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Mafia Fix Destroyer 4 ✪ Mafia Fix Destroyer 4 Books ✬ Author Warren Murphy – When ten billion filthy drug dollars' worth of heroin pollutes the Jersey shore and threatens to make the Mafia a second Evil Empire the president knows there's just one man who can stop a Jersey King When ten billion filthy drug dollars' worth of heroin pollutes the Jersey shore Mafia Fix PDF or and threatens to make the Mafia a second Evil Empire the president knows there's just one man who can stop a Jersey Kingpin from destroying the country and that's an ex Jersey cop resurrected and nicknamed the Destroyer Remo Williams is on a mission to mainline death and destruction into the Cosa Nostra before Main Street gets stuck But how will Master Chiun's masterpiece of a human killing machine score Will history's biggest drug score go bust With Remo on the mission you know he'll sniff out the swine and cover his tracks but when he gets to the top will he find he's gone too high and realize that the Mafia fix is in.

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  1. Bryan457 Bryan457 says:

    Remo is sent to find out about an incredibly large shipment of heroin The Mafia is planning on new forms of the drug to sell at very low costThis book is serious than most There is some humor but very little A lot of killing goes on by Remo and ChiunFavorite tidbits Makes fun of crime fighters from other countries who come to help The English one is James Bond The other two I'm not sure a Hercule from France and a Japanese man with thick glassesWarning sex and graphic gory violence

  2. Eric Bauman Eric Bauman says:

    “Mafia Fix” is the fourth book in the Destroyer series instead of me rehashing the series just follow the link for an explanation of it If you’ve seen the movie “Remo Williams The Adventure Begins” then you know the character even though the movie while fun doesn’t do justice to the characterIn this installment the Mafia has brought in a huge shipment of heroin four truckloads via ship which could bring in billions of dollars While the government knows that the stuff came in they are unable to intercept it and now they don’t know where it is being kept and if that amount of heroin were to hit the streets the results would be catastrophic So the President calls on CURE the super secret agency that nobody but he knows about to get the situation resolved What follows is typical Destroyer Remo goes in figures out what’s going on and takes care of things—however they need to be taken care of usually with much violenceThe series is a men’s adventure series and it is a lot of fun if you like dumb action movies The novels are short all plot and the villains are cardboard cutouts You go in knowing what to expect turn your brain off and have some fun And the interplay between Remo and his Korean mentor Chiun is pricelessNeed a break? Pull out the eReader unless you can find an old paperback curl up on the couch and enjoy

  3. John John says:

    This is a solid early entry in The Destroyer series It's inspiring to see how uickly the authors Murphy and Sapir took the first Destroyer book and molded the series into a shape that held it together for 150 books Here in the fourth book the formula is almost completeBriefly the plot is about a Mafia don who figures out a way to smuggle in to the US and distribute the largest shipment of heroin ever Remo is tasked by Smith to track down the heroin and destroy it

  4. D. D. says:

    There's not as much humor in this one as in #3 which was a bit of a letdown This time Remo takes on the mob's attempt to create a nation wide heroin ring As usual there's a lot of action some satire and a LOT of non politically correct adventuresMurphy and Sapir keep this one moving and it's another entertaining popcorn read as long as you're willing to check your brain at the door and just go with it

  5. Eric Troup Eric Troup says:

    It's clear that the writers still haven't uite found the sweet spot that eventually makes The Destroyer the great series it is Also this book is definitely a product of its time If political correctness is important to you this is not the book for you That being said if political correctness is all that important to you this is probably not the series for you anyway

  6. Joshua Joshua says:

    I really like the Destroyer series It's a lot of fun One thing that I regret about this novel was the use of racial stereotypes as humor I didn't like that very much This book is my least favorite Destroyer novel It is still fun to read

  7. Stelios Stelios says:

    375 stars

  8. S. Wilson S. Wilson says:

    In Mafia Fix President Nixon confirmed with a random football reference tasks Harold Smith of the secret agency Cure to track down a historic fifty ton drug shipment after a botched sting operation failed to intercept the four trucks transporting the 50000000 in 98 percent pure heroin All that is known is that the heroin is still somewhere in Hudson New Jersey and Remo's strategy for discovering the secret location is doing what he does best; annoy everyone until the bad guys try to kill himFour books into the Destroyer series and we can see the framework for the series' narrative structure coming into shape In the first chapter we are introduced to the villain's backstory usually involving the cruel death of several innocents In the second chapter we are introduced to Remo His name was Remo either in training completing a mission or in this case bothNixon is still president and the author still treats him with kid gloves portraying him as a sincerely concerned and somewhat competent a far cry from the openly derisive lampooning he would treat Jimmy Carter in later novels Revisiting these novels nearly forty years later I don't recall how warren Murphy handles Nixon's disgraced resignation if he does at all but I'm looking forward to finding outThe plot is straightforward with the typical Secret Crime Boss hook with a somewhat unsurprising reveal in the third act Murphy plays the criminal and political in fighting for comic effect uite well and keeps the colorful supporting characters flowing Special attention should be paid by the last minute cameo of three other men's adventure novel series characters a nod to the fact that The Destroyer is now a part of the genre and literally effective than the three of them put togetherHIS NAME WAS REMO His name was Remo He tried very hard not to be bored as if the threat were very real Almost thereTHE BAD GUY MAFIA That's right the Italian Mob the gold standard for organized crime is behind the massive heroin shipment that Remo is tasked with exposing Crime Boss Dominic Verillio is the crime boss in uestion this go round with other mafioso types such as Pietro Scubisci Francisco Salvatore and Filemeno Palmucci along with colorful middlemen like the perpetually ill Willie the Plumber and the doily knitting behemoth of a hitman Gaetano Gasso Organized crime is an easy target for this kind of secret agent crime fighter series but Murphy keeps the plot moving and the humorous asides freuent enough to prevent the book from descending into a lame Godfather rip off REMO CURE Harold smith meets with Remo in the field again and while the animosity between the two is still strong but this book's focus on heroin distribution provides them both with something in common an unflinching desire to protect the innocent Remo is still a cop at heart with a strong sense of good and evil and the reader is secretly informed that Harold Smith has a daughter who is currently undergoing rehab on a farm in Vermont For both men this mission is intensely personalREMO CHIUN Chiun's appearance in mafia Fix is kept down to a minimum with him only showing up in the second chapter for some training exposition and then a few times later as comic relief involving his beloved soap operas and Remo's attempts at babysitting and cleaning up after the elderly Sinanju master Remo's supposed reincarnation as Shiva the Destroyer comes up several times but only in passing as if the author just wants to remind the readers that it is still a relevant subplot REMO’S LADIES Remo is still a one gal guy in Mafia Fix and still the hopeless romantic at heart despite his rapey approach to seduction which in at least two scenes involves him tackling the woman from across the room The woman in this case is the intelligent and voluptuous Cynthia Hansen daughter of and and assistant to Hudson New Jersey Mayor Craig Hansen As usual Remo's hormones and emotions cause trouble than good for him as his newfound love interest becomes involved with his mission than intended They also have sex A lotBODY COUNT The body count is a tad lower than in the previous novel with only nine kills six by Remo and three by Chiun When oh when will the bad guys learn not to interrupt Chiun's soap operas?

  9. Andy Rausch Andy Rausch says:

    Finally in book four Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir came to the logical conclusion that Chiun needed to be an integral part of the series So here for the first time he is allowed to accompany Remo without any real explanation We are also treated to a fun scene in which Chiun dispatches three men by himself while trying to watch one of his beloved soap operasThis time out Remo does battle with the Mafia This leads to a lot of fun and Murphy and Sapir's mob world is an entertaining one in which characters have names like Willie the Plumber and Tony the Rock Palumbo and where there is a crotchet loving hitman named Gasso whose entire body is covered in hair like an Italian Captain CavemanThere is also a brief but fun side plot in which a former CIA operative attempts to blackmail Remo and CURE This attempt goes pretty much how you would expect it toFun book Easily the most entertaining of the books up to this point book four in the series

  10. Josh Hitch Josh Hitch says:

    First of the series ive read in a long while and they were ones in the late 80s that I did read not the early numbers from the early 70s So couldnt remember how crazy they are like slap stick Bond parodies with Dick Tracy like villains Also an 80 year old Korean teacher who can take care of himself uite well even if he is addicted to soap operasIf you take them as parodies then this one was fun enough definitely wasnt boring just a lot on the ridiculous side Recommended if you can turn your brain off while reading and find the humor in it

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