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  1. Blair Blair says:

    This is a weird book There's no other way to describe it it's extremely strange It's one of Siri Hustvedt's earlier novels originally published in 1996 seven years before her masterpiece What I Loved What surprised me the most about The Enchantment of Lily Dahl is how different in tone it is to What I Loved and Hustvedt's subseuent novels It doesn't uite feel like it was written by someone else there's a discernible similarity in style particularly evident in the constant pervading sense of unease but the characters and scenarios presented in this book are just so unlike anything I've come across in Hustvedt's later work It keeps criss crossing between the real and the surreal until neither the reader nor the characters are sure what's truly happened and the titular protagonist begins to uestion her own memory and even her sense of self Lily Dahl is a 19 year old aspiring actress who spends her days working in the Ideal Café and her evenings rehearsing for a local amateur production of A Midsummer Night's Dream She has a close friendship with her elderly neighbour Mabel and a burgeoning obsession with Ed an artist from New York who lives and paints in a hotel across the street The first major event of the book occurs when Lily decides to spontaneously strip in front of her window to attract Ed's attention and shortly afterwards she embarks on an intense but uncommunicative affair with him I expected the remainder of the book to be all about this relationship and Lily's sexual awakening but actually the story is actually concerned with the peculiar confines of small town American life Lily observes the oddball inhabitants of her strangely claustrophobic hometown Webster on a daily basis and inevitably becomes drawn into their lives Somewhere along the way an indistinct mystery surfaces dredging up Lily's childhood memories along with the potentially sinister truth behind a local urban legend At points I was just confused for example I couldn't understand why Lily would even speak to the bizarre Martin let alone agree to go anywhere alone with him I didn't dislike Lily but to say that this whole story was all about her she seemed a very shallow character and I never felt I'd really got to the bottom of what motivated many of her actions The ending was a major disappointment I simply could not believe view spoilerEd would really come back for Lily turn out to be madly in love with her after failing to demonstrate this previously ask her to move to New York with him etc Why shoehorn a fairytale chick lit esue romantic resolution into such peculiar experimental fiction? hide spoiler

  2. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    SEXY and EERIEFor a grown up man like me what a way to celebrate Halloween This book has that eerie feeling that one gets by reading Emilie Bronte's Wuthering Heights and at the same time watching an R 18 movie with frontal nudity Lily Dahl this novel's main protagonist is a 19 yo county girl who is a waitress in a highway side cafe in a small sleepy town in America Webster Minnesota She is dreaming for a better life as an actress by going to New York So aside from working as a waitress she plays bit roles in the town's local production Example of this roles is that of Hermia in William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's DreamIn that town are all those mysterious characters Lily Dahl is like Alice but not in the wonderland but in a creepy and secretive town Hustvedt made a wonderful job of intricately interweaving the lives of her characters using as backdrop a laidback town whose history was laden with many secrets spanning at least two past generations Then after establishing the interwoven lives she slowly revealed those secrets while maintaining the foreboding danger to Lily's life with only the sextuagerian lady Mabel as her supposedly protector The friendship between Lily and Mabel in this book is very unlikely because of their age difference 16 and 76 but the way their characters are portrayed made it all plausible An example of this is when they sleep in one bed Their bodies touch like two small girls and they wake up in the morning not minding what position bodies and limbs touching or interlocking they find themselves in I'm not saying that I want to be in bed with a friend who is a young man and that our bodies can touch without malice to prove that our friendship is true and platonic All I'm saying is that this is how imaginative Hustvedt is by choosing an odd friendship for her novel Odd in a way that it is very likely to happen in real life but the way it was portrayed in the book made it seemed like it is a regular fare that is not too unlikely to happen This is my second book written by Paul Auster's one of my favorite authors wife Siri Hustvedt Early this year I read What I Loved and it was one of the suprisingly good novels I've read this year It's nice to be surprised by reading and liking a book that you did think to be good So when I picked up this book her second novel The Enchantment of Lily Dahl my expectation was high and I was glad that she did not disappoint me This is totally different from What I Loved so I think Hustvedt is one of those authors who do not rewrite themselves I am still her fanGiven those characters and setting and Hustvedt being a female writer one would easily guess that her stories would dwell heavily on emotions and feelings However Hustvedt puts brain rather than heart in her works Not sure if husband Paul Auster has something to do with her style of writing but considering the mystery thriller ingredient in Hustvedt's works I will not be surprised if my guess is correct As you know Auster's works are strong on mystery thriller flavorKeep on writing Siri Hustvedt You have one avid fan here in the Philippines Well I am one of the moderators of Filipinos group here at Goodreads with 1700 members and I am still to hear any of them raving about you yet so I think I need to spread a word to read your works

  3. Hugh Hugh says:

    An unsettling tale set in small town America Centred on 19 year old Lily Dahl a waitress and aspiring actress it is part rites of passage and part psychological thriller populated with a memorable cast of eccentric misfits Probably not the best starting point for anyone who has not read any Hustvedt but still interesting enjoyable and well written

  4. Christie Christie says:

    Despite early reservations I kept reading The Enchantment of Lily Dahl but I wouldn’t necessarily say that I loved the novel in the end It’s a strange book populated by a cast of characters so odd it seems impossible that they should all end up in the same storyThere’s Lily the 19 year old waitress who worships Marilyn Monroe and dreams of becoming an actress There’s Mabel her elderly next door neighbour who can’t sleep and spends her time writing the story of her life There’s Dick and Frank two elderly men who are so filthy they leave a black cloud wherever they go There’s Hank Lily’s beau hunk of an ex boyfriend There’s Edward the artist who lives in the building across the street And then there’s Martin an oddly menacing boy Lily has known her whole life This wild assortment of characters live in a small town Webster Minnesota where Lily works as a waitress at the Ideal CafeThe story Hustvedt is trying to tell seems to be one about secrets and memory youth and old age dreams lost and realized The whole middle section of the book though reads as though Lily is crazy and it’s hard to say whether this is a triumph and I am just too dense to see it or a failingIn between waiting tables and sleeping with the painter from the building across the road Lily is rehearsing her part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream She also seems to be to some degree coming apart at the seams although I think this is supposed to be the character navigating the tricky road from innocence to experienceFor me though while her coming of age journey was nicely written I never felt connected to Lily or what was happening to her Both the real and the imagined obstacles were off kilteras odd as Lily and the people she spent time with

  5. Andrew Andrew says:

    In Siri Hustvedt I see a kindred spirit someone who was raised in the sueaky clean Lutheran reaches of the Upper Midwest and started writing her way into weirder and darker territory the difference is that she's a genius The Enchantment of Lily Dahl is her merger of earthy Midwesternness and weird darkness and it's at times brilliant like an updated Winesburg Ohio And the twist you can kind of imagine that there's going to be a twist less Shyamalan than Nicolas Roeg in Don't Look Now

  6. Connie Connie says:

    I usually need about 50 pages to get drawn in by siri but unfortunately this didn't happen with this book Thematically there were many similarities to What I Loved but they were much engagingly and intriguingly explored in What I Loved particularly the themes of changelings memory and identity I found it a struggle to finish this book and therefore wouldn't recommend it

  7. Marc Marc says:

    A thank you to Hugh for originally introducing me to Siri Hustvedt via The Blazing World This is the second novel of hers I've read and I continue to be captivated by the way she develops her characters and how naturally she brings art to life in her writing The story took surprising turns while spiking my glass of small town banality with an overproofed shot of muted dread

  8. Jonathan Ashworth Jonathan Ashworth says:

    Twelve pages into this book and you realize two things first Siri Hustvedt has so many hooks that if this were an album you’d be singing along by the third time you heard it Second there’s a spiritual connection between this book and Sherwood Anderson’s odd masterpiece Winesburg Ohio in both its small townness and the entwined themes of identity and sexuality A little further into the book and you may also be thinking of Edward Hopper’s paintings of American loneliness There are times when the book veritably aches with loneliness and yet it doesn’t dwell there merely uses them as launching off points for big uestionsHere’s an example Do you ever feel nothing's real? Lily looked at him Well she said slowly sometimes I think ordinary things are kind of strange Martin nodded vigorously It's it's like there's a skin over everything and if you could just get under it you'd you'd get to what's real but you never can so you've got to look for a way to cut through it You see?It’s a lovely exchange though serious readers will note it has one adverb too many There aren’t so many of the big uestions that the book becomes pondersome Indeed at times Lily is so brave her character verges on becoming incredible which may be a serious flaw than an extra adverbStill she pulls us into a romance with a mysterious artist meetups with the mentally challenged Martin and explorations of the theater and persona with her best friend Mabel The book pulses and crackles It is vivid and engaging There are some lovely images here burnt shoes a realistic doll paintings There are also some horrifying images but you start to realize that will happen about two thirds of the way inWhat strikes me most about Siri Hustvedt’s writing is her ability to generate sparks from sentences about ordinary things This is about a small town in Minnesota and as we read we find it is us that are enchanted alongside Lily A lot of this magic is in the words Here’s a snippet The room was warm and the heat seemed to make Mabel’s perfume stronger Its sweet smell mingled with the dust and the sun shone through open curtains onto the coffee tableOr The room smelled of paint smoke and other nameless but familiar things and when she sat down in the canvas chair Lily felt afraid of those smells A delightful read that makes you want to read from this wonderful writer

  9. Siegrist Siegrist says:

    The book drew me in my its seductive descriptions of Lily's attraction to Ed an artist painting in the street I liked the descriptions of their erotic world very much it was understated and honest There was a surreal uality to the book at one point in the narrative I wondered whether the strange events were occurring only in Lily's consciousness The enchantment of Lily occurs on a number of levels she enchants others her ex Hank and the disturbed Martin and Ed and the creative life in Lily's case acting enchants her In particular her performance of Hermia in a Midsummer Nights Dream creates a sense of new confidence and possibilities for her as an artist and as a woman with sexual agency I liked the interpretation offered of Hermia in this book as a tough broad I've always thought of her as a whiny princess used to having it her own wayI also loved Lily's relationship with an old older woman Mabel There's a moment towards the ending of the novel where they escape to bed surrounded by booksThe book is an interpretation of the Alice in Wonderland uest where the uest is sexual identity a confident and in control womanliness Maybe that's what Freud would make of all those holes anyway I liked it

  10. Laura Laura says:

    I really liked this And I found some of the reviews really 'weird' I kept looking for the unfathomable ground in the middle of the book where Lily cannot make head or tail of strange happenings It reads uite a lot like a fairly typical murder mystery in this middle section I think it's supposed to encapsulate all things stereotypical of small town communities poverty gossip inbreeding narrow horizons but Hustvedt breaks these images the wise words from Filthy Frank the tolerant views from Dolores but these are the excellent minor characters The centre of the book is the gorgeous wonderful relationship between Lily and Mabel 50 years between them and then carefully and very much on the periphery is Lily's love interest Ed from the big city The love scenes feel absolutely genuine; Ed however golden boy though he seems is a typical male and it takes Lily's large heart to forgive himNice descriptions of rural Minnesota felt real It's a romance with a feminist edge

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The Enchantment of Lily Dahl ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ The Enchantment of Lily Dahl By Siri Hustvedt ❃ – The protagonist of Siri Hustvedt's astonishing second novel is a heroine of the old style tough beautiful and brave Standing at the threshold of adulthood she enters a new world of erotic adventure pr The protagonist of Siri Hustvedt's astonishing second novel of Lily PDF/EPUB ê is a heroine of the old style tough beautiful and brave Standing at the threshold of adulthood she enters a new world of erotic adventure profound but unexpected friendship and inexplicable frightening acts of madness Lily's story is also the story of a small The Enchantment PDF/EPUB or town Webster Minnesota where people are brought together by a powerful sense of place both geographical and spiritual Here gossip secrets and storytelling are as essential to the bond among its people as the borders that enclose the townThe real secret at the heart of the book is the one that lies between Enchantment of Lily Epub Þ reality and appearances between waking life and dreams at the place where imagination draws on its transforming powers in the face of death.