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Life on the Edge [Reading] ➶ Life on the Edge ➽ Jennifer Comeaux – Nineteen year old Emily is new to pairs skating but she and her partner Chris have a big dream to be the first American team to win Olympic gold Their young coach Sergei who left Russia after a myster Nineteen year old Emily is new to pairs skating but she and her partner Chris have a big dream to be the first Life on PDF \ American team to win Olympic gold Their young coach Sergei who left Russia after a mysterious end to his skating career believes they can break through and make historyEmily and Chris are on track to be top contenders at the Winter Games But when forbidden feelings spark between Emily and Sergei broken trust and an unexpected enemy threaten to derail Emily's dreams of gold.

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  1. Jen Jen says:

    Life On The Edge is an intense dramatic passionate novel about a young talented figure skater with a dream to participate in the Olympics Through hard work sacrifice and perseverance Emily and her partner are well on their way to achieving that goal However there is one thing that is standing in their way Emily's heart Jennifer Comeaux has done a fantastically beautiful job constructing a story I shall never forget I'm truly impressed this is Comeaux's first novel Remember her name everyone because we are going to see some great works produced by this author For the full review of Life on the Edge click HERE

  2. Yvonne (Fiction Books) Yvonne (Fiction Books) says:

    ROMANCE ON THE EDGEI have to say right from the start that books be they fiction or non fiction about sport are not generally my cup of tea although I am a big fan of figure skating and ice dancing purely as an armchair criticWhen I discovered that the author Jennifer Comeaux was a big fan of figure skating I did wonder if her enthusiasm for the sport would overshadow any romantic storyline that was to run alongside and intertwine with itI uickly realised however that Jennifer's obvious passion and enthusiasm for figure skating only served to enhance the storyline giving it an authenticity and reality which it may otherwise have lacked The vivid and informative descriptions of both ice skating competitions practice and coaching sessions and the inherent rivalry between competitors and indeed coaches was detailed and thorough More than enough to make me feel that I was ringside eavesdropping on the various conversations without being overdosed on facts and figures about the performances and competitors other than those which I needed to know to ensure continuity of the storyline There was a great balance between character analysis plot development and information background enough to ensure the most discerning reader of a well rounded and interesting storyline without getting bogged down with too many technicalitiesJennifer takes you behind the scenes to let the readers feel the aura of nerves excitement disappointment elation and triumph in both Emily and Sergei's professional and personal lives in a way which captivates and enthralls Alongside this the unfolding romance between coach and protege is poignant naive and almost simplistic in its intensity and power to move the reader Much is to happen to the young couple before they are fully united and free to declare their love and there are several unexpected twists and turns to the plot that left me wondering just how much they could take before the strain was just too much In Emily we are introduced to a very young up and coming star in the figure skating world who has recently been persuaded by her coach that a move into the doubles competitions would be advantageous for her so long as the right and compatible partner can be found Emily is uite an immature and star struck teenager struggling to overcome her competition nerves in order to find the breakthrough that her coach family and friends believe is just around the corner For Emily the single most thought on her mind is winning Olympic gold for her country and she is unable to contemplate achieving anything less which only serves to increase the pressure she constantly places herself under The pressure from her parents who have sacrificed much in order to help their daughter achieve her dreams is subtle yet ever present The constant driving force of her coach whilst really helping to focus her is also a constant worry to Emily lest she falter and destory his faith in her The encouragement she has received from Chris her new found pairs partner is immeasurable and the fact that both of the youngsters have adopted an almost brothersister relationship ensures that any tension is tempered with some light hearted banter and support without the added complications of an impending relationship Emily is therefore rather ill prepared for the relationship which develops at an alarming rate between herself and Sergei and we start to see all the elements of teenage feelings begin to emerge as this unknown force is unleashed upon her which she seems powerless to fight She does manage to muster her thoughts together enough to be forceful with Sergei over certain aspects of their relationship which demands his respect for her feelings and youth and what at first appears to be an infatuation for an older man soon blossoms into something deep and meaningful with Emily being allowed to move things along at her own pace without recourse Chris seems to have been a little overlooked at times with his feelings being almost ignored when Sergei and Emily begin their relationship without his knowledge leaving him to wonder at the changes in Emily's temperament and concentration which could so easily endanger his life with the precision and skill which the sport of ice skating demands Chris is left to find out about the relationship inadvertantly which makes him feel even hurt and ostracised His usual dedication nurturing supportive and conscientious ualities temporarily desert him leaving him careless vulnerable and ultimately in danger He is eventually reconciled with both Emily and Sergei and proves himself to be a true friend to them both when the chips are down and the situation almost fatal to his own career Sergei is uite a young coach who was once a competitor himself although his career appears to have ended in rather strange circumstances He is generally a cool calm and collected customer focused on his career and keeping his private life strictly separate He is totally unprepared for the emotional somersaults that his emotions are put through when he realises that against all the rules and etiuette he has deep and intense feelings for his young protege Although he knows that as the older and mature person in the relationship he should set an example and keep Emily at arm's length he is unable to contemplate this possibility and allows the situation to develop until it is almost beyond his control to stop Both plot and characters develop and mature together in this debut novel written with great maturity and confidence which will appeal not only to its intended YA audience but which will also sit comfortably with a wider adult audience who enjoy innocent tender romances without any explicitness or eroticismA great stand alone novel in its own right although Jennifer is currently working on the manuscript for her next adventure featuring Emily and Sergei called `Edge Of The Past'

  3. Carla Carla says:

    I received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI was really excited about reading this book since as far as I remember I've never read a book about sports and ice skating has always had an appeal to me it's not only very demanding but also incredibly beautifulAnd who didn't grow up watching movies like Ice Princess starring Michelle Trachtenberg? Emily and Chris always made me feel like I was right there with them feeling nervous just before every competition and getting a smile on my face when they succeeded You really feel their emotions and I actually felt like crying once it was very excitingAnd Emily and Sergei were adorable Sergei actually seemed too perfect to be true He was such a sweetheart and he respected Emily very much which I really liked I don't think I have anything bad to say about them Although we start to notice that Sergei doesn't share anything about his past with Emily but when it all finally comes to the light it's something that being Emily I would've liked to know from the start and wouldn't have liked to be kept in the shadows like that so I completely understood her reaction and the way she handled thingsEven so I really liked Sergei he's an admirable guy Where are all the Sergei's at?Once people start finding out about their relationship they share their opinion with Emily and what they all say is actually pretty understandable If you're finally making your dream of competing in the Olympics come true it's only natural that others will freak out if you start dating your coach What if you have a fight and it affects your performance on the ice? What if you break up and don't want to see him again? What if the federation find out? Emily obviously doesn't see this since she's very much in love but I did understand others people's worriesAnd I hadn't realized this was taking place in 2001 The attack to the World Trade center is included here and it's really well done it brings people together and makes them realize what's actually important I thought this was very beautifulAnother thing I hadn't realized at first was Emily's faith She's a religious girl and has very strong beliefs which Sergei respectsI enjoyed this book very much and hope I get the chance to see what happens to Emily's career in the future and also to her relationship with Sergei since they're oh so adorableMore reviews on my blog Lipstick and Mocha

  4. Aa& Aa& says:

    Skating is Emily's life Unless she can be on the ice every day she isn't happy Pairs skating is just a new way of skating and achieving her dream of being in the Olympics More than that both she and her partner Chris want to get gold while they're there Their coach is Sergei much younger than average and with a past he's not inclined to share With his help Emily and Chris have the gold medal in sight but then a problem starts to develop the feelings between Sergei and Emily Somehow the two must keep it a secret and work past the obstacles if either have any hope of achieving that goal or keeping their careersThis was a really engrossing entertaining read I've only watched a couple of skating films; to be honest I'm really not a sports person in any shape or form yet I enjoyed reading about the competitions the rehearsals this constant journey the characters are on to stay on top and live their dream I wanted them to get high scores; I wanted them to get that gold medal It also gave me a whole new appreciation for how difficult it is to be part of a sport as a career and just how much it takes I'm very admiring of people who can do something like skating because it takes a lot of skill and practice I know as I sat there the whole time reading it I was thinking that I could never do something like that; my awful hand eye co ordination wouldn't allow for it and I'd probably be too afraid of all the falls both physical and metaphorical I'd have to takeEmily fights past that fear Every time a competition comes up she becomes incredibly nervous and anxious yet she does her best to get past that and let herself be the best that she can be when she's on the ice Her passion and determination really comes through and that made her an admirable character; it made it easy to want good things for her Even when she'd committed herself to a relationship with Sergei she was still fiercely determined to get the medal this girl always had her eye on the prizeI really enjoyed the relationship between the two I admit I did have a bit of a problem at the beginning It wasn't insta love I just want to make that clear It's that Comeaux just relates it generally rather than going into detail for a couple of scenes Through Emily she stated that they met several times had lengthier conversations and then they came to realise they were growing to have feelings for each other This wasn't exactly a major problem though and I was soon engrossed reading about the ups and downs in their relationship scared on Emily's behalf about the trouble they might get into Sergei is sweet and respects Emily's morals; at the same time he pushes her to do better when she's skating knowing exactly what she's capable of His past is a sad one though perhaps not as different or shocking as you might hopeComeaux has created a wonderful set of characters here Yes Emily and Sergei are the main ones but from Chris who's funny and supportive and generally just really likeable to Courtney one of Em's students who's like your adorable little sister to Em's roommate to her parentsall of the characters had their own personalities and voices This is also not one of those stories where the author clearly has no idea what they're talking about It's extremely obvious Comeaux has done her research and it creates a very strong believable story Life on the Edge is a brilliant balance between skating and romance between plot and characters and I can definitely recommend it to anyone regardless of whether or not you're a sports fan This review is also posted on my blog

  5. Inga Inga says:

    reviewWOW I have always said that I am not into sports books and now I need to reconsider it seriously At least when it comes to sports romance books I have changed my mind Especially when it comes to ice skating romance books Life On the Edge was an experience to me in so many different ways Firstly one of the few sports I am following and watching in TV is ice skating I grew up with it and I knew all the big names in ice skating also the ones mentioned in Life On the Edge Ice skating was the sport which was always broadcasted during the Soviet times because Russians were very good at that and I always was glued behind the TV because ice skating is one of the most beautiful sports in my opinion With that said I loved Life On the Edge by Jennifer Comeaux It was a beautiful book which showed the daily life of ice skaters and forbidden romance between the coach and the student It was well written and easy to read and I could not put the book away – I read it in one standingRegarding the plotThe reader is brought into the world of top level ice skating where Emily and Chris are fighting for their place for the Olympics team Emily is new to the pairs skating but she has all what it takes to reach the top of pairs skaters – she is technically strong competitive and an elouent dancer Emily and Chris are training under a Russian Coach Sergei who has a strong belief that these two can make their dreams come trueEmily realizes that she is drawn to Sergei and that they have so much in common besides ice skating music books and that brings them too close to each other What starts out as a friendship is uickly developing into something ; something which is ethically wrong and forbidden – being in love The results of that love can be devastating for both – it could end both of their carriersThe ultimate aim for Emily Chris and Sergei is to win the gold medal at the Olympics but when Emily’s and Sergei’s relationship is coming out it can endanger everything for them Besides that Emily finds out about Sergei’s past and the reasons behind him topping his ice skating carrier so abruptly and these facts can put a stopper to the otherwise strong loveI adored the writing which the author did with Emily’s and Sergei’s relationship It was so intense sweet aching and at the same time real It was not a fluffy buffy love story but a story where there were serious obstacles which usually happen in the real life and which were real due to Emily’s daily life described I also enjoyed the peek into the ice skaters life with lots of training efforts personal problems competitions Even though I do love ice skating I do not know about the details behind the screen and I was glad that the author brought it closer to the readerRegarding the charactersLet me put it that way – they seemed real and believable and that made them reliable as characters Emily was written as a strong personality who also has issues – insecurity anxiety before the competitions jealousy I liked that Emily was not perfect but she had a will as strong as hard metal and she was sweet and loyalSergei balanced her very nicely He was supportive to Emily and Chris never gave up on them He leaded them towards reaching their goals Sergei has some secrets which he is trying to hide from Emily and that almost broke them apart but he is consistent Chris was adorable I think having a support from him was essential to Emily Their relationship was heartwarming Besides Chris there are many important supportive characters like Emily’s parents her friends Viktor young skaters etc Everybody fitted into the book and created a wonderful story around Emily and SergeiGenerallyBesides telling a very good story the author gives reader so many positive emotions while reading Life On the Edge was like a fresh breeze which brought warmth energy and positive feelings to the reader Absolutely loved it

  6. Andy Andy says:

    355This started out really strong for me I loved the romance and the ice skating background I am addicted to watching any sport that is somehow dance related or pretty I can't help it I love it So reading all the descriptions of Emily and Chris's routines made me want to binge Olympics videosWhat really sabotaged my enjoyment of this was that the relationship drama started to get old I can enjoy a forbidden romance trope but this was drawn out for too long and I wasn't very happy with the resolution

  7. Mariann {at} Belle& Mariann {at} Belle& says:

    I'm fascinated by figure skating especially pairs skating so when I found this book and read the blurb about a pairs skater falling for her coach and their forbidden love another of my favorite themes in romance books I knew I had to read it I was surprised because I thought the age difference between Sergei and Emily was going to be than his 25 to her 19 Told strictly from Emily's POV which had me wishing for Sergei's POVespecially in some scenes I found that I wasn't immediately drawn in Instead the magic of this book slowly wrapped around me in the story and characters until I was totally unaware of anything else but this world that Jennifer created And I definitely did not want to leaveNot only did I love Sergei's character sigh but I found myself also connecting with Emily as well I was so invested in them getting their HEA They struggled through the book with their feelings for each other and having to hide them from pretty much everyone And how hiding their relationship affected those closest to them They were so sweet together but nothing came easy for them They got battered from all sides I loved how Sergei was able to help Emily gain strength and confidence on and off the ice and I loved that he was consistently aware of what she needed from him and he was able to give her that comfort Ohand the way he loved her sigh Just loved these two together so much There was also great secondary characters that added so much to the story I was rooting for Marley and Chris and I thought Courtney was so cute I did feel a little sorry for Drew because he was so sweet to Emily Life On The Edge was such an interesting read I really enjoyed the scenes with Emily and Chris's skating practices and competitions and then the Olympics I liked the outcome of the Olympics and how Jennifer wrote Emily's reactions and feelings about what had happened So good And even the part with 911which I wasn't expecting and made the story feel real to me I also loved reading Emily's thoughts while she skated and the comfort she gained from Chris as her partner I just have to say that I have never loved a book that didn't have one ounce of sex in it lol ; Sergei and Emily's intense feelings for each other poured off the pages and there was an intimacy between them that didn't leave me feeling as though I was missing something Just a great story that I enjoyed so much and I can't wait to return Loved the ending and it definitely left me with a smile and wanting Going into my keeper pile to be rereadBEST OF THE BEST ratingCopy provided by Jennifer Comeaux and Astraea Press Thank you

  8. Mitsy Mitsy says:

    Yes Life on the Edge is a sweet thought provoking funny sports story Emily Butler has been skating her whole life yet horrible competition anxiety has kept her from being successful So she agrees to try pairs skating and meets with an up and coming young pairs coach Sergei Petrov They agree to work together and a star is made Sergei is wonderful at helping Emily overcome her nerves As is her partner Chris I thoroughly enjoyed the daily grind hours of practice and tremendous effort from all three Talent and hard work turns into success for the young team Off the ice Emily and Sergei start meeting at a coffee shop to discuss books Yes I love that they're both avid readers It adds another element to a great story As Sergei and Emily's friendship deepens they start to fall in love With Sergei being Emily's coach it would be taboo and possibly a career ender for them both Do they fight their growing love? Does Sergei remain the coach for Emily and Chris? Or do they do the unthinkable and try keeping it a secret from everyone even Chris? Does it work for them personally andor professionally? What a fascinating dilemma I've read about students and teachers a psychologist and her client in the book With Good Behavior etc A coach and his athlete though? Oh wow Thought provoking indeed Life on the Edge made me ask a lot of uestions and think about issues I never had before Chris is an awesome talented partner Sergei is a tall good looking Russian who has lived in America for five years He's also a great coach Emily is a sweet determined hard working very talented petite blue eyed blonde American Aubrey is Emily's roommate friend and an ice dancer Courtney and Mark are a fun juniors team coached by Sergei and Emily Emily's parents and relatives are a close knit loving family Viktor is a not at all likeable coach The characters have depth Life on the Edge is clean fun powerful funny sweet and just wonderful To state that it's well written is an understatement Recommended for readers 12 up sports fans parents and women everywhere

  9. Ruth Hill Ruth Hill says:

    It seems that lately I have struggled with rating books and this is another one This book has a lot going for it A nice older young adult romance ice skating and it's completely clean This is the most exciting part of the book for me No profanity and no sex scenes Your teenager can read this and your mother in law can too I have to say that Sergei and Emily are great together and you can sense the chemistry from the start Not only that Sergei is a fine coach and he is a real man I'll let you read the book to understand what is implied thereThis is your typical young adult romance Don't expect anything out of the ordinary and you can bet there will be a lot of sappy romance Yes if you follow my reviews at all you know that is something I always point out But at least Sergei is sweet and nothing horrible happens between them There is a bad guy and I wasn't expecting it but all's well that ends well I was glad that not everything ended according to everyone's dreams no spoilers from me If you like sweet clean romances andor figure skating this would be a perfect book for you uite seriously what you see is what you get but it is a nice uick read for any uiet eveningI was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I was not financially compensated and all opinions are 100 percent mine

  10. Tina Tina says:

    I know absolutely zero about ice skating but this book had me on the ice soaring thru the air doing all kids of fancy spins and lifts I found this little gem of a story by picking up a novella free on my kindle called Reaching the Edge After reading the 12 page short story I had to pick up this one to find out about the story of Emily and Sergio The story that develops is addicting and now I have to keep reading I am now a fan of this author and will continue to read her books

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