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  • Hardcover
  • 192 pages
  • Thomas Jefferson: Architect of Democracy
  • John B. Severance
  • English
  • 11 October 2019
  • 9780395845134

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    I have always found Thomas Jefferson to be a fascinating character His interest in education, his scientific curiosity, his law and writing When I visit Washington D.C I try to make sure to visit his memorial even though it is a hike from any Metro stops.However, I really have read very little about this man with whom I have held a fascination for since I was in my teens This is youth non fiction and not exactly challenging, but it was selected originally for my son s school report and somehow, just stayed at the house because I thought it was time to read something and if Thomas Jefferson really was as fascinating as I thought he was, maybe I would find a age appropriate book about the historical character.The time in which Thomas Jefferson grew up was a turbulent time in our history and the people that he was in constant communication with were the mover and shakers of our country He was a diplomat in France, traveled to Great Britain to help solidify treaties there and sailed back and forth across the Atlantic to help his State, help George Washington and take up the duties of Secretary of State.A man who used much of his own money to help a new country along and entertain foreign dignitaries who died in debt partially due to his expenses incurred when he was absent from his estate and to help a fledgling country I think he was a rare man and t...

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    This book provided me with great information about Thomas Jefferson In history class, I learned about him as the third President of the U.S I wanted to learn , for he seemed to be an inspirational person, and this book did just that The book was also beautifully written, not making m...

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Thomas Jefferson: Architect of DemocracyThe Words Of The Declaration Of Independence, So Familiar To Us And So Important To Our Country, Were Those Of Thomas Jefferson He Was A Primary Force Behind United States Independence Without His Influence, Our Country Would Be Vastly Different From The Nation We Know Today Jefferson Initiated Public Education, Established A National Library, And Paved The Way For The Abolishment Of Slavery Although He Was Not A Power Hungry Or Even Ambitious Politician, Jefferson Served In Many Different Offices, Including President, In Order To Help His Fledgling Country Remain On Its Feet His Faith And Dedication To The Idea Of Self Government Never Wavered, Even In The Face Of Many Personal Hardships John B Severance Traces Jefferson S Life From His Plantation Boyhood To His Two Terms As President And His Last Days Preparing For The Opening Of The University Of Virginia, Weaving Details Of Both Jefferson S Political Career And His Rich Personal Life Together To Create A Thoughtful And Well Researched Biography Jefferson Quotes, Bibliography, Index.

About the Author: John B. Severance

Formerly a school teacher, John B Severance now writes full time He lives in Westerly, Rhode Island.