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5 thoughts on “Patrol

  1. Cathy Cathy says:

    “He was stubbornly certain that tonight’s effort would serve no useful purpose whatsoever”What really comes across as Sheldon leads his men out on what he believes is a futile exercise – a night time reconnaissance patrol in enemy held territory to the so called White Farm – is the “deep loneliness of command” Despite his meticulous preparations and reconnaissance at one point Sheldon fears he may have led the patrol off their intended course in the darkness of no man’s land The burden of responsibility weighs so heavy on him that his previous gratitude for his men’s willingness to follow him so unuestioningly becomes an entirely different emotion “He hated them because he was lost and could feel their eyes behind him He hated them because the whole patrol was unnecessary and silly” Unlike the reader little does Sheldon know just how random if not criminally negligent was the choice of White Farm as the objective for their patrolIn the middle section of the book Sheldon’s looks back on his wartime experiences up to this point including his relationship with a nurse during time spent in hospital recovering from a wound incurred during a previous skirmish with the enemy It’s a period which seems to him now to have been “an interlude of unreality a fantasy a mad incredible honeymoon” It was also during this period that he had his first face to face encounter with the enemy in the person of a wounded German officer He reflects on the strange metamorphosis of “the Enemy” from an abstraction into a person a person he finds himself thinking as they chat about books and music “not at all unlike himself”Thanks to the helpful and informative introduction by Alan Jeffreys I was able to get my head around the Army hierarchy – brigades battalions companies and so on A theme of the book is the gulf that Sheldon perceives between the demeanour experiences and frankly the capability of those at the top and those on the front line “They were a curious lot these H people they had the glossy confident look of successful businessmen Sheldon thought Rotarians in uniform that’s what they were”One of many fascinating and insightful observations by the author is that far from what one might expect the war brings with it a degree of simplification the simplification of merely following orders So during the patrol Sheldon’s “private universe” becomes “a long thin strip of light seven men wide with White Farm at the end of it and all he had to do for the present was to get there”Patrol is not just a moving and compelling account of the experience of war but contains some fine writing I was particularly struck by the section in which Sheldon recalls his experience of an attack on an enemy outpost the skirmish in which he was wounded It’s described in short often single word sentences vividly conjuring up the noise and confusion of battle I also loved this description of the experience of coming back to base after a night operation “To a returning patrol first light is sacred and miraculous not the dawning of a new day but of a new life”The final scenes in the book left me with an even stronger sense of the futility of war and the waste of human life it represents In his introduction Alan Jeffreys notes that the author’s wife Sheila Howarth wrote ‘I believe in Patrol he was writing his epitaph’ If that is so the book is a fitting epitaph to a courageous man and to many others like him

  2. Mike Hall Mike Hall says:

    Excellent it is a concise book about a routine military task during a conflict; that is a reconnaisance patrol Fred Majdalany served in the second world war from September 1939 to November 1945 It is a fictional account based on real life experience Closer to an autobiography than fictionFor fast readers it could have been 450 pages building up the characters etc as a slow reader I was happy with the 143 pages still good valueOne thing always puzzles me newly published books rarely have introductions prefaces etc Then at some point someone as in this case adds an introduction to explain what I am about to read even adding excerpts from the text Turning the book into a Cliff's notes or similar

  3. Lel Budge Lel Budge says:

    This is the story of men who fought in WWII It’s not all guts and glory but about the monotony of day to day life interspersed with the terror of a nighttime patrol It tells of their thoughts and dreams of the men while they wonder if they will ever see home againThe author really brings the tale to life and the experiences of the men are thoughtful and movingThank you to Anne Cater and Random Things Tours for the opportunity to participate in this blog tour for the promotional materials and an ARC of the book This is my honest unbiased review

  4. Jim Mccabe Jim Mccabe says:

    An exciting read The author makes the terror of the final patrol very real and the exhaustion of being on the front lines in North Africa very clear

  5. Robert Robert says:

    I picked up my copy of Patrol in one of my favorite used bookstores for the usual mix of reasons – the price the cover art – and the fact that it was by a British author writing about the British army at war in North Africa It also promised to be a uick read – so even if it wasn’t as good as I hoped the pain promised to end soon I’ve always thought that the British were better at these small novels of war based upon their history and did not feel the need for putting everything on a grand scale Nothing worse than a bloated overwritten would be epic that falls flat less than half way through 500 pages or When I started reading the book it really wasn’t until the second chapter – still less than 30 pages in – that I paused after reading a phrase because it hit me that the author was definitely drawing upon personal experience The characters their actions the terrain everything about the story said that this or something like this had really happened to the author As I read on I kept coming across wonderful throwaway bits of detail that spoke to the book’s accuracyAs indicated by the title the central theme of the story is a night time infantry patrol – one of those dreary details of military life an operations that often becomes nothing than a briefly sketched stepping stone towards the main even in larger novels Here the author makes it the main event and does it very well in its maddening detail – from the initial order to the return and final reports It is then interspersed with the reminiscences and thoughts of the future that otherwise occupy the mind when not focused on task We are given a very human picture of a rather successful civilian turned soldier – much like the majority of those who went off to the Second World War whether for Britain France the US Germany etc Highly recommended for those interested in the Second World War experience of the soldiers especially in North Africa that is not overwhelmed and burdened with Field Marshals Generals and politicians

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