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The Canoe Boys: The First Epic Scottish Sea Journey by Kayak Dunnett And Adam Meandered Up The Glorious West Coast Of Scotland In The Autumn Of 1934, Sending Their Reports Back To The Daily Record, Accounts As Varied As Running The Infamous Tiderush Of The Dorus Mhor To A Balmy Harvest Working On Calve Island Off Mull This Is An Adventure Story Of Youthful Exuberance And Of How Life Once Was Lived Before The War Changed Everything Forever.

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    I devoured it I couldn t even rest well, not until I finished reading it What kept me going Joy, optimism, adventure, a dash of history, and a paddleful of passion.

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    . we learned a good deal about canoeing and the individual nature of waves In part, this book is about a sea kayaking trip undertaken by Alastair Dunnett and James Adam during the 1930s when both were young men The trip was proposed by them to earn enough money to repay debts incurred during the brief life of an adventure magazine known as The Clay The proposal involved them canoeing north from the Clyde via the West Coast to the Hebrides and earning money by writing for the Daily Record along the way This book was written by Mr Dunnett about that three month journey and is perhaps one of the most unusual travel books written about Scotland This book was first published in 1950 as Quest by Canoe , and this edition has been edited and introduced by Ninian Dunnett.This book is worth reading for a number of reasons the adventure itself the observations of life in the distant and diverse communities visited and as an example of the wonderful descriptive prose used by Alastair Dunnett during his long and distinguished career.As the trip commenced, Alastair s Great Aunt Mary then aged 80, and blind asked Could you get nothing better to do I am pleased that he and James did not take her advice.Alastair Dunnett himself went on from this journey to make an outstanding contribution to Scottish culture and public life To r...

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