you d believe that wouldn t you She scowled at him Don t be a jealous idiot I would not believe it, and if you re so very concerned about my affections straying, why don t you give me a good reason to keep them with you Slowly, he straightened and came towards her She felt a little like a Gazelle eyeing an approaching lion and didn t know whether to run or simply accept her fate and offer up her throat He gaze held hers until he stood mere inches away His hand reached out and curled around the back of her neck, pulling her closer You re mine, he told her I d kill any man who tried to take you away Obstacles are handled, situations diffused, and honesty is finally given We get some wonderfully passionate scenes and the lovely Mr Huntley likes to talk dirty in bed Ooo La La While their situation isn t 100% resolved, they are off to a wonderful start by the end of the book.A well developed and personable secondary cast with individual storylines that intersect and spike your curiosity Henry Huntley, Luke s younger brother, is an angry young man who treated Arden terribly and was set to declare Luke dead when Luke reappears He is not happy Luke is back and sets out to discredit Luke as the rightful Earl Alister Wolfred is a member of the Wardens, a long time friend of Lucas s, and in love with Arden He is both elated and angry that Luke has returned from the dead We met other Wardens, investigators with Scotland Yard, and various members of the Company What I enjoyed is that no one is what they seem and their hidden agendas make for an exciting story filled with many twists and turns Witty and engaging dialogue helps speed the story along and give us a intimate look at out characters and their personalities.The two mysteries keep us on our toes and resolve themselves simultaneously giving us the identity of the serial killer and the person who betrayed Lucas and the Wardens An heroic ending with an intro into the book two leaves us satisfied and then ready for Touch Of Steel which releases December 14, 2012 I recommend Kate Cross s newest steampunk series if you enjoy strong protagonists, witty dialog, delish romance, and exciting adventure.One problem I had with the book is the cover In the book, Arden wears a nose ring and has seven chains that stretch from nose ring to studs in her ears It s a pivotal part of her emotional make up and I was disappointed that it wasn t shown in the cover art.Overall Rating B

  4. Aly Aly says:

    Arden, Lady Huntley, is an unusual woman When her peers stay at home to enjoy a cup of tea or a quiet evening, she s outside, helping a Scotland Yark officer finding assassins Why is that Arden is an inventor, just like her father was Before he died, her sire invented a device that she finished, who allow her to experiment what a victim saw and felt at the moment of her death Right now, they re searching for clues about the killer who s targeting debutantes.Arden s husband went missing seven years ago while on a secret assignment While everyone came to believe Huntley was dead, his wife never lost hope to see him again She just didn t think it would be after trying to kill her Luke is back, but is he really Because he doesn t have any memories of who he is and only knows that his mission is to kill the woman named Arden Grey.Amnesia is a good trope in romance with married couple because you can see the protagonists falling in love again and it often give them a second chance Because the we learn about Arden and Luke s marriage, the we realize it was not perfect They loved each other, but he wanted adventures and she wanted to start a family He lived for his work, she felt lonely and not supported by him when it come to her inventions As strange as it sound, maybe that s a good thing the whole amnesia and disappearance happened to them, because with time, their solitude and divergence of interests would probably have made it worst between them.It s funny because every time I read a steampunk novel, I often wonder why I don t read It comes with an interesting universe and all its details, like the inventions and the wardrobe, and it s the perfect mix of historical, mystery, and it s even better with romance I thought this book had a slow pace but I can t say I wasn t entertained or that the story and the world wasn t fascinating I really appreciated that the aspects of the murders was not described with gruesome details But I don t understand why they swept the truth about the killer under the rug at the end and I would have prefered the author didn t insist so much about the fact one of the secondary character is in love with Arden, especially since he was such good friend with both the hero and heroine There s no triangle, but I just think it made it sad for him to be constantly reminded about it But I take comfort in knowing he s the next hero and will have his HEA next time.

  5. Liz Schoenthal Liz Schoenthal says:

    I loved this author when she was writing as Kathryn Smith and I thoroughly enjoyed this new move into steampunk This book has spies, murder mystery, love and hot sex in the world of steam In some ways the characters are very modern and in other ways you are strongly reminded that the setting is also Victorian England There is a female prime minister and a female director of the W.O.R wardens of the realm but the aristocracy and a young lady s reputation are still of paramount importance Arden and Lucas remind me of Mr and Mrs Smith at the beginning of the book Arden works for the W.O.R as a spy and inventor, she has a bounty places on her head by The Company the rival spy network to the Wardens The Company sends Luke to kill her, he has no memory of the fact that he s an Earl and Arden s husband, but he can t seem to carry out his assignment Arden has been waiting for 7 years for Luke s return and isn t about to let him kill her or let him disappear again Neither Luke nor Arden are perfect, they are both very human characters, but they are devoted to each other I thoroughly enjoyed the steampunk aspects of this book, the fashion, gadgets, vehicles and human enhancements made it a fun fantasy read as well The scenes where Arden goes to investigate the bodies of young aristocratic girls who have been murdered are not for the faint of heart, so be warned However, I don t think it detracted from the book at all I cannot wait to read the next book in this series and want to find other books of this quality in the steampunk romance genera.

  6. Sara Sara says:

    Interestingly enough, this book opened almost the same way that The Perfect Poison did, which since I was reading this while listening to that caused a little confusion They very quickly distinguished themselves however Heart of Brass is, unsurprisingly, a steampunk romance novel I d say it has about as much of a mix of romance and mystery thriller as The Perfect Poison does It is also the first in a planned series Almost seven years ago Luke Grey, Lord Huntley, left his young wife, Arden, to go on a mission for the Wardens a secret organization that protects the Empire He never came home Only Arden believes that he is still alive Finally, with only days to go before Luke s brother has him declared legally dead Arden sees him in London The only problem is that he s trying to kill her.Luke was captured by a rival organization during that fateful mission He no longer remembers anything about his old life He is a faithful agent of the Company and has been enhanced to be one of the most efficient killers in the world He has come to London to assassinate Warden Arden Grey But there is something about her Meanwhile, someone is murdering eligible young debutantes Arden has been called in by the police to assist them She has invented a device that allows her to see through the eyes of the victims and observe their last moments Unfortunately, none of the victims took a good look at her killer s face The killer has enhanced strength and Arden is horribly afraid that her husband may be responsible.The adventure element of this book is very fun There are dangerous secret agents, narrow escapes, even air ships The romantic side of things was a little less satisfying to me Arden has been alone for seven years Her husband s best friend is in love with her, but she has never been tempted However, when said husband does show back up I don t know It s not that it s not passionate I just felt kind of meh about their romantic relationship probably because I root for the underdog and liked the friend.Also, the murder mystery seemed a bit tacked on I actually liked that part of the story, but it was kind of superfluous to the thrilling daring do going on with the Wardens and the Company I m curious to see if the next book will be agents of the Wardens or of Arden and Luke I kind of hope for of them solving mysteries together, but I suspect that I m going to get new couples instead.

  7. Melindeeloo Melindeeloo says:

    Although her husband has been missing for 7 years, Arden Grey inventor, secret agent for the Crown, and consultant to Scotland Yard, refuses to quit hoping that he is still alive Yet she wonders if she s lost her sanity when she catches a glimpse of his face while she is leaving the scene of a murder investigation Five is a Company assassin who has never failed in an assignment until today, there is just something about the woman he s supposed to kill that gave him pause and he let the opportunity slip by, but he still has a job to do, so Arden Grey s days are numberedMy comments are mildly spoilerish, so be forewarned Set in London just before the turn of the century, Heart of Brass was very steampunky it had tons of inventions and corsets galore The story unfolds against the investigation of two brutal murders and assassins out to kill Arden, and despite the the cop and spy stuff that provides the excuse to show how independant and clever Arden is and to have a reason to show of all of the cool gadgets Heart of Brass is at heart really about the reunion between Arden and her husband Lucas who has been physically altered and his memory tampered with by the rival agency and while Lucas doesn t remember their life together, he still feels an strong underlying connection to his wife The murder investigation part is on the thin side and easily resolved when all is said and done, but I thought that the reconnection between Arden and Lucas was well done she has to learn to let go of the past when Lucas return reminds her of the reality of their marriage and of past hurts, and Lucas has to accept that much of his past is lost to him forever but perhaps that might not be an entirely bad thing So they both need to move on in order to have a future together and to see if the two people that they are now can find the love that their younger selves had While the steampunkery of Heart of Brass makes this feel like science fiction translated to a historical setting, I still enjoyed the story enough that I will likely check out the Cross next book Touch of Steel.

  8. Kathy Martin Kathy Martin says:

    Arden Grey has been dealing with the disappearance of her husband seven years earlier by drinking too much, working as an agent for W.O.R., and inventing a number of gadgets She also assists Scotland Yard in tracking down murderers by using an invention that lets her see what the victim saw just before they died.When an assassin comes to kill her in retribution for her killing one of the Company s agents, she is surprised to find that it is her lost husband The Company had captured him, reinforced his bones, and wiped out his memories of the past However, something stops him from killing her and the old memories start coming back.Luke is recaptured by Arden and other members of W.O.R who manage to cut his ties to the Company But his memories are spotty He doesn t remember much about his wife or his past Now he has to protect the wife he barely remembers but still really wants from the Company who still wants her dead Of course, they want him dead too before he can reveal their secrets.I liked all the steampunk gadgets in this story set in Victorian time I also liked the relationship between Arden and Luke With Arden s memories of the past and her resentment of Luke s need to put his work ahead of his wife and Luke s lack of memory, both of them need to get to know each other again while keeping each other alive This was a great story once I got into it I did think that the first fifty pages were kind of slow until I got up to speed on the characters and the setting Fans of steampunk won t want to miss this entertaining series.

  9. Viccy Viccy says:

    Another new series from Kate Cross, this time featuring the Clockwork Agents who are the Wardens of the Realm Arden Grey, Lady Huntley is waiting from her husband, Lucas, Lord Huntley to return from his mission for the W.O.R He has been missing for seven years Arden wears a chain from her nose to her ear for each year, Luke has been gone She has spent her time becoming a agent in her own right, as well as inventing all kinds of marvelous machinery Then Luke appears on the streets of London, but he has been altered by the Company, the anti Wardens and he is intent on killing Arden Except he cannot he knows, deep inside, that she is his and he cannot bring himself to kill Then his memories start coming back and Luke realizes who he is The only flaw in this book was the incessant yammering about Arden and Luke s life before his disappearance and how they were having problems These sections needed editing Otherwise, I enjoyed this book and recommend it for those who love their steampunk.

  10. Jackie Jackie says:

    Arden, you are my life I don t want anything else 370 Lots to like about this steampunk romance, but lots to frustrate, too Likes strong, nuanced characters who reveal layers as the story progresses second chance relationship fun inventions to cure female hysteria a romantic relationship purportedly focused on the equality of the partnersFrustrations underdeveloped world building just what is the Company, and why is it opposed to the Wardens of the Realm two suspense plotlines that don t intersect in any surprising or meaningful way women in positions of power without any exploration of the social structure of 1898 England that would allow such a thing and, most annoyingly, wish fulfillment that demands the man give up everything so that his insecure wife can feel that she and she alone is all that matters to him.So much potential, but so many flaws Hope some of the problems are mitigated in the second book in the series

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