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G線上の猫 2 Riya S Cousin Saki Returns To Japan From New York, Partly To Visit Him And Partly To Check Up On Him By Order Of His Father Seeing The Bond Between Atsushi And Riya, Aki Offers To Let Atsushi Be A Live In Housekeeper At The Narukawa Residence He Accepts, And Immediately Has To Deal With Riya S Ever Changing Personalities Riya Asks Atsushi To Sleep With Him, But Atsushi Can Tell That He Isn T Being Sincere About His Feelings Or Is He

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • G線上の猫 2
  • Tooko Miyagi
  • English
  • 14 February 2019
  • 9781569708934

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    Matters become complicated for Riya, both Riyas when his cousin, the attractive, flirtatious, and renowned musician Saki Narukawa takes an active interest in Riya s life At first Saki is one of the many forces putting pressure on the divided young man, but Saki becomes aware of his cousin s two personalities along with the rebel Riya s attachment to Atsushi Ikeda Saki hires Atsushi as a housekeeper , to live with Riya and to care for him Matters tangle even further when the rebel Riya begins putting the moves on Atsushi and confronts Kousaka with all the fire the repressed Riya has been hiding Atsushi discovers that he s come to love Riya too much to play his games while Kousaka realizes his feelings are much deeper than he d guessed for the boy he s been toying with Everything became complex and everyone got deeper in this volume More of Riya s background and the abuse he suffered began to show themselves as his two paramours exposed their own feelings for him Atsushi continues to behave like a perfect gentleman in spite of his growing passion for Riya, while Kousaka is anything but a gentleman, yet there are powerful and deep displays of emotion for Riya on his part, going back for far longer than he s let on Nor are they the only two characters around the divided young magician deepening Famil...

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    Riya has taken to hanging around Atshushi s house at strange hours, a stray that refuses to leave the place it has been given shelter, as we enter the second volume of Il gatto sul G.On Riya s return to his normally empty home, he discovers his cousin there, famous concert pianist Saki Narukawa, who is in Japan for a concert of his own, and plans to attend Riya s while he is there When Riya suggests perhaps a phone call in advance would be nice, Saki reminds him that he talked to him just the evening before, and brought him the box of chocolate macadamia nuts which he demanded which Riya obviously does not remember demanding Saki mentions to his manager rumors he has heard about his cousin, but he has always dismissed them It seems absurd to consider that the boy has multiple personalities.Riya returns to school, and faces Kousaka, whom he last remembers seeing at his house, when he had sex with one of his personalities, and pressed him to return Atsushi s key He is jumpy around him, unsure of himself On returning the key, he reveals to Atsushi that the white Riya has slept with another boy, which leads to Atsushi s thoughts being directed in...

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    This manga wasn t as good as the first volume Now that we understand Riya s MPD, there isn t much else driving the story except for the weird love triangle, which makes this story far less original The usual whiny I don t know what to do feelings permeate much of the volume and waste a lot of time The translation wasn t as good, and the art gets a bit sloppy IMO It s a good thing that this series finishes ...

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    This just become one boring love triangle Not much else is going on I hope the next volume makes up for it.

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    Quite interesting yaoi manga about a violinist with a split personality Too bad it is so hard to come by in English

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