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  • 02 July 2016
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10 thoughts on “CassaFire

  1. Got My Book Got My Book says:

    I had a serious issue with this book that somewhat ruined it for me see below and that was probably exacerbated by what was going on in the news at the time I listened to itI did really like the parts regarding Byron's friendship with the young scientist Mevine I would rather have read a book that focused on that the situation with the local population and what the scientists were doingMy main problems were with the central romance which I couldn't connect with and therefore wasn't interested in and which I found very problematic Issues of consent in regards to physical intimacies have been in the news a lot lately In fantasy scifi books such issues are often extended to other spheres as well That is very much the case here where all of the major characters have psychic abilitiesIt is explicitly stated that Athee is aware that Byron doesn't like to nor does he want to share his thoughts feelings psychically So she who has already demonstrated her dubious ethics in regards to her abilities plots to do so when a festival with heavy drinking involved will result in his being drunk As far as I am concerned this is the euivalent of plotting to get someone drunk have sex with them she was hoping for that too And that is NOT OKAs with the previous book in this series the ending parts were much stronger than the rest I really enjoyed them and was even able to decide the relationship would probably work out afterall But it just wasn't enough for me to increase my ratingThe narration was adeuate It did not improve my experience with the book but neither did it diminish it There was at least one part where multiple people are speaking and the narration reflects that which was nice I listened on my usual 125 speed

  2. Bryan Thomas Schmidt Bryan Thomas Schmidt says:

    An enjoyable read with well drawn leads that takes a while to suck you in but ultimately rises above its faults to provide a compelling and enjoyable read I have not read book 1 in this series So let me say some of my uibbles with it may well not be shared by those who haveThe action was well written and Cavanaugh uses some invented SFnal ideas here including mental powers for two races one limited to men the other expanded by the entry of women The developing relationship between the humans and Tgren as a result of this development makes for interesting drama and asks interesting uestions It also provides good fodder for further storylinesHis worldbuilding is very solid The starships are well thought out and created well You can definitely feel an 80s SF influence Battlestar Galactice and Buck Rogers in particular although I suppose Star Wars and Star Trek could be found in it as wellThe prose itself is solid Cavanaugh is uite good at weaving description and dialogue and keeping things moving well He handles multiple POV characters well and does a good job transitioning between scenes and chaptersAction scenes are well written and handled and have appropriate pacing and tension avoiding the silly dialogue which sometimes ensuesNow for the uibblesFirst the story didn't hook me until Chapter 4 In part I felt there wasn't much going on at the beginning The real action didn't take place until later on There were a number of passages with routine day to day character routines which I could have done without that slowed down the pace as well The worldbuilding is solid but I wish the writer had found a way to get us into it with a bit excitement The result is a dragging pace until chapter 4 when it picks up and as it moves toward the middle and endSecond other than Byron and his love interest I didn't find the other characters very well drawn They didn't seem to have arcs of their own Perhaps they were from book 1 and developed fully there but I think he could have added a bit development in them to make it interesting The uncle of the love interest however does change a bit in his attitude which was a nicely handled touch I just would have liked to have seen with other supporting characters for a richer fuller canvassThird because the story doesn't have as much action as I expected from the cover my fault not his but the cover did set expectations somewhat I'd compare this to a storyline from Star TrekTNG or a thoughtful TOS episode than I would to something action packed like Star Wars or Buck Rogers or even BSG in storylineplot I would have liked a bit action This last note admittedly is personal preference and not the writer's fault There's just rich potential in the ships characters and world for some really good action Perhaps book 1 provides of that I do intend to read itUltimately I am giving this four stars because I think despite any flaws it's well worth your time Don't let the pacing keep you from digging in The SF ideas cultures and world are well developed and interesting I would look forward to stories I do hope next round he'll give us action And I hope he'll develop some of the other characters as well Regardless if you like old fashioned space opera this is a family friendly fun read Recommended

  3. Jeremy Bates Jeremy Bates says:

    I've been meaning to get to this book for a while but I haven't had much time to read lately I zipped through it in a couple sittings I don't often read science fiction but a lot of people I know have been recommending this book and I'm glad I gave it a goIt's actually the second in a series the first being CassaStar This one picks up twenty years later There's a lot of suspense action and some romance Also of note there is well paced humor here and there which I always enjoy in a novel and it's a lot difficult than it sounds balancing humor and suspense If you enjoy Star Trek Battlestar Galactica or other character driven stories set in space you'll definitely get your money's worth with CassaFireI'm looking forward to the next in the series when it comes out just as long as it's not titled CassaNova lol Finally I strongly recommend checking out the trailer as it's one of the best I've seen for any book recommended

  4. edifanob edifanob says:

    Before you ask why I own a copy of a book which will be published next year let me tell you that I received a review copyFinally I gave five stars My full review will be up in calendar week 51hen I will explain my rating in detailFor me CassaFirE is definitely the cherry I expected Great characters who are far beyond to be over the top A main character who develop in depth The great idea with mirroring themes the well dosed mixed of action and dialogue Science which does not overstrain the reader Mysterious aliens who deny to reveal their identity A book in best Star Trek traditionRead my full review over at Edi's Book Lighthouse

  5. Jacqui Jacqui says:

    CassaStar Dancing Lemur Press 2013 1st in the Cassa series is the enrapturing story of Byron a young boy with a storied past whose life started with losing his parents at a young age He was headed down a bad path until he discovered he wanted to become a Cosbolt pilot and fly one of the most powerful military warships of his time He earns acceptance into the elite school to prepare for this goal and does well though not without challenging the norms Part of the reason he succeeds is a specific set of skills he has that few do That becomes the seedbed for changes in his life he never could have expectedAs much as this is a story of battling for the heart and soul of space it is also the struggles of a young man to overcome the problems of his childhood and grow into the person he always wanted to be To his dismay he finds he can’t do that alone but can he trust anyone to help him after what he’s been through?Excellent story great start to a series and highly recommended not only for sci fi fans but those who love a well crafted tale

  6. Sia McKye Sia McKye says:

    If you love stories like Star Trek and Battlestar Galatica you're going to enjoy CassaFire CassaFire is the second book of the adventures Cassan's pilot Byron the first book is CassaStar I haven't read the firstbut I intend to now and this one can be read as a stand aloneCassaFire for me was reminiscent of the best things I loved about Star Trek Exploration of new worlds and cultures and the adventures that the characters went on to solve the mystery they were faced withIn Cassafire reclusive war hero Byron has kept his promise to his beloved mentor and friend by being part of the ship's company on an exploration ship The Rennather The ship's compliment has been dispatched to the planet Tgren to discover the identity and source of the newly found alien ruins I loved the way the author introduced this and developed a real world There's an immediate sense of excitement and mysteryThe Tgrens have achieved air flight but not yet reached beyond the planet and are suspicious of the Cassan's mental abilities technology and motives There are some excellent secondary characters both on the planet and with the ship's compliment which move the story forward in a realistic manner and with them the author puts me on the spot The Rennather science team must unlock the secret of the writing in the alien ruins and discover whether it's a weapon or perhaps the key to when and how the Tgrens arrived on the planetByron also has another assignment and one he's not particularly thrilled with being a loner Access the immerging mental powers of the Tgrens To do this Byron also has to interact with the pilots and the author skillfully captures the pilot mentality and their arrogance Byron is soon paired up with the planet's ace pilot Athee who shows extraordinary mental powers She also happens to be gorgeous and sexy which makes it difficult for Byron to maintain his solitary mindset When the race to find the answers of the mystery becomes a matter of life and death there's no way Byron can remain detachedCassaFire has a good sense of humor skillfully weaved through out the story I found myself laughing and chuckling This story is well told and has a rich sense of suspense danger and an element of romance Mr Cavanaugh creates some wonderful three dimensional main characters that readers can't help but be invested in emotionally I love Mevine Byron's friend He's a geek burning with enthusiasm and wonder I just want to hug him and then pump him with uestions Athee is a woman sure of herself eager to learn and willing to fight for her people She's my kind of heroine Athee is independent and spirited and full of adventure as is the whole story I loved the sense of mounting danger Alex Cavanaugh was able to induce throughout the story to the end A very satisfying endingThere were a few minor distractions for me in this story Mostly centering on a few phrases used which pulled me from being a part of what was happening and placed me back in the role of an observerCan I recommend this book? AbsolutelyOverall it's a fun and entertaining story which kept me turning pages and I was sorry to see end I'll be reading the third book as soon as it comes out

  7. Zoltán Gecse Zoltán Gecse says:

    I've got high expectations about this book The Cassastar's seuel was great as I wanted to before read If you liked the first book of the author you'll love this one too If you didn't read the first book of his then go and read it Are you still there? OK you can read the Cassafire without any knowledge from the CassafireAlex J Cavanaugh introduced a new face of his pilot hero Byron We met him after 20 years the events of Cassastar and everything looks like nothing important happend the missed time Byron works for a small exploration ship as a shuttle or security guard pilot According to the first pages he totally content with his actual status living without real friends or close connectionsHe got a new assignment to help a group of explorers and scientist who found a strange excavation site There he met the Tgrens and some friends too I don't want to spoil anything but you can find space battle romance a mystic race and new mental powersI think the story is good however some events are preditactable but I ran into some suprise eighter The story was easy to read I could read pages by pages without recognizing the pass of timeI recommend this easy going sci fi story for ones who like the fantasy elements in sci fi environment and not fear from a small romance

  8. Lynda Young Lynda Young says:

    CassaFire is set 20 years after the events of Alex J Cavanaugh’s first book CassaStar Essentially this is a story about friendships and healing as Byron slowly learns to open himself up to others after a terrible hurt Oh and it’s set in a world with space travel fighter pilots exploration ships and mental abilities that include telepathy among other thingsI immediately fell in love with Byron’s passion for flying and his mischievous nature born from a pilot skilled at what he does The other characters are just as great with Athee a strong minded woman who keeps Byron on his toes and Mevine a young scientist who idolises Byron The story reads smoothly so that my inner editor who usually refuses to switch off took a backseat for most of the read I chuckled along the way I had a clear visual of the characters their actions and the locations and I felt wholly satisfied by the read This is a fantastic read It’s exciting engaging and thoroughly enjoyable I recommend this not only to scifi lovers but to anyone who loves stories about cool believable characters

  9. Yolanda Renee Yolanda Renee says:

    Everyone loves a good adventure and CassaFire by Alex J Cavanaugh delivers on many levels Spaceflight mental telepathy alien invasion scientific discovery and romance are just a few of the areas exploredThe writing is exemplary the characters well developed and the story absorbing with a non stop pace There can be nothing better on a gray rain filled Saturday afternoon than a great bookHighly recommended

  10. Lynda Dietz Lynda Dietz says:

    After reading CassaStar I knew I had to keep reading the series The MC Byron had gone through a lot of growth in the first book and I wanted to see where he ended up after a tragic turn of events at the end of CassaStarI liked this one a lot though I was disappointed at first with Byron's seemingly lackluster career after twenty years His reasons were his own and I understand why he was no longer flying Cosbolts on the front lines but it seemed to me that twenty years was an awful lot of time to spend honoring a promise to an old friend Ten might have been believable—but I'm not here to tell the author how he should have done his timeline and truly I think maybe I just didn't want to miss that much of Byron's life by suddenly jumping twenty years ahead when he was just starting to become a rounded personI won't belabor the plot because so many other reviewers have covered it thoroughly but I will say I enjoyed the new characters who were introduced especially Mevine whose nervous insecurities were endearing than annoying I wanted to cheer him on and hug him I liked the female protagonist Athee and the surprises she brought to the Cassans as they got to know about her and the Tgren people Many reviewers really seemed to slam the author about not having any female characters in the first book and this book isn't exactly overflowing with them but I think he does a good job of explaining why Cassan women are not in the military field—and it only serves to make Athee's special abilities significant to the CassansI would have liked to know about the Tgren and would have enjoyed spending a little time in their neighborhood as far as learning their customs and history And I still don't feel I know as much about the Cassans as I'd like to but I'm hoping to find out as I read the third book which will be happening as soon as I can manage the timeThis book had none of the editing issues of CassaStar I'm happy to say I'd actually contacted the publisher about the previous book's issues and they were not only gracious in their response but assured me that they'd gotten a different editor after that book to ensure there was not a repeat of those problemsLooking forward to reading book three

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CassaFire[Read] ➵ CassaFire ➼ Alex J. Cavanaugh – From the best selling author CassaStar was just the beginning The Vindicarn War is a distant memory and Byron's days of piloting Cosbolt fighters are over He has kept the promise he made to his fallen From the best selling author CassaStar was just the beginning The Vindicarn War is a distant memory and Byron's days of piloting Cosbolt fighters are over He has kept the promise he made to his fallen mentor and friend to probe space on an exploration vessel Shuttle work is dull but it's a free and solitary existence The senior officer is content with his life aboard the Rennather The detection of alien ruins sends the exploration ship to the distant planet of Tgren If their scientists can decipher the language they can unlock the secrets of this device Is it a key to the Tgren's civilization or a weapon of unimaginable power Tensions mount as their new allies are suspicious of the Cassan's technology and strange mental abilities To complicate matters the Tgrens are showing signs of mental powers themselves; the strongest of which belongs to a pilot named Athee a woman whose skills rival Byron's uniue abilities Forced to train her mind and further develop her flying aptitude he finds his patience strained Add a reluctant friendship with a young scientist and he feels invaded on every level All Byron wanted was his privacy.

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