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Change across Cultures: A Narrative Approach to Social Transformation C S Lewis Compared The Task Of Ethical Inquiry To Sailing A Fleet Of Ships The Primary Task Is Avoiding Collisions When Introducing Cultural Change, Such Collisions Are Inevitable Bruce Bradshaw Provides Expert Instruction For Navigating These Cultural Clashes.Bradshaw Contends That Lasting Change Comes Only Through Altering The Stories By Which People Live The Bible Is The Metanarrative Whose Altering Theme Of Redemption Forms A Transcultural Ethical Basis Aspects Of God S Redemption Story Can Change How Local Cultures Think And Behave Toward The Environment, Religions, Government, Gender Identities, Economics, Science, And Technology However, Effective Change Takes Place Only In A Context Of Reconciliation, Christian Community, And Mutual Learning.A Must Read For Anyone Engaged In Or Preparing For Cross Cultural Ministry, Relief, Or Development Work The Book Is Also Relevant To Students Of Ethics, Philosophy, And Theology Numerous Real Life Examples Illustrate The Inevitable Tensions That Occur When Cultures And Narratives Collide.

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    Bradshaw s dizzying array of topics lacks a driving focus and underlying narrative, ironically making a book about the importance of narrative feel too abstract On a practical level, Bradshaw provides many good examples of how Western logic does not translate all over the world We are often tempted to believe that everyone will surely be able to understand the value of x because it makes so much sense Who wouldn t want cleaner water, less odorous toilets, and efficient roofs They would have to be stupid not to This is the attitude Bradshaw s stories help guard us against they illustrate how deeply out values and beliefs affect our actions, even to the point of undermining our own well being It is not simply a matter of advertising a product ministry plan in a way that appeals to people People s outlook on the world itself must change, and this can only happen through the Gospel Bradshaw s treatise on development ends up being an argument for ...

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