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Take Back Plenty A Fast Moving Space Adventure Featuring Mysterious Aliens, A Journey To A De Populated Planet, A Mad Run From Space Cops, A Ship Captain In Trouble, And Her AI Artificially Intelligent Companion Ship S Computer.It Is Carnival Time On Mars, But Tabitha Jute Isn T Partying She Is In Hiding From The Law, Penniless And About To Lose Her Livelihood And Her Best Friend, The Space Barge Alice Liddell Then The Intriguing Marco Metz Offers Her Some Money To Take Him To Plenty, And The Adventure Begins.Winner Of Both The ARTHUR C CLARKE AWARD For Best Science Fiction Novel Of The Year And The BRITISH SCIENCE FICTION ASSOCIATION AWARD For Best Novel Of The Year The Only Book Ever To Win Both Prestigious British Awards.

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    At some point in the 1960s, all the hip kids started writing books about nothing In science fiction, this trend asserted itself in the works of writers as diverse as Philip K Dick, Samuel Delaney, and Arthur C Clarke, all of whom endeavoured to take us on ponderous journeys into the heart of the human psyche, eschewing conventional narrative structure, and blah blah blah.They re all shit.I hope at least some of the people who ve read for instance Clarke s Rendezvous With Rama shared my sense of having been utterly robbed of my time upon having completed it The revelation that the giant drifting space tube was in itself too revelatory to be, er, revealed, made Rendezvous the smuggest fucking anti book in the Western canon You can t possibly comprehend, Clarke tells us, and then makes no attempt to help us do so But at least he doesn t have us tripping through some kind of pointless Joycean nightmare like Delaney in Dhalgren which I will never finish , or imploring us to see the face of Go...

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    The novel on this year s Clarke Award shortlist that stuck out as being most anomalous was Chris Wooding s Retribution Falls, because it was the kind of exuberant adventure sf which tends not to do well at the Clarke Probably the last time a book of that kind won was back in 1991, when the Clarke went to Take Back Plenty by Colin Greenland, a novel which also has a reputation as being one of the founding texts of the New British Space Opera that s flourished in the past two decades.Quite a weight of expectation, then but I m pleased to say that, a few references to tapes aside, Take Back Plenty holds up remarkably well today Partly, I think, this is because the particular twist that Greenland puts on his setting hasn t as far as I know been employed much since and party it s because of its sheer brio and sense of fun Take Back Plenty is set in the future of a different universe, a universe in which there really are canals on Mars and swampy jungles on Venus Numerous alien species have made themselves known to humanity and populated the Solar System but no one can leave, thanks to a barrier put in place by the mysterious Capellans Greenland s protagonist is Tabitha Jute, pilot of the Alice Liddell, who starts the novel in trouble with the authorities on Mars, and takes on a passenger because she needs the money to pay a fine But t...

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    I read a lot of Science Fiction This book really took me by surprise Had so much fun reading it Can t convince anyone else to read it though Too bad for them This one is a gem.

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    fun enjoyable space opera Got great reviews when originally published may be because the main character is not the usual super competent pilot.May not be as awesome but still a good fun read.

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    Hay muchas formas de hacer Space Opera, incluso Space Operetta G nero Ciencia Ficci n.Lo que nos cuenta En un Sistema Solar controlado sin excesos aparentes por una raza alien gena conocida como Los Capellanes pero plagada de miembros de otras razas incluyendo la humana, la capitana Tabitha necesita dinero para afrontar una serie de gastos inesperados, por lo que...

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    The sequels to this book rated awesome covers by Jim Burns but I didn t enjoy this book It was readable, or I d ve never finished it, but not good enough for me to even read the sequels

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    Female Han Solo gallivanting around the galaxy in a decidedly British SF offering It s a Culture novel with significantly better style and writing, but absent anything really interesting to say.

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    I think this is supposed to be a madcap, comical space opera with a likable female protagonist who is sucked into an adventure that she wasn t really looking for and of which she wants no part It fell a little flat for me The characters, several of which could have been really interesting, ended up under...

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    Ce roman nous raconte donc les aventures de Tabatha Jute, pilote d une fid le gabarre l Alice Lidell int grant une IA Elle va se retrouver malgr elle m l e, comme d habitude dans les romans de sf, une aventure qui va bouleverser l ensemble du syst me solaire Et, gr ce un certain caract re, elle va s en tirer Dit comme a, a ressemble une banale balade dans le syst me solaire, alors qu il ne s agit pas du tout de a Au d but du roman, il me faisait penser la m canique du centaure, par son c t d licatement looser, o les personnages principaux sont d avantage balott s de droite gauche que moteurs de l action Et, m me si cette impression est rest e, une autre pris le dessus Celle de faire un voyage, de participer un univers largement plus d velopp que ce que les quelques centaies du roman peuvent montrer Alors videment, ce terme de voyage ne suffit pas faire de ce roman une oeuvre majeure, mais je ne pense pas que ce soit sa pr tention je pense au contraire que l auteur cherche nous emmener dans un univers o les vaisseaux portent des noms de types de navires fr gate, gabarre, , o les m taphores et images du monde de la course nautique au sens course de piraterie sont nombreuses figures de proues, quipages ayant des titres nautiques, vaisseaux d crits suivant une terminologie tr s marine Bref, a marche d enfer Malheureusement, cet auteur a voulu m ler cette atmosph re u...

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