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Ecstasy Overload The Deadliest Soldier Is On A Mission To Bring Back One Woman A Woman He Shouldn T Touch, But Can T Resist Terrence Jharvic Is Trained In A Thousand Ways To Kill A Person But Nothing Has Prepared Him For Lace Regan Her Body Sets Him On Fire, And Her Fiery Attitude Has Him Craving.But Everything Goes To Hell When Terrence Learns That The Mission To Capture Lace Has Been A Lie Orchestrated By A Higher Up In The Military Now Terrence Must Choose Whether To Save Her Or Become A Traitor To His Country.

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    Military Master Terrence Jharvic finds himself on a secret mission that feels all wrong He s been ordered to capture Lace Regar.The only problem is Lace and Terrence can t keep their hands off each other Then Terrence lear...

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    Its free from smashwords.com Another hot short read A story complete with adventure, action, and steamy scenes.This is about, Terrence, a soldier who was put in on a mission to bring back Lace to their planet Terr was not fully informed why he needs to get La...

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    Though only very short, if you like futuristic erotic romance, then look no further and even better, it s free on most book sites, including Goodreads A master soldier is sent on a special mission to capture a woman and then return with her to his superior Simple enough, but this is a hot, hot romance Passion ignites within seconds of meeting can he return with her and complete his mission Or, if he keeps her for his own, can he handle being a traitor The upside of a short story is that t Though only very short, if you like futuristic erotic romance, then look no further and even better, it s free on most boo...

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    Anything written by TA is a good read no matter how long or short, and no matter the sex that s involved I always enjoy TA s characters and story lines even the simplest of them Ecstasy Overload is a good story with a sexy hero and fun interaction.

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    A fun short story that s surprisingly well written and fleshed out for futuristic erotica The sex scenes are hot, but the romance is sweet The cover most definitely does not do this story justice in fact, I m not sure who those two people are, but they re not Terrence and Lace from the story.

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    Ecstasy Overload by T.A GreyI liked this story It was well written and all 36 pages 9 quick chapters went by fast There was lots of world building and details in the beginning but the ending was rather abrupt Maybe it s a started to a series hmm.

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    quick novella Terrance 5 is sent on an odd mission to capture Lace not hus usual kill return so he knows something isnt right when he meets lace its instant attract now does he turn her over or find out why the commander gave such odd orders

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    another disappointing freebie short i tend to not like futuristic books because theyre so sterile sounding and this one was no different the sex scenes were like a bad porno i was actually laughing at points

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    Quick and hot though, I could have used a littlesteadier sex Thanks TA

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    downloaded free on ARE

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