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  1. Stephen Hayes Stephen Hayes says:

    Phil Rickman now seems to have settled in to a formula for writing his novels with Merrily Watkins Vicar of Ledwardine on the Welsh border as protagonist and the usual cast of supporting characters Merrily's daughter Jane Gomer Parry of Gomer Parry Plant Hire Lol Robinson the folk rock musician trying to make a comeback the Hereford police and a few others The main villains are different but a few of them continue from previous books There's nothing wrong with that; if you set stories in the same place then it would be strange if the same characters did not appear again and again The plot is as in most of Phil Rickman's books based on a crime that turns out to have religious or supernatural overtones which is how Merrily Watkins the diocesan exorcist or rather deliverance consultant for the Diocese of Hereford gets involved In spite of these similarities I must admit that I am hooked on books by Phil Rickman If I see one I haven't read I buy it No ifs no buts no I'll go home and think about it It's an impulse purchase immediate and compelling If I try to analyse why I like Phil Rickman's books it becomes a bit difficult Perhaps it's because I also like the books of Charles Williams which have been described by some as supernatural thrillers In War in heaven Williams describes how supernatural evil manifests itself in a uiet English village not unlike Rickman's Ledwardine Williams has far greater theological depth than Rickman but Rickman also gives a picture of at least a part of English society which seems to me to be fairly true to life and gives a picture of how social and intellectual trends affect ordinary people with such things as fox hunting gentrification of the countryside and even the trends in the Church of England reflected in the change of name from diocesan excorcist to deliverance consultant I'm not sure that any English diocese has actually done such a thing but it is certainly the kind of thing they might do One of the trends that this book deals with is the macho military style of doing things fostered by the wars that Britain has got involved in over the last few years not reluctantly but with a very macho eagerness And so the book deals with the kind of spiritual problems that might arise at a military base and especially one of the SAS and what kind of spirituality might result This is one of Rickman's better novels and I might have given it five stars were it not for a few uirks that were distracting if not annoying One was his habit of making the subject of the opening dialogue of many chapters and sometimes sections within chapters obscure You simply have no idea what the characters are talking about until a hint may if you're lucky be dropped about 10 15 lines down And then you have to go back to the beginning again to make sense of it Another and perhaps minor uibble is the way Rickman treats St George St George's Church Brinsop seems to be connected by leys to some of the events that take place Merrily Watkins thinks that St George was Turkish and Middle Eastern and somehow being used to justify the crusades yet it was probably the crusaders who brought the cult of St Geoorge back to England after encountering it in Palestine And there were no Turks in the the Middle East in St George's time At that time in the Middle East as one of Rickman's characters might have said Turks were from Off It was only much later that they took on the role of Incomers One of the pictures in the church shows St George dressed as a Roman soldier and this is regarded by one character as very strange Yet to all accounts St George was a Roman soldier so why should it be strange that an ancient picture in a church should depict him as one? One of the interesting things about St George is his very widespread popularity He is one of the most universally popular saints of the Christian Church from India to England and from Russia to Ethiopia But desipite a few flaws it's still a good read And the next time I see a Rickman book I haven't read in a bookshop I'll buy it without hesitation The greatest danger in readi ng it is that it has a tendency to shape my perceptions of England English society and the Church of England Apart from the minor exceptions noted above Rickman's descriptions are almost too credible

  2. Kerry Hennigan Kerry Hennigan says:

    Phil Rickman's most recent Merrily Watkins novel The Secrets of Pain is No 11 in this popular series Merrily parish priest and deliverance minister ie exorcist for Ledwardine near the Welsh border is once again embroiled in murder and mysterious events happening on her patchIn this instance the death of a local farmer and presence of an elite training facility run by former SAS personnel is linked to local archaeology dating back to the RomansAnd once again Merrily's long suffering boyfriend Lol Lawrence is hovering on the fringes helping out with the assistance of venerable plant hire operator Gomer Parry In this novel Merrily's daughter Jane is on the verge of going to university and is having doubts about the relevance of a career in archaeology Their police detective friend Frannie Francis Bliss also has issues on the home front while attempting to solve a serious crime and keeping a forbidden affair secretAs with all the novels in this series the parts dealing with Merrily's personal issues with Lol Jane her job her faith and her parishioners are the parts I enjoy most of all Other readers might be impatient for the mystery to be revealed and the murder solved In typical Rickman style it's never straightforward and always complexInstead I find myself wondering for how much longer Merrily can keep neglecting Jane sneaking Lol into her bed after hours and stretching herself far too thinly in order to help all and sundry

  3. Debbie Debbie says:

    Another absorbing Merrily Watkins tale full of murder mystery and Mithraism One of Merrily's fellow ministers dies suddenly of apparent natural causes not long after seeking exorcistic guidance As Merrily tries to get to the bottom of whatever was worrying him she learns of the militaristic like worship of the Roman god Mithras On the personal front the demands of Merrily's job and the resurrection of Lol's career are making it and difficult for Merrily and Lol to strengthen their relationshipMeanwhile Jane is having her own crisis of confidence regarding her future and whether it should involve attending university Jane continues to fight her own crusade against the forces of progress that threaten the traditional way of life and the very landscape of Ledwardine Jane's focus this time is on bands of wealthy bankers and corporate types who come to Ledwardine to take part in military style weekend retreats and who Jane believes are taking part in cockfighting ringsFrannie Bliss is busy with the murders of a prominent Hereford farmer Mansell Bull and two Polish girls while also trying to keep his relationship with Annie Howe secret and having major problems with his ex wifeMerrily Jane and Frannie's paths all intersect and while Jane as usual places herself in great risk it is Frannie who pays the biggest price at the end

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    This nearly 600 page novel dragged on and on The plot didn't engage me former and wanna be SAS soldiers playing fake war games The story had too little Merrily and a lot of Jane her daughter I usually have a book on my kindle that I'll read when I wake up and can't get back to sleep My least favorite of the series so far and it took me forever to read

  5. Robin Robin says:

    Fabulous book I am actually a huge fan of Phil Rickman I even belong to the Phil Rickman Appreciation Society on Facebook and have read every single book he has ever written This is latest Merrily Watkins Exorcist with Hereford Diocese or gently referred to as Deliverance The start of the book is absolutely amazing It slows down a bit unless you find stories about the SAS truly absorbingbut really picks up pace a bit later In fact the overall pacing of the novel is very interesting almost a character in itself much like skies weather natural phenomena always seem to play an important part in Mr Rickman's book Plus all the characters we know and love are there It almost felt like coming home I would have liked to have seen of a paranormal angle to the plot but I think he likes to keep us guessing Anyway the book was incredible I couldn't put it down or even participate in a normal life for days Obviously I highly recommend it

  6. Steve O& Steve O& says:

    I'm totally hooked on the Merrily Watkin's books and this is a fine addition to the series I consume them in the ISIS audio book editions from Audible and I think Emma Powell's fine readings add an extra dimension to Phil Rickman's own talent in bringing the main characters to life I was in Hereford Cathedral last week and part of me was looking around to see if Merrily was lunching in the Refectory but most likely she'd be out the back somewhere having a fag It was also uite a thrill to stand in the side chapel with the exuisite Traherne windows which feature in a scene in the book knowing I was standing in Merrily's fictional footsteps My wife was also getting a bit annoyed as I kept advising her that we mustn't park in the Plas Carreg estate The novels are also rich in references to all sorts of interesting side topics which you feel will repay further research They introduced me to the music of Nick Drake the writings of Traherne the doings of the Knight Templars The Secrets of Pain points me at the SAS and Mithraism I'd say it is best to have read the previous volumes in the series in order because there are plotlines which straddle the books and the characters do develop and you do change your attitude to certain of them as they develop and you really do become invested in knowing what's going to happen to them Jane Merrily Lol and Franny Bliss are all left at something of a cross roads at the end of this novel and I look forward eagerly to finding out which routes they are going to take The next book in the series The Magus of Hay is already loaded on my Ipod

  7. Jamie Collins Jamie Collins says:

    Another enjoyable book in this fascinating mystery series although the refrain can be depressing ancient village culture being destroyed by the incursion of oblivious city folk I like Merrily and Jane and Lol and Gomer Parry Plant Hire very much and I’m also enjoying DI Bliss’s enlarged role in the series I’m satisfied with Jane’s story arc but I wish there was progress in Merrily and Lol’s relationshipThe mystery is the usual sort of thing a creepy murder with unprovable paranormal overtones linked to the ancient pagan history of Hereford This is a good read but not one of the best of the series

  8. Manda Scott Manda Scott says:

    So I had to take a break in the middle of this to calm down Now that I have it's definitely a 3 star book Let's go from the beginning This is the first Phil Rickman I've ever read so I come to Merrily Watkins the lead character afresh She's a CofE vicar and exorcist who lives in the village of Ledwardine on the HerefordShropshirePowys border Given that I live within an easy drive of the real life village of Leintwardine which is on the HerefordShropshirePowys border this was always going to be a little close to home but then it moves into the SAS uartered nearby and a twisting of Mithraic religion and I rather like Mithras Let me correct that I give a fair amount of my time and energy to Mithras so I'm not overly impressed with the interpretation of him given here but then the point is made several times that what the SAS and their city friends have made of him doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the reality in the same way that the abomination of the crusades didn't necessarily have a lot of bearing on the pacifist version of christianity The one really interesting new idea in the book is that the violent militaristic version of 'churchianity' created by Paul was heavily influenced by Mithras given that Paul came from Tarsus which was a centre of Mithraic activity I'm one of those who thinks Paul was simply a dangerous nutter and didn't need anyone else's influence to be highly toxic but it's an interesting thought So overall this is a clever book written by a clever man It has a few too many plot threads for my liking which makes it diffuse and at times overly complex but the ideas are immensely intelligent and Rickman makes a good fist of taking intricate esoteric ideas and rendering them palatable for people whose lives don't revolve around dreaming in all its aspects The actual language is a reason for the loss of one star there are way way way too many subject less sentences which as a writer drives me nuts It may be an attempt to mimic speech but I've never yet met anyone outside of a badly scripted episode of Spooks and there are a few of those who speaks without subjects in their sentences It's lazy and unnecessary and makes my teeth ache and my toes curl which makes for slow and painful reading of something that should be effortless The other lost star is for the diffuse nature of the plot and the very open ending to the emotional under plot It feels rather like a soap opera where I've accidentally watched a single episode and am waiting for a denoument that will never happen Which may be the case I rather think there's an obvious 'wait for next year's exciting episode' tag at the end but given that I probably won't it's a tad tedious not to have resolution Still for fans this is I'm sure the next great offering and for the rest of us it was interesting Myself I think the title was rather wasted because he didn't in the end go into much of the secrets of pain it's all alluded to at a distance but the thought is there

  9. Jo Hurst Jo Hurst says:

    Another solid Merrily Watkins outing this time with an SAS theme Syd Spicer from the remains of an altar appears to be having some issues with deliverance but soon is found dead Prompting Merrily to investigate as she feels she should have been able to do to help him Meanwhile 2 Romanian girls and a local farmer have been killed keeping the police and Merrily busy Jane is her usual Slightly annoying and ever so rash self but finds herself in a very unpleasant predicament as a result I half read and half listened to this and was pleasantly surprised to hear Lol’s songs sung And sung well so a uick trip over to and I am the proud owner of 2 lol Robinson albums which are surprisingly brilliant and add some great atmospherics when reading This really is an excellent series

  10. Lori Lori says:

    This is such a terrific series and one I'd gotten away from awhile back thinking there were no books to come Serendipitously it recently came to my attention that Rickman published two books in the Merrily Watkins series three years after he completed To Dream of the Dead the last one I'd read I couldn't wait to get right into The Secrets of Pain and it does not disappoint As with all other stories in this excellent series the plot is complex creepy and compelling combining modern issues with ancient religion and the paranormal Merrily a vicar in small town Ledwardine on the Welsh border is the Diocese Deliverance minister and is always brought in for mysterious cases of murder and mayhem that have otherworldly connotations The fact that she's the mother of an 18 year old headstrong and idealistic daughter romantically involved with a down and out folk musician trying to make a success of his music again and does not wear the collar easily always struggling to reconcile her beliefs and emotions with the expectations and politics of the church makes her a most interesting protagonist The reoccurring supporting characters Jane Lol Gomer Parry Plant Hire and especially Detective Frannie Bliss in this particular story are eually interesting and well developed This story brings in the British SAS an ancient religion of warring Romans called Mithraism and the current controversies of immigration and increasing crime in England in a rich and intricate plot that is very satisfying This story unlike others focuses less on the occult and on modern day policing and current issues but I do not feel that lessened the enjoyment of this book For a meaty well written and captivating series steeped in the traditions and myths of old England Phil Rickman's Merrily Watkins series cannot be beat Highly recommended

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The Secrets of Pain Merrily Watkins #11[Download] ➵ The Secrets of Pain Merrily Watkins #11 By Phil Rickman – The elite warriors of the Hereford based SAS know all about pain and the enduring of it Syd Spicer ex SAS trooper has found himself back the Regiment this time as its chaplain responsible for the spir The elite warriors of the Hereford based of Pain eBook ↠ SAS know all about pain and the enduring of it Syd Spicer ex SAS trooper has found himself back the Regiment this time as its chaplain responsible for the spiritual welfare of the hardest men in or out of uniform Faced with a case which would normally be passed discreetly to Hereford diocesan exorcist Merrily Watkins Spicer is forced for security reasons to The Secrets PDF/EPUB or try and handle it himselfand is coming close to a breakdown Meanwhile the scattered communities along the Welsh border have their own crisis With recession biting deep urban crime has spilled into the countryside and old barbaric evils are revived When a wealthy landowner is hacked to death in his own farmyard the senior investigating officer DI Frannie Bliss is caught in the backlash his private life in danger of exposure Secrets of Pain Kindle Ò With the framework of her own world beginning to crack Merrily Watkins is persuaded to venture into areas where neither a priest nor a woman is welcometo unearth secrets linked with the border's pagan past Secrets which she knows can never be disclosed.