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Dr. Quake: Destroyer #5 ❮Read❯ ➸ Dr. Quake: Destroyer #5 ➻ Author Warren Murphy – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Forber isn't a mad scientist he's a tectonic technician with a touch for terror who goes by the name Dr uake California's touchy San Andreas Fault is in danger of being professionally provoked But it' Forber isn't a mad scientist he's a tectonic technician with a touch for terror who goes by the name Dr uake California's touchy San Andreas Fault is in danger of being professionally provoked But it's not Dr uake's fault for someone has split with his earthuake machine If this dastardly deviant doesn't get a million dollars in cold hard cash he is going to shake down Southern California for a whole lot Luckily shakedowns and natural disasters are just what the doctor Dr. Quake: PDF or ordered for Remo Williams Korean death master Chiun's trained killing machine because when it comes to finding weapons of mass destruction it takes one to find one After our Destroyer sifts through the blackmail and terror it's the pompous perpetrator who won't be left standing.

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  1. Balkron Balkron says:

    My Rating Scale1 Star Horrible book It was so bad I stopped reading it I have not read the whole book and wont2 Star Bad book I forced myself to finish it and do NOT recommend I can't believe I read it once3 Star Average book Was entertaining but nothing special No plans to ever re read4 Star Good Book Was a really good book and I would recommend I am Likely to re read this book5 Star GREAT book A great story and well written I can't wait for the next book I Will Re Read this one or timesTimes Read 1One of the first series I read consistently This series and the Executioner series are responsible for my love of reading and storiesCharacters Looking back to my younger reading days I loved Remo Williams and thought he was one of the coolest characters in history I still think Remo is a good character Uniue in a number of ways even todayStory The stories are average and fairly typical Bad guys going to kill or hurt Remo is going to kill them first no way he is going to die not with Chuin as his teacher Not much in creativity but it really worked for me as a male teenager I started learning Judo and Karate partly because of RemoOverall I started reading these when I was 16 I enjoyed them up until about age 19 My tastes changed from Military intrigue to Fantasy SciFi I would recommend reading these especially for younger malesNOTE I am going to rate these all the books in this series the same Some of the stories are a bit better or a bit worse but I can't find one that I would rate a 2 or 4

  2. Jimipez Jimipez says:

    Loved itLove the writing and enjoy watching the characters grow and change as lessons are learned This series was written in a different era and it's fun to see problems being solved with brains and muscle not high tech junk

  3. Andy Rausch Andy Rausch says:

    I'm in the process of re reading all 153 Destroyer novels in order This was the first bad one in the series at least in my estimation The first one was the previous low point although much of that was just a matter of it being burdened with being the first and trying to simultaneously figure out whatwho Remo Williams was going to be and also tell an origin story while still trying to provide a book one mission It was clunky but it wasn't bad This one is pretty bad Maybe not bad but certainly not up to par with the better books in the series It was already clear by book five that Sapir and Murphy would not be capable of churning out three or four books a year without some of them being a mess They wouldn't start using ghost writers for years but maybe they should have started earlier They were great writers certainly a terrific team but this was their fourth book of 1972 which is A LOT It would be hard for ANYONE to be consistent churning out that many books in a year And this wasn't even their last book of the year They still had one Death TherapyThe problems with this book the plot is a mess and the book spends its first third primarily with other characters rather than Remo and Chiun If those characters were interesting this would be no problem But

  4. D. D. says:

    By the fifth book in the series the satire element has taken over and there's not much attempt to be serious like so many of the other men's adventure novels that were so popular in the 1970's The author's consistently mock the tropes of those novels while simultaneously telling a fun albeit very very non pc action taleA lot of the fun happens in the characterizations of Remo and his little father Chiun as they track down the bad guys amidst one liners and put downsIn this episode Remo is tasked with keeping the Mafia from acuiring an earthuake machine that is also being used to blackmail the US government As usual there's lots of wacky hijinks along the away

  5. A. Grant A. Grant says:

    Even many devoted fans of the series consider this one pretty so so but to me the series never improved on it in ONE area the titillation I mean of course the scientist's twin daughters who might or might not know about the plot than they seem to Speaking of titillation this one or less breaks a very big rule of the series and that's the Remo character's extreme control of his libido one result of his training he lets go of that control completely when it comes to the twins So anyone who doesn't go for VERY graphic sex scenes in Men's Adventure books but does like very steamy ones would have a reason to like this one

  6. Josh Hitch Josh Hitch says:

    This series is pure non sense which in small doses can be fine In this one you have an earthuake machine that can cause or prevent earthuakes Well the inventers are blackmailing a town's richest citizens with it for money Then the mafia hears about it and want the machine This is what the Destroyer and his master run into also there are big breasted twin women who also are dangerous in their own rightAgain hard to recommend this series it's not good but is amusing Dont know how it lasted so long to be honest I have several others and will read but will space them far apart

  7. Vulco1 Vulco1 says:

    Remo you did it againTo be continued

  8. Dominic Dominic says:

    If you love 70s Kung Fu movies and James Bond and bad guys getting their butts handed to them you'll love Remo Williams the Destroyer series

  9. Mark James Wooding Mark James Wooding says:

    Another entertaining action story The authors knew the formula for compelling adventure stories and they executed it well once again

  10. Jeff J. Jeff J. says:

    #5 in the Destroyer series Remo Chiun encounter a scheme to trigger the San Andreas Fault Much chaos ensues

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