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  • 288 pages
  • Dragon Vlad Taltos #8
  • Steven Brust
  • English
  • 22 July 2014
  • 9780812589160

10 thoughts on “Dragon Vlad Taltos #8

  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    I've always or less loved this fantasy series and I'm finally getting back to it and even though all the novels are good the last few weren't uite as great as the young Vlad I'd grown to loveThat's why this one is such a treat We've got a young kid in his prime doing stupid things for powers he only vaguely understands Just because these powers happen to later become his closest friends doesn't diminish the sheer foolhardiness of his actions though Vlad Goes To War Hilarity ensues Well sort of The hilarity is all on his dragon' part I'm sure and Vlad is all straight man I vaguely remember these events being spoken of in passing during some future reminiscence in an older novel so it's again a treat to drill down into his past and have him surrounded by all the things he grew up with even if he goes off to enlist in the next moment Does hindsight make things easier for us? No not really The events and the horror of war is still pretty graphic and immediate and besides things will always seem to go wrong when we're dealing with the legendary weaponsRight? Oh yeah Definitely rightI'm stoked about this book and I'm ready to just go ahead an plow through the rest immediately It's been way too long and I'm completely in the mood

  2. Wanda Wanda says:

    325 starsI like Vlad Taltos and his smart talking jhereg companion Loiosh In this installment Vlad ends up in the army in an attempt to prove a point It was rather like a cross between The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted and The Black Company Brust doesn't get uite as silly as Harrison did with Slippery Jim DiGriz but like Harrison he uses the opportunity to make fun of all things military However Vlad shows enough guile and sneakiness to remind me a tiny bit of Croaker in the Black Company No one can match Croaker for sneaky thoughUsually I can handle alternate points of view This story switches back and forth in time always from Vlad's point of view I found myself confused on several occasions which detracted from my enjoyment somewhat I think I can chalk that up to uarantine confusion or spring allergies or somethingAll in all this is an enjoyable series with short bite size books I never mind spending time with Mr TaltosBook number 369 of my Science Fiction Fantasy Reading Project

  3. Melissa McShane Melissa McShane says:

    I'm giving this one five stars on re reading as an audiobook in internal chronological order simply because Brust is at the top of his game with the craft of this one As with Taltos it's really not a good idea to read this out of publication order if you're new to the series because so much of what happens is layered in with the intent of winking at the reader who's read the other books Dragon takes place in three parts two of which are woven together so beautifully it's like a master class in how to do transitions The third is a set of interludes that take place much later after the action of Yendi in fact It's an interesting way to tell a story particularly this story Each of the Vlad Taltos Dragaera books as opposed to the Khaavren romances is titled with one exception with one of the seventeen Great Houses and there is always an aspect of that house in the plot or structure of the novel Since Dragons are proverbially known for being straightforward Brust messing around with time as he tells this story is either unexpected or likely a reference to what one of the characters I can't remember if it's Morrolan or Sethra says about how Dragons can be subtle if they have toBut the way this works is similar to the structure of Taltos where each chapter begins with the climactic scene and then transitions to the main body of the story the part leading up to the climax The interludes play a part in increasing the tension of the story view spoilerWe learn that Sethra the Younger stole the sword the whole war is about before the climactic scenes reveal that it was stolen at all keeping that section from feeling inevitable hide spoiler

  4. Kati Kati says:

    Every Vlad Taltos book that has Morrolan in it but very little to no Cawti gets at least 4 stars from me This one was downright hilarious in places though nothing is funny and interesting than Vlad's very odd relationship with Morrolan Also the introduction of Daymar was a hoot

  5. Matt Simmons Matt Simmons says:

    Probably the weakest of the Taltos books on its own the plot is neither straightforward swashbuckling fun nor heady convoluted mystery and intrigue and in trying to write about war Brust swings and misses on his normal ability of balancing entertaining story telling with thoughtful meditation on big themes of human life yet perhaps the first one that stands as an essential to the series as a whole The doubled storylines point us both back and forth in time and ensure that we as readers are forced into thinking about how all the books tie together into understanding all the Taltos books as a large grand narrative In other words while the book as adventure suffers we get real insights into Brust's storytelling process we hear Vlad tell the story and really begin to understand him as Brust's amanuensis or maybe it's the other way aroundIn short Dragon is the weakest of the books so far and the last one I'd recommend for someone wanting to read a great fantasy adventure But for fans of the series as a whole it's an absolutely necessary addition as it's the book that makes us really begin to understand and make sense of the overall techniue of the series

  6. JM JM says:

    This one jumps back in time to when Vlad was younger still living in Adrilankha and in good standing with the Jhereg and gets embroiled in some of Morrolan e'Drien's machinations against another lord of the House of the Dragon Before you know it a bunch of Morganti blades come into the scene one is stolen Aliera e'Kerion and Sethra Lavode become involved as Morrolan goes to war against the offending Dragonlord and Vlad finds himself recruited as part of his army I liked it better than the previous two volumes since we got to see of Vlad's traditional supporting cast from the early novels

  7. Ties Ties says:

    Continues to be fun happy the story connects with the other main characters again

  8. Samantha Samantha says:

    The author's note about this series is that the books can be read in any order and are basically standalones However I'm thirty three pages in and I have no interest in reading any further because I feel like I've missed a ton of info Maybe this series has a high learning curve and this book is just like all of the rest but I feel like I should understand about the world and the characters than I do thirty pages inThe idea behind the book is really interesting and I wanted to see just how an assassin would fair in the army but I'm just feeling too lost to enjoy it and I'm not interested enough to finish this book or read the rest of the seriesNot to say it was all bad I did enjoy the main character's voice and his connection to Loiosh was cool Also the whole setup for the story was really interesting from what I understood about itBut the book just failed to really grab me because I was too busy trying to figure out the world and who the characters were in relation to each otherAlso content warning It does have some swearing Not sure how bad it gets but the second word is the S word

  9. Kat Hooper Kat Hooper says:

    Dragon is the eighth novel in Steven Brust’s VLAD TALTOS series As you’re reading the series it probably doesn’t matter when you read Dragon since it’s really a stand alone story which tells of a battle that occurred earlier in the series’ chronology just after the events of Taltos which was a preuel to the first three VLAD TALTOS novels As you can see the books jump around in time But Dragon is not one of the better volumes so I wouldn’t recommend say reading it first and basing your judgment of the entire series on this novel Read Jhereg Yendi Teckla and Taltos firstMost of the VLAD TALTOS books are named after one of the Read More

  10. Daphne Daphne says:

    I do so wish I had read this one earlier It was strange jumping back in time so much I almost wrote the book up half way through as a wash because I wasn't able to get into based on the time jump but then I really started digging seeing war through Vlad's eyes It was uite funny and a uniue perspective

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Dragon Vlad Taltos #8[EPUB] ✹ Dragon Vlad Taltos #8 By Steven Brust – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In which Vlad Taltos finds himself much to his surprise at the fateful Battle of Baritt's TombMarching through mud just isn't as much fun as they sayAfter years of surviving in Adrilankha by practicin In which Vlad Taltos finds himself much to his surprise at the fateful Battle of Baritt's TombMarching through mud just isn't as much fun as they sayAfter years of surviving in Adrilankha by practicing the trade he knows best killing people for a living suddenly Vlad Taltos finds himself in the last place any self respecting assassin wants to be the army Worse he's right in the middle of a apocalyptic battle between two sorcerous armies and everyone expects him to play a role they Dragon Vlad PDF \ won't explain All Vlad's got between him and the worst kind of death is his wits Oh and a smart mouthed winged lizard Dragon is Steven Brust at his best a swashbuckling fantasy adventure.

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