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Batman Versus Bane ❴Reading❵ ➿ Batman Versus Bane Author Chuck Dixon – Bane the villain who broke Batman’s back in KNIGHTFALL steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight in this new collection of classic stories First discover Bane’s origin story in an epic that Bane the villain who broke Batman’s back in KNIGHTFALL steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight in this new collection of classic stories First discover Bane’s origin story in an epic that leads from a hellish South American prison to the streets of Gotham City as Bane’s obsession with destroying Batman begins Then on a uest to learn the identity of his own father Bane crosses paths with one of Batman’s greatest foes Ra’s al Ghul the immortal Demon’s Head who attempts to recruit Bane in his plans Batman Versus PDF or for world domination.

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Batman Versus Bane
  • Chuck Dixon
  • English
  • 07 September 2015
  • 9781401233778

About the Author: Chuck Dixon

Charles Chuck Dixon is an American comic book writer perhaps best known for long runs on Batman titles in the sHis earliest comics work was writing Evangeline first for Comico Comics in then later for First Comics who published the on going series on which he worked with his then wife the artist Judith Hunt His big break came one year later when editor Larry Hama hired him to w.

10 thoughts on “Batman Versus Bane

  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    This is an odd choice for a title Batman Vs Bane as Bane doesn't fight Batman in the book nor does Batman really figure as a character in either of the stories The first is the origin story of Bane Vengeance of Bane which shows how he came to become imprisoned in a barbaric prison as a child in a grim South American country because of his father's crimes and how he became Bane This is a reprint from 1992 as most will realise when you see the art but it still holds up as a fine story and features Bane's journey to Gotham and his first meeting with Batman just words no fisticuffs yet and is a good place to start before picking up the Knightfall Trilogy which has the infamous scene of Batman having his back broken by BaneBane of the Demon is the second story a reprint from 2007 08 with Bane searching for his father's identity and stumbling upon a League of Assassins mission and meeting Talia Al'Ghul She introduces him to her father Ra's and Bane gets to know these two characters falls for Talia and joins them on a mission to exterminate billions of the world's populace While this is a great story as well it's of a prologue to a larger story as the reader never finds out who Bane's father is nor see Ra's infernal mission even beginThe book collects two excellent stories of Bane showing that he's than just muscle and has depth to his character but the second story spoils this book as self contained because you need to buy another book to read its conclusion Nevertheless it's still a great read and shows Bane as a truly formidable opponent to Batman Batman Vs Bane is a good introduction to the character

  2. David Caldwell David Caldwell says:

    This is a collection of BatmanVengeance of Bane #1 and BatmanBane of the Demon #1 4I would recommend this collection to anyone who were dissatisfied with the many inconsistencies with the Bane storyline in the recent movieThe Dark Knight Rises If you wondered why a prison with no guards and a wall that any free climber would consider a beginner's courseand totally ignore making pointless jumps and the rope hanging down the wallwould be able to keep anybody a prisonerhow Bane could eat or drink or how his mask controlled his pain this book gives a better choiceNot only is Bane's origin a little plausible it also explains how he could so easily withstand ard gloves yes Batman has built in brass knuckles or punch chunks out of a stone columnThe collection also offers a reasonable connection between Bane and Ra's Al GhulAll around the comic book version of Bane Ra's Al Ghul and Thalia are betterNot only do they make sense they are menacingTruthfully both Bane or Ra's Al Ghul are 2 of my least favorite Batman villiansThis collection did help my appreciation of BaneMy final advice would be skip the movie and stick with the comics

  3. Nick Scott Turner Nick Scott Turner says:

    The book is called Batman Versus Bane but Batman appears on maybe three pages and never fights Bane

  4. Jillyn Jillyn says:

    I received this book through Goodreads First ReadsThere's not really much to say about this reprinting The cover is rather dull looking and bland I wouldn't have given it a second glance in a store The collection is called Batman Versus Bane but it really had next to nothing to do with Batman save for a few pages that seemed only necessary for Bane's character development The story was alright but was left flat in the misleading title I give it two stars because the artwork was well done but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they've already read Batman works before

  5. Frank Frank says:

    Batman Versus Bane is actually two Churck Dixon story lines set before after Knightfall First is Batman Vengence of Bane which is a moody well crafted origin story for Bane It is able to make you a little bit frightened of Bane Then Batman Bane of The Demon is the fight you never knew you wanted but totally had to happen is Bane Versus The Demon Ra's Al Ghul If Bane could take down Batman could he take down Ra's Al Ghul as well? It is an action packed read that really adds some impact to Knightfall Also very important read for fans of Bane

  6. David Sparvero David Sparvero says:

    This was a really boring read for me as a Batman fan It told a good story of who Bane is but nothing very engaging And the second half consisted of a later series involving Bane and Talia Nota bad idea for a story but the actual material was really lame I did not like the art or the page layouts and the actual material was just gross bad Romance As a Batman TPB I think it is very much a waste It was previously published material strung together to hopefully promote Bane as a character And honestly after reading that second half of Bane's bad Romance story I can't help but kind of like him less

  7. ✩K. B✩ ✩K. B✩ says:

    Oh Bane ´♡♡`Is it just me or Bane looks so cool Just me? Okay ノωノ I mean Tom Hardy did an excellent job portraying Bane in the movie but damn the comic version is I'll stop o^ ^oWhat if Bane falls hopelessly in love with someone and leaves his evil ways to take control of Gotham City? What if?? Well half of that happens view spoilerhe falls for Talia of all the women in the world hide spoiler

  8. Trey Kennedy Trey Kennedy says:

    This fills in the gaps for Bane’s story from the original Knightfall event plus it has an interesting story connecting Bane to the al Ghuls

  9. Mike Mike says:

    This oddly titled trade collects Batman Vengeance of Bane and Batman Bane of the Demon 1 4 It also has three two page origin summaries taken from various other comics Advance warning Batman Versus Bane does not feature much of the Dark Knight nor does it have than a fleeting moment of the two titular characters fighting Roughly the first third contain Vengeance of Bane Bane's first appearance and origin This is a personal favorite of mine and nicely builds Bane as a layered character and a serious threat It is however in large part a prelude to Knightfall So despite being a complete story Bane's origin you will be missing the larger tale as well as the advertised confrontation of this trade if you do not continue on to the Knightfall tradesThe second story here suffers even from the above weakness Bane of the Demon features Bane's uest to find information about his father whose crimes doomed Bane from birth He also faces off with another of Batman's greatest foes This was ok but I found Bane a bit out of character nothing is really resolved and it reads exactly like what it is a lead in to the stories Legacy and Contagion One other note this trade DOES NOT contain Vengeance of Bane 2 Knowing this had VoB I bought it with only a brief look at the contents and had assumed it would include the seuel An odd omission as VoB2 takes place in between the two stories here and would have been a natural fit with VoB Could have been a page count issue or trying to avoid direct spoilers to Knightfall Bane of the Demon doesn't talk about it directly Either way it's absence is a shameA decent trade that could have been better VoB is great and reuired reading before Knightfall but not everyone will love it on it's own and BotD is ok at best

  10. Christopher Rush Christopher Rush says:

    Part of my disappointment with this is the almost total absence of Batman The title of this mini collection is completely misleading the only time Batman and Bane are in the same panel is the brief confrontation at the end of Vengeance of Bane which leads into the Knightfall saga Even the Vengeance of Bane story is a misleading title since we're not sure upon whom or what Bane is taking vengeance or why he is taking it out on Batman other than his desire to own Gotham which never seems like a worthwhile goal for any of these villains I did enjoy the 4 part Bane meets Ra's storyline for the most part it does get a bit too saucy for no good reason at times Spending time with the villains getting to know them and their drives isn't always a good idea but this mini series presents the other side of the Bat universe in an interesting way especially as it unites two of The Detective's most dangerous nemeses The alliance of Talia and Bane adds a very interesting twist to the layers of these characters though it didn't seem to go very far as far as I know what with all the relaunches and whatnot I was hoping this collection would have Vengeance of Bane 2 giving this collection a sense of a finish as it stands it's like an introduction volume in a rather deceptive package If you are a Bane fan this is for you but he's not really an admirable character despite his knowledge of chess and languages he tends to be rather mean to people but don't pay too much for it especially if you have Vengeance of Bane in the recent Knightfall near omnibuses

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