Mimosa Black Epub Ê Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 68 pages
  • Mimosa Black
  • Nicola E. Sheridan
  • English
  • 19 April 2014
  • 9781615725656

6 thoughts on “Mimosa Black

  1. Sam Sam says:

    I discovered Nicola Sheridan while reading a guest post on a friend's blog and I'm really glad that I have I have read both of her novels Magical Gains and Magical Creations as well as her novella Mimosa Black and I have found them all to be absolutely amazing Lately the market has been so incredibly saturated by vampires and werewolves and recently faeries that having books that center around genies and harpies etc is so incredibly refreshing Mimosa Black is set in the world Sheridan created in her novels and expands on it just a little I was sucked into the novella and when I finished I found myself desperate for The only thing I can really say about this novella is that I kinda wished there had been about Mimosa's job It was just a teeny tiny portion of the beginning and that was it But since this was only a novella obviously it could only be so long It was a nice and uick read and I found myself satisfied with the ending I eagerly await Sheridan's next book Magical Redemption the last in the series

  2. Phaedra Seabolt Phaedra Seabolt says:

    Another awesome story by Nicola E Sheridan This is actually a short novella only 65 pages I read it in a single afternoon This story unlike the other two I read is about a Harpy She is actually 14 harpy but in this world that doesn't mean that her physical characteristics had to be diluted Harpies are only ever born female so it is reuired to breed with males of another species in order to create harpies Mimosa Black is a rare harpy in that she actually has primarily a human form The only parts of her that carry on harpy traits are that she has big black wings a heightened sense of smell and hearing and she has periods of intense desire to procreate This actually is much like an animal in heat but it does appear that it happens a little often for harpies than say a dog Mimosa is unusual in her family since she has a sister and mother who are not pure harpy but are almost in perfect physical harpy condition This has cause Mimosa to grow up feeling inadeuate and useless since she cannot even fly like other harpiesThe entire story centers on her feeling of uselessness and her desire to be physically with her best friend Bo As far as Mimosa knows Bo is a human and therefore a completely viable person to date marry and have kids with Bo has been in her life for a very long time and has never led her to believe that there is anything than friendship available to her but his behavior during this short period of time is actually confusing her He acts jealous of her sleeping with another man but he won't step up and lay a claim to her Her thoughts become even confused when he shows up to a dark magic ceremony in which she is being used as a blood sacrifice against her will He trades places with her in the sacrifice in order to save her and she can't help shake the feeling that Bo thinks of her as than a friend Will they ever be together Will Mimosa ever find happiness You ill have to read the story to find out I thoroughly loved the story I just wish there was of it to readRead reviews at

  3. Nawnee Nawnee says:

    I'm not sure if this was a full lenght book or just a short story it did seem awfully short to me I likedthe characters and the author's take on harpies was uniue But the main character lacked the sense God gave her andhad no self esteem to speak of this made it hard for the story to be believable she supposedly has these two guys that want her but her character and actions made me wonder what they saw in her she was a bit of a whiner right from the start I think the male lead was written well and if Mimosa would have grown a back bone she could make a great leading lady but as is no way There were other things about this story that bothered me mostly it was the dialouge being a little off It confused me and took me out of the story while I tried to figure out what the author meant Over all it was a uick read I'm just not sure if I would pick up another book by this Author

  4. Irena Irena says:

    This was a very uick read It's only a novella and in my opinion Mimosa and Bo deserved a whole bookMimosa is a bit down and out but Bo her childhood friend and long time secret crush is great There is a lot of sexual tension between these two and I was surprised by some of Mimosa's actionsIf you like Nicola E Sheridan's other stuff you'll like this one too Even though it's short its steamy and completely surprising

  5. Sherm Sherm says:

    A good entertaining read

  6. Shona Shona says:

    I’d never considered Harpies as romance heroines before but Mimosa was intriguing and vulnerable

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Mimosa Black➸ Mimosa Black Download ➿ Author Nicola E. Sheridan – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In a world where magical creatures are as rare as a spotty teen at a supermarket checkout being one uarter Harpy shouldn't be a problem Unfortunately for Mimosa Black this is not the case Combining he In a world where magical creatures are as rare as a spotty teen at a supermarket checkout being one uarter Harpy shouldn't be a problem Unfortunately for Mimosa Black this is not the case Combining her failed marriage inability to fly and unreuited crush on her childhood friend Bo Elliot Mimosa's existence is less than idyllic Things however are rarely as they seem Bo has a secret and when Mimosa falters his secret is revealed Yet in their darkest moments where bad magic lurks love is never far away Mimosa and Bo do have a chance at happiness if they're selfless enough to find it.

About the Author: Nicola E. Sheridan

Nicola E Sheridan is a West Australian Author who specializes in the use of magic and mythology in modern romance.