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hana no arashi wa Sagano And Hazime Itirou Face Off At School And In Their Private Lives, Where Traditions Such As Flower Arranging And Tea Ceremony Carry Heavy Responsibilities With The Weight Of These Things And The Accompanying Dark Emotions, Love Can Only Come In A Stormbut Is It A Love That Can Survive

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    So this was my first experience reading manga I ve read graphic novels and watched anime but never read an actual manga that you read right to left, etc I can t say this was an overall good experience If I m honest, it really didn t sway me to enjoy manga like I was hoping I didn t know what to expect when reading this book, but whatever this was, it wasn t it The plot if you can consider it a plot was all over the place, never quite clear what was happening or what problems characters were facing to move the story along The art was okay, and though I am not one to judge artistic style because I know nothing about it, I found this one to be difficult to read as it was hard to distinguish one character from another This can also be said about the dialogue blurbs too They were all over the place and not necessarily in the same area as the character speaking and so it was hard to tell who was saying what In the end, I really am no...

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    cute. I do have a soft spot for melancholy characters though haha

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    Predictable yaoi The art really wasn t too great I couldn t tell the characters apart most of the time The story s direction wasn t ever entirely clear either The dialogue was too vague to clearly understand anything as well.

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    I ordered this because one of the characters is involved in the tea ceremony club, but I m sad to say that it wasn t very good At first I couldn t tell the main characters apart at all, and the story was confusing and I didn t understand the characters problems So, yeah, not recommended.

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