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    This is a pretty interesting story the background is revealed in little bits and pieces as the action develops, which kept me interested, and it has amazing depth for such a relatively short novella The characters are captivating, the initial fear and tension palpable, and the final resolution may be unconventional, but I think it is fitting for the situation Taylor hasn t had an easy life The consequences are severe Not only is he running from a guy who unjustly blames Taylor for his situation, but he is also losing all self respect He s had to sell his body in exchange for food or a place to sleep too many times for it to be easy to forget And even though first Matt, then Jim, treat him differently, memories like that don t vanish overnight I liked how the realism of his situation was maintained throughout the story.Matt is a bit of a riddle He s very kind, seems to understand Taylor instinctively, but has some major issues and secrets Not all of them are revealed, but we see enough to explain Matt s actions Intere...

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    Well let me say, that usually I avoid menage like a plague and a d s story needs to be seriously awesome for me to pick it up But surprisingly enough in this short story both elements worked really well Usually in the menage stories the initial pov starts with the established couple and then the third guy emerges Here it was just the opposite and this way I ...

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    Wowza is it hot in here No Must be this little book that s steaming the damn room up It took me a bit, but when I caught on as to what was really going on boy oh boy I love when characters get to live out loud however the hell they want And I especially love a HEA that s a little unconventional.

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    The most I can really say is that this was an enjoyable read at the time however, as I m trying to write this review a couple of months after the fact, I m struggling to recall details enough to say than that Frankly, that s a little disappointing b...

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    Sing for Your Supper by Jaime Samms was a good read, I really enjoy it I like that Matt and Jim were there for Taylor, when he needed them the most They gave him both a place to call home, and in their relationship.

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    Taylor is a bit of a slut he sells him self short and easily When he runs from a terrible situation at home he ends up with both Matt and Jim, a couple who look to Taylor to be the third in their relationship He can give them what they can t give each other.I was initially put off by Taylor s quickly sleeping with Matt and right after he had been assaulted by someone else It was Matt seeing something good in Taylor and showing him gentleness and caring that finally made me...

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    Taylor has been kicked off the farm and meets Matt, then Jim The story is told from Taylor s view so we learn things when he does A nice short read for fans of Samms No BDSM elements but 2 dominant men.

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    too short for the money Good book otherwise.

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    I am not a big fan of threesomes, but the reason for menage in this book made a perfect sense to me For that alone I am willing to add a star.

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    This one didn t connect with me as much as I had hoped I think the MMM part caught me off guard and prevented me from fully connecting with either of the options.

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Sing For Your Supper Hunger Can Drive A Man To Do Just About Anything In Order To Satisfy It, But When It S Hunger Of The Heart, Will Past Relationships Keep Three Men Wanting Taylor Has Left Home, Chased Out By His Family Because He S Gay, And Pursued Across The Prairies By The Man Who Violently Assaulted Him In His Own Home Now He S Homeless, Friendless And Using His Charm And Skills Learned On His Knees Before His Father S Farm Hands To Pay For His Meals.Matt Sees Something Than A Desperate Whore In The Young Rancher Who Comes To His Diner In Hopes A Quick Blow Job Will Buy Him A Meal He Sees Past Taylor S Current Circumstances To A Man Who Just Needs A Clean Break.Matt Sends Taylor Off To His Friend Jim S Ranch Hoping The Older Man Will See The Same Things In Taylor And Give Him The Opportunity To Start Over No One Expects The Visceral Attraction Between The Rancher And His New Hire.When Taylor S Past Catches Up To Him, And He Realizes He S Put Both Men In Jeopardy Just For Trying To Help Him, He Thinks Maybe He Deserves To Be Branded The Fool He Is.Reader Advisory This Book Contains Scenes Of M M Intimacy And M Nage With D S Overtones.Reader Advisory This Story Has Been Previously Released As Part Of The Saddle Up N Ride Anthology By Total E Bound