Devils Creek Epub Ê Ebook

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  • 39 pages
  • Devils Creek
  • Paul Maitrejean
  • English
  • 06 January 2014

4 thoughts on “Devils Creek

  1. Elise Stokes Elise Stokes says:

    A new writer has been added to my favorite authors list Paul Maitrejean In other words Devil's Creek deliversWell written perfectly paced concise vivid imagery suspenseful I felt like I was watching an episode of Twilight Zone The story opens on a stormy night with a young woman named Erika having car trouble on a deserted highway She spots a road sign that says Devil's Creek Pop 119 The reader's reaction? Keep driving She doesn't of courseAt the risk of sounding cliché I couldn't put Devil's Creek down I finished it in an hour and then passed it on to my teen Though this is a ghost story it's a clean ghost story no bad language no grotesue images no violence It just plays with your mind as a classic Alfred Hitchcock movie would Yes there's a little bit of Pyscho in the mix tooNeedless to say I look forward to future Paul Maitrejean novels and wouldn't be surprised to see his name in movie credits one day either because the film is based on one of his stories or because he wrote the screenplay or both

  2. Frederick Brooke Frederick Brooke says:

    I've read uite a few ghost stories but this was one of the best Immaculately crafted and written with characters in three dimensions Devil's Creek kept me in suspense I finished it in one sitting The author has not just created a modern day horror story with elements of the supernatural but like the best of Stephen King has created a totally realistic setting in which events unfold If you have ever been through small towns in northern Wisconsin you know they look exactly as he describes them here the doublewide trailers the café in the center of town the creek swollen out of its channel in the storm The writing is first class as in this sample Lightning cut the blackness white knives stabbing through the windows At the end of the hallway the stairway gaped like a black mouth Erika felt her way toward it one hand on the wall The book contained enough surprises to win my admiration Highly recommended

  3. Mary Mary says:

    If you like The Twilight Zone or the Outer Limits you will definitely enjoy this short story Things are not always what they seem A young woman Erika has car trouble and ends up in Devil’s Creek Townspeople are concerned on this particular night because it marks the 70 year old legend about the Angel of Death paying the town a visit Erika is confused trying to figure out if the legend is truePaul Maitrejean writes with the perfect amount of suspense for a short story His readers are engaged and surprised at the twists and turns Erika experiences in Devil’s Creek You won’t be disappointed with the Twilight Zone Outer Limits ending

  4. The Doctor The Doctor says:

    This story was incredible The twist at the end was mind blowing The whole time I knew something was going on in the small town but I just didn't know what and it gave me the shivers Overall Fantastic story and a must read

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Devils Creek[Read] ➳ Devils Creek Author Paul Maitrejean – When Erika Marsh suffers a car breakdown in a tiny logging town in northern Wisconsin she witnesses the heavy pall of legend and superstition that blankets the citizens The older residents tell of a n When Erika Marsh suffers a car breakdown in a tiny logging town in northern Wisconsin she witnesses the heavy pall of legend and superstition that blankets the citizens The older residents tell of a night seventy years ago when the Angel of Death paid a visit and took away an innocent soul just as he always has every seventy yearsTonight is the seventieth anniversary of the Angel's last visit to the dayIn the midst of a violent storm cut off from the rest of the world Erika watches a terrifying legend unfold around her.

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