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    this book was better book than I expected especially since it is meant for children but I liked it nonetheless It had action, loveable characters who wanted to find the truth, and a good plot I would recommend it.

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    I put this book on my historical and fantasy shelves, but really it s neither it s a fictional setting that feels like something from history of maybe the Georgian era of Britain, since there are primitive guns, railroads, and steam technology , without any typical fantasy elements other than the fact that the setting never existed so maybe it could accurately be called fantastical history It starts with much creeping around a creepy, old house of tremendous proportions it s called the castle, but the descriptions always felt manor like to me, just on a massive scale The creeping is done by mousey, isolated Charlie, who is a princess only in name Her mother the queen disappeared years ago and her father retreated into near insanity soon after, and ever since Charlie has been left to the mercies of the cruel, abusive servants who run the household Now eleven, Charlie is just getting bold enough that she no longer accepts her fate and begins investigating affairs to see if she can t do something to help her father and find her missing mother Before long, she is entangle...

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    3.5 starsOh, this one caught my attention Something about Charlie and Tobias Charlie, princess Dressed in rags and fed on scraps She runs around with barely any education and no idea of what being a princess means She is ill treated by the servants and I was initially just so surprised at this treatment until I understood that the housekeeper had it in for her Charlie has to deal with the loss of her mum, dead or alive, no one knows And her father who has become lost in his mind, obsessed with building castles of cards and unable to rule There is a war brewing and unrest is rampant throughout the kingdom And then there is Tobias, the gardner s boy who gets mixed up with Charlie and revolution Their somewhat uncomfortable alliance, shaken to its core when it is revealed that Tobias is in fact the son of Charlie s greatest enemy, ...

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    Princess Charlie lives in a kingdom with her mad father and the knowledge that her mother has disappeared She s left behind a kingdom in ruins and on the verge of civil war with it s neighboring kingdom Charlie has enough to deal with the housekeeper O Dear but things take a turn for the dangerous when she finds a long lost note written by her mother Castle of Shadows is named appropriately so, while at first it seems like another tomboy princess tale the pac...

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    About a quarter of the way through this book I realized it was going to be a 5 star read.I will treasure it as one of the best stories I picked up at a library sale.

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    A beautifully written adventure story that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages A must read

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    This was a really good, interesting, light read and it was better than I predicted it to be It was engaging and gripping personally, I didn t believe the plot would be as good as it was, I wasn t pleasantly surprised This is a book suitable for a large array of ages from children to adults I don t believe it suits a category Personally, I found it easier to get into and to read, it isn t very complex but the story is still good and effective Additionally, it was a quick read only taking around half a day I would say but personally, I spaced it out over a couple of days due to not wanting to finish it in one sitting but the time between sessions left me questioning what was going to happen and occur Overall, I would highly recommend this book and I have added the sequel to ...

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    Solid action and adventure with a bit of mystery Entertaining, with good writing.

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    Sometimes all the action made it feel like a bit of a mess And motives were wild, nonsensical, or unexplained But it was still a fun read.

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Castle of Shadows Ever Since The Queen Mysteriously Disappeared And The King Went Mad Five Years Ago, Eleven Year Old Princess Charlie Has Lived A Wild And Mostly Unsupervised Life In The Country Of Quale Until Now With The Discovery Of An Unfinished Letter In The Queen S Handwriting, Charlie Embarks On A Quest To Find Her Mother And Save The Kingdom From A Revolution With Tobias, The Gardener S Boy, By Her Side, Every Step Closer To The Queen Pulls Charlie Deeper Into An Entangling Web Of Lies And Secrets As Twisted As The Dark Castle Where Nothing Is As It Seems.

  • Hardcover
  • 391 pages
  • Castle of Shadows
  • Ellen Renner
  • English
  • 04 August 2018
  • 9780547744469

About the Author: Ellen Renner

Ellen Renner was born in the USA, but came to England in her twenties, married here, and now lives in an old house in Devon with her husband and son Ellen originally trained as a painter and surrounds herself with sketches of her characters as she writes She spins wool as well as stories, knitting and weaving when time allows She plays the violin, fences badly and collects teapots and motorc