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    A confusing, yet intense story about a young musical prodigy, Riya Nawakawa, split into two personalities One lives the life everyone expect him to The other rebels against those expectations and his other self The first part of the story is related from the perspective of a young man, Atsushi Ikeda, who meets the rebellious personality and gets to know Riya on his terms He s intrigued, attracted to, exasperated by, and protective of this mysterious boy Atsushi offers Riya a no pressure relationship, a sanctuary, and a key to his flat The rest of the book is about the accomodating personality of Riya, trying to cope with the pressures of his life, the gaps in his memory, the mystery of the key he has, why the key feels important, and the additional confusion of an amorous young man, Kousaka, who s taken a keen interest in Riya s emotional torment and is trying to claim him before another young man gets a chance...

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    Solo he le do los dos primeros cap tulos La forma en que todo est contado es super confuso y no incita a seguir leyendo.Es la primera vez que me he encontrado en un manga esta sinopsis Riya Narukawa es un estudiante de secundaria con un enorme talento para tocar el viol n, y con problemas mentales Parece tener una personalidad dividida trastorno de personalidad m ltiple Despu s de lesionarse en su mano adrede para comprometer su talento, termina tirado, y es encontrado por un estudiante universitario Atsushi Ikeda Atsushi es un buen tipo, tal vez demasiado amable y generosa Acoge a Riya en la noche y le ayuda con su lesi n en la mano Atsushi se da cuenta de que hay mucho m s Riya que lo que se ve en la superficie, y se entera de su vida, de lo dif cil que es en realidad No s lo tiene un trastorno de la personalida...

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    3.5 5The story isn t anything spectacular, but I did enjoy it The art is also nice, and it gets progressively better by volume since there was such a gap between releases.Cute doesn t seem like the right word, but it was nice to read I m really surprised as I expected to just hate it.

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    I thought the premise for the manga was interesting, but the execution was pretty meh.

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    Boring series

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    This wasn t what I expected I expected a slow burn between nice guy and confused guy You know some angst, some compassion, some tender moments instead it seemed to try to tackle too many topics Let s squeeze in another love interest who is a douche and multiple personality disorder and self harm and attempted rape all in one volume One of the main protagonists wasn t even ...

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    I m never crazy about multi book series in yaoi While I appreciate that a romance plot takes time to develop 192 pages seems like enough time yes, this is a fat volume no wimpy 120 pages here Also, this is Sh nen ai than yaoi no nudity and only one attempted rape scene near the end That said, the art is consistent in quality The storytelling, is slow Ikeda is a nice guy, but rather hands off for the seme they don t even kiss in this volume He s really confused by Riya who is a violin protege, who apparently is suffering from multiple personality disorder and his twin brother ghost hates the violin all the pressure to perform be perfect.So after winding up on Ikeda s doorstep after trying to cut his own fingers off or some such nonsense the evil twin or less goes dormant, and Riya goes back to school only to be pursued and eventually almost raped by older student Kousaka, who only wants to see him cry because he s always perfect composed Als...

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    Riya is a violin prodigy with a split personality He really doesn t like playing the violin so his other half Riya black helps him out by cutting his hand and running away Atsushi has a thing for strays, so he lets Riya stay with him The Riya he meets is prickly and rude Atsushi discovers Riya s split personality and offers him a place to stay when things get too overwhelming This is where the story lost me Riya s mental disorder is not explained What are his triggers How often does this happen Does anyone know about this It s mentioned and forgoten in the next breath Riya white is the dominant personality, he is quiet...

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    Miyagi s artwork is gorgeous and her two protagonists are interesting, but unfortunately the story itself feels uninspired Ikeda s reasoning for being protective of Narukawa is implied to be related to Ikeda s hobby of caring for stray cats, though even he seems to think that it s not exactly a sufficient reason Toward the end of the volume, Narukaw...

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    This is my first BL book I read and comparing to others, it would be hard to convince past me that this volume alone was yaoi since no love developed in 180 pages between the main characters The story concept is intriguing and I was confused at first when Riya changes personalities since that part was not told on the back description but I got used to it over time The art was okay but it does get better from here as I continue this story a...

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G線上の猫 1 By Tooko MiyagiRiya Narukawa Is A High School Freshman With A Tremendous Talent For The Violin, And An Equally Large Bag On Mental Issues He Seems To Have A Split Personality After Injuring His Own Hand To Compromise His Playing Ability, He Winds Up On The Doorstep Of College Student Atsuchi Ikeda Atsushi S A Nice Guy, Maybe Too Nice And Generous He Takes Riya In For The Night And Help Him With His Hand Injury Atsushi Learns There Is Much To Riya Than In On The Surface, And Learns Just How Difficult Riya S Life Actually Is Not Only Does He Have A Personality Disorder, But There S An Aggressive Senior His School Who Has His Eye On Him Atsushi Becomes A Sort Of Safe Haven For Riyam An Escape From The Life Of Music He S Bound To.

  • Paperback
  • G線上の猫 1
  • Tooko Miyagi
  • English
  • 11 December 2017
  • 9781569709238