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  1. Fred Fred says:

    OMG this is the awesomesauce I'll write a real review a bit later but wanted to enthuse gush emote and rave about this warm intense twisty clever winsome and lovely book while I'm still euphoric Molly you've written some good books before but this one is a doozy So that was my initial reaction written in the first blush of excitement after finishing this last night I've spent lots of time chatting and thinking about it since then and want to write a elaborate and complete review Brief summary Daniel Revelstoke and his parents are moving from England to Oregon Dan will be starting nearby as a college freshman and he soon meets another entering student there the lovely Julie girlfriend of an employee at the resort his parents manage They become friends as they experience the challenges and fun of freshman year together Meanwhile Dan's parents particularly his Mom are acting kind of weird and it's clear that something troubling is happening with her As the year goes on Dan heretofore a self proclaimed love 'em and leave 'em type finds himself drawn to Julie in ways that aren't consistent with her attached status and his formerly cavalier relationship style When they both land parts in a college production of Cyrano de Bergerac Dan comes to realize that Julie is the one but her feelings remain somewhat opaue to him When Dan's Mom finally opens up about the unforeseen conseuences of an old family secret everything goes up for grabs in the story and in Dan's life Dan's love for Julie is intense and all consuming which is a good thing because it's going to tested by circumstances neither could have imaginedMy Review As was the case with The Ghost Downstairs this is a tricky one to review because there's a twist that changes everything you thought you knew and seeing it happen is a big part of the fun I'll deal with that in the spoiler section below Meanwhile I'll just talk a bit about the characters and some of the elements I loved Daniel is the MC and narrator I really hadn't expected to like having a male pov girls are just so much nicer but Daniel despite his pretensions to cad hood is an awfully nice guy Like many Molly characters he's not without his flaws he's a bit self absorbed manipulative with women can be heartless when it's time to move on which as it happens turns out to be pretty regularly But he's also generous of spirit kind funny and a good friend He's actually a bit naive and as Molly has said elsewhere there's a good boyfriend in there waiting to come out He's good company to spend a book with He's got some great lines too Sexual tension back at last How I missed thee In short a great MC you relate to empathize with and root for all the wayJulie charming but somewhat enigmatic It's so weird in this genre to know what the boy is thinking and not the girl Girls in books always perceive boys as so inscrutable so it's nice to see the tables turned Julie is also not without her faults Her fidelity is a bit shaky her judgment sometimes impaired and she's got a few family secrets in her capacious closet as well In other words she feels real vulnerable and mega crush worthy And happily for us Daniel is up to the task He can crush like nobody's business seriously And of course the old shoes on the other foot now Mr Heartbreaker is part of the schaden fun One thing I love to think about and explore is the meaning of character names at least in a book where there's enough going on to make it worth it and that's def the case here so here goes nothin' Dan and Julie are star crossed lovers no doubt about it And once you've said that the name Julie made me think of Juliet And Daniel as Romeo? How bout this uote? Some conseuence yet hanging in the stars Shall bitterly begin his fearful date With this night's revels and expire the term Of a despised lifeIt was at those revels that RJ met and Romeo stoked the fires of love from the torches he references when first seeing Juliet So maybe the characters' names reference not only two great lovers but the issues between their families they must confront Or maybe that's a bit of a stretch but a fun one I hope hey I'm on a roll hereThe side characters here are fun and fully developed especially Sinter Dan's gothy theater major roommate Dan's family with all their painful and hidden past are well drawn especially his grandmother uite a character with a few twists of her own to revealThe device of including Cyrano as part of the story is also inspired what an intensely passionate romance it is and the story captures that spirit beautifullySigh that's a lot of words and I feel I've failed to capture the fun cleverness and intensity this novel delivers I love all of Molly's books as you can see by my reviews but I think this one really kicks it up a notch and I can only encourage you to experience it first handSPOILER SECTION HEADS UP DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHEDI'm still not going to reveal the precise nature of the obstacle fate has thrown at our couple But apparently it's sufficiently transgressive that it has put off some readers I'm still looking for those reviews btw Maybe it's me but I found it just added a bit of forbidden frisson to the already superhot relationship between these two Daniel makes a good case for why it should be irrelevant and I was persuaded and Julie seems to have reached a similar conclusion on her own It's a theme in lots of books and obviously has uite a pedigree in the classics too I loved Molly's blog post on cheating in romance novels and I think the same kind of issues are relevant here I hope it doesn't limit the audience for this book it sure deserves a big one

  2. Roksana Roksana says:

    DNF 63%Proceed with cautioncontains spoilers It took me a very long time to digest this book and after coming back to it I know now why I couldn't finish it For starters the main leads are not likeable and their friends followed the same categoryLet's proceed with the Hero He's only 18 years old but already earned himself a reputation of a player already kissed 50 girls Fifteen at the heavy snogging level twelve at above the waist petting nine at below the waist his words YUCKjust thinking about what sort of girls he put his tongue in makes me puke and the heroine said impressive? Are you kidding me? What about STD?then we have to hear his adventure at the age of 12 with some girl who invited him to her house for a snogging session with kissesARE YOU JOKING ME? AT 12 YEARS OLD? DO I WANT TO HEAR IT? That sounds like paedophilia Secondly upon arriving at American University he met the heroine and felt immediate attractionit did not stop him from taking an opportunity to kiss another girl and sneak out into her room because she was feeling lonelyyeah they did not have sex but kissed and I was already in a dislike him mood after that In fairness the heroine had a boyfriend but all this plot was wrong and hypocritical Not only the Hero is a biggest player and was somewhat intimate with another girl and not the heroine when she was already in the picture that very heroine has a boyfriend and was no better than the Hero himself She was giving him mixed signals like she was interested and another time she was notshe accused the Hero being a big player but what was she doing herself? She was a big hypocrite Was she not cheating on her boyfriend? Because as sure as hell it looked that to methen one of the Heroes roommate friends who also had a girlfriend who happened to be the heroine's roommate kissed the heroine and she let him? Double cheating? I just could not have any liability towards hershe had a boyfriend but she was leading the Hero and then cheated on the Hero with his friend? And that friend also had a girlfriend but cheated on her with the heroine? And don't make me started on the confession of the heroine on the whole open relationship with her boyfriendREALLY? What a caricature charactersall of them were shallow and uninspiringI just could not continue with this joke of a romance

  3. Sarah Green Sarah Green says:

    It's fun to get a break from all the paranormal and check out a new YA contemporary noveland this baby does not disappointFirst of all this is not your average high school drama This book comes from this new awesome emerging genre where the characters are a little older and doing the whole college thing This makes for an exciting read especially for older audiences that really enjoy all that YA fiction entails but are ready for a little mature characters I really enjoyed this aspect of the bookAlso this story is presented from the guys point of viewI meanHELLO That likehardly ever happens It was fun to get Daniel's perspective on life love and happinessI mean after all I already know what a girl thinks about those things Plus who doesn't love it when it's the guy that falls hard for the girl On the other hand the author doesn't really hold back when it comes to what guys generally think about girlson the physical side if you get what I mean So I was taken a little off guard a couple times thinking Yeahthanks Daniel I really didn't want to know that But if that won't offend you I overall really enjoyed getting things from his perspectiveWhen it comes to the characters in this book there's a little something for everyone The sweet innocent Julie the British not so great a reputation Daniel the gothic Sinter and the hardcore Clare Plus if you're a theater nut you get to experience all the awesome drama on and off stage in the university spring productionThough on my own personal book scale this one probably sits on average I really think this book could be a hit with a lot of readers It has a lot to offer in the way of plot characters and settingas well as a steamy romance that will keep you turning pages until the very end

  4. Frezanda Frezanda says:

    I really like the style of writing This is my first book by Molly Ringle and I like her style It's light and funny and well edittedThis book is a romance story from a guy's point of viewDaniel is those funny and charming guy who never take relationship seriously He's not a chauvinist or anything He respects women he just avoids commitment at all cost Now he fell in love with Julie who actually has a boyfriend and seems faithful to him The love and relationship build in a believably slow pace It's not like some of the romance story when the romance happen immediately Now the twist in the story actually makes me laugh aloud It's just such a korean drama twist you see It's a bit silly But the author has made me fell in love with the characters and the story so I can cope with that story twist

  5. Liliana Saquicela Liliana Saquicela says:

    Firstly I would like to give a big thanks to Molly Ringle for emailing her editor and making it possible for me to receive a copy of Relatively Honest to review when she read how much I wanted to read itTHANK YOUThis book had me hooked just on the blurbI did not see the plot twist coming until a few sentences before the big blow and have to say i just ate it upI wasn't really appalled in the tiniest bit by the twist view spoilerRead Forbidden and this book won't seem so shocking hide spoiler

  6. Amy Amy says:

    Well I'll be That was uite a ride I haven't felt that twisted and torn since I rode Boomerang at Knotts Berry Farm First off there's a short list of books with male narrators I've managed to finish and to love Relatively Honest is now among them It's something about writing the male POV that lacks the genuine emotion you get from reading the girls and not all authors have been able to replicate it Ringle did it flawlessly with MC Daniel He was a multidimensional character who I instantly liked Though he considered himself somewhat of a cad he wasn't afraid to talk openly or show his emotionsLove interest Jules as Daniel calls her was something of an enigma to me She tended to keep her feelings close to her which made it hard for Daniel to maneuver the relationship in the direction he wanted As the story progressed her character began to open up and soften allowing us to see of her to like I also loved how she managed to flip the script as they say on Daniel from player to played Daniels roommate Sinter Adorable Can you say spinoff? I would love to revisit him bashing about London Now for the twist Whoa Timed perfectly and laced with the right amount of shock value I loved it I can see where some people may hem and haw over it's taboo nature but I loved the conflict it created not only in our MC's emotions but in the sub character's reactions once it was revealed

  7. Ellen Ekstrom Ellen Ekstrom says:

    I read this in two days I couldn't put it down Being the mother of two young men I often wondered what was going on in their heads especially when they looked at girls and girls looked back I remember what it was like to be 18 and Molly gives a fresh real look at the torture of being on the verge of complete independence and adulthood in a new environment and suddenly in love yeah not lust but love and discovering that it's wonderful and painful All of the characters are delightful and I felt like they were my family and friends The plot kept me guessing and I was glad one of the reasons I couldn't put it down Just when I thought something would happen it didn't Something else comes into play There were a couple of WHOA moments and that were absolutely delightful and surprising The dialogue is fresh realistic and funny I'm not saying a word about the plot other than Daniel is deterimined to get Julie To let you know any than that would spoil it This may not be a book for everyone and it just might offend some but I found it funny poignant and some of the best writing ever I'm hoping Molly will do a seuel

  8. Halyna Halyna says:

    Sweet amazing book for your heart's delight written from the boy's pov and I loved the point of view of that particular boy Daniel was charming and adorable I liked the pacing of the story romantic tension and all the characters There were many amusing episodes and funny situations I grinned a lot reading it Great style of writing fluent smooth pleasant sparkling and compelling Highly recommended

  9. Jolene Perry Jolene Perry says:

    This book was bizarre but goodI will say that it was fun to be surprised about plot twists not just once but several timesThere were some tiny things like every once in a while the girl would say something that sounded very british so it seemed like their voices should have been distinguishableBut it definitely kept me guessingI hovered between three and four stars but I always swing up

  10. Rich Mulvey Rich Mulvey says:

    Another of Ms Ringle's fun books As previous reviewers have said the male characters are so true to life She knows how the male mind works I didn't see the plot twist coming at all and it's handled very well indeedAs I've read her books over the years Ms Ringle is clearly perfecting her craft I really am looking forward to her next book

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Relatively Honest [KINDLE] ❦ Relatively Honest ➚ Molly Ringle – Shocking Disgusting Deceitful That's how some might have described Daniel Revelstoke's behavior even before he fell in love with his first cousin Previously a don't tie me down Don Juan type Daniel do Shocking Disgusting Deceitful That's how some might have described Daniel Revelstoke's behavior even before he fell in love with his first cousin Previously a don't tie me down Don Juan type Daniel doesn't know Julie is his long lost cousin when he meets her and starts trying to lure her away from her long distance boyfriend And by the time his mum drops the family relation bombshell in his lap he already loves Julie and it's too late to switch off his feelings But dishonest habits die hard He reckons if he can keep Julie from finding out they're related just a little longer he runs a better chance of winning her over He's never loved anyone before and if she's the one she's worth a little deceit Love can do dangerous things to your head And worse things to your family.

  • ebook
  • 195 pages
  • Relatively Honest
  • Molly Ringle
  • English
  • 08 December 2014

About the Author: Molly Ringle

Molly Ringle was one of the uiet weird kids in school and is now one of the uiet weird writers of the world She likes thinking up innovative romantic obstacles and mixing them with topics like Greek mythology ghost stories fairy tales or regular world scandalous gossip She's into mild rainy climates gardens androgyny chocolate tea and perfume or really anything that smells good S.