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Too Soon for Jeff (True-To-Life Series from Hamilton High) Jeff Browning Is A Talented Debater Who Stands A Solid Chance Of Winning A Scholarship To The College Of His Dreams When Christy, His Girlfriend, Announces That She Is Pregnant And Plans To Keep The Baby, Jeff Is Forced To Accept That He Must Face The Consequences Of His Actions Ready Or Not, Jeff Is Going To Be A Father And His Life Is Being Changed Forever This Story Of A Reluctant Teenage Father Was Unanimously Selected By ALA For 1995 Best Books For Young Adults List.

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    Jeff Browning is a seventeen year old boy who attends Hamilton High Jeff is a senior who is preparing himself to go to college At the beginning of the school year, Jeff s life changes forever.The story begins with Jeff, a smart guy who lives with his mother and competes in debate tournaments Jeff has been together with a girl named Christy for a while Over this past summer, Jeff s feelings started to change for Christy One night, Jeff and Christy are in the car parked in the spot they always parked at Jeff wants to break up with Christy that night Christy tells Jeff that she had some news to tell him Jeff hopes that she wants to break up with him but instead she tells Jeff that she s pregnant Jeff was confused because Christy said that she was on the pill Jeff isn t happy about it and tells Christy to get an abortion, but Christy says no, calling Jeff a baby killer Christy s parents soon find out that she s pregnant and all of them go to Jeff s house When Jeff s mom finds out, she is disappointed in Jeff Jeff tells them that he isn t ready to be a father yet Christy s dad kicks her out of the house for a while so she stays with J...

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    Marilyn Reynolds did a good job on the book Too Soon For Jeff In this story it focuses on Jeff who is going to college at first, but after the announcement of his girlfriend being pregnant his plans are changed I decided to read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend Too Soon For Jeff focuses on Jeff He is also the main character This book is written in first person So when Jeff is separated from his family and friends you have no idea what is going on with them This book is like a journal of his life, but even so you still have a huge understanding of what is going on The title is a good one because I quickly knew that there was something that was going to happen but it was too soon for Jeff This book focuses on honesty,trust,caring,and forgiving This is a unexpected book with changes at every turn.The cover may not be attractive but the story will catch...

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    Thoughts Christy was a naive young girl that got herself involved in a fantasy She craved something that she didn t have at home When she finally had a sense of security I think she held to tight wanting to keep it forever Her mistake was thinking being pregnant would have the love of her boyfriend forever This leads her sweet carefree teenage attitude slowly fade away and hurt blossoms She used anger and blame to stop her from breaking down I believe She craved desperately to rely on someone and on this journey I think she grows to learn that she doesn t need anyone to ...

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    Do you like real life stories fufilled with action and a catchy beginning Well this is the book for you You ll actually feel the character, from emotions to what there going through and probably even shed ...

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    Jeff is a great character nd i feel bad for him bacuse he nd his girlfriend christy made a big mistake so far jeff is tryin to convince his girlfriend of 2 years to get an abortion i agree with abortion depending on the sititaion in jeff s case he is way too...

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    Jeff s girlfriend claims she s on the pill but she really isn t She purposely gets pregnant because she s afraid she ll lose him He gets so angry and breaks up with her He loves her and the baby but really wants to go to colleg...

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    This book took my breath away It took my breath away to see a girl trap a man into having a baby In most books having a bay or getting pregnant is a mistake But jeff s girlfriend did it on purpose thinking he ll love her O boy was she wrong you should read this book to find out why.

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    This is a good book The story is quite depressing, and it was too often the reality for teenagers in the high school that I went to This story was always in the back of my head when I was growing up Anyways, good read.

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    Great teen pregnancy read from the father s perspective All HS males should read.

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