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Vampire Dawn (Vampire for Hire, #5) ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Vampire Dawn (Vampire for Hire, #5) By J.R. Rain ❤ – Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens an attack that changes her life foreve Six years ago federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother your typical soccer mom with the minivan and suburban home Then the unthinkable happens an attack that changes her life forever And forever is a very long time for a vampireNow in VAMPIRE DAWN Samantha Moon tackles her most frightening case yet Someone is leaving victims drained of blood and all signs point to the killer not being a vampire Meanwhile Sam can't help but notice the changes coming over her sonfantastical changes that will leave her searching desperately for answers As Sam tracks down a ruthless killer and as her own humanity slips further and further away an ancient relic holds a secret that will rock her worldand open up a whole new one.

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  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Vampire DawnVampire for Hire Book 5By J R RainNarrated by Dina PearlmanI love these stories and really liked this one I especially like how her son is changing and how she deals with it Then there is the blood ring Exciting and emotional storyGood narration

  2. Douglas Meeks Douglas Meeks says:

    I finished Vampire Dawn Vampire for Hire #5 and as always it was great but it was a bit sadder and did not add much to the revelations of Christmas Moon A Vampire for Hire Novella I think I may have to rate this one 4 Stars rather than 5 like all the others but I will sleep on that since I am tired and part of my disappointment is that I did NOT want it to end which should make me uestion my less than 5 Star rating Each one of these books add to the growth and powers of Samantha Moon and each book adds some personal problems that she has to deal with as a mom it is so hard to rate these books because they suck you into her life so deep you are always a bit mad that the book ended and you have to wait once again I think as I write this that the book may be much better than I gave it credit for the bad guys were not so bad but at least one or of the good guys are not so good Mr Rain has once again given us a book that moves this story along a timeline a bit but these books never seem to leave me with fulfillment but of a That was great but what happens now? and you don't get any answers for months Ok maybe it was 5 Stars after all if it wasn't why am I writing a freaking novel telling you why I can't just throw it off and just start a new book tomorrow like I always do? Only the best books can frustrate me so much I think I really wish these books sucked so i could just ignore the fact that I miss knowing how she is going to cope with the things that are left until the next book This last year seems to be the year of writers putting out books that add depth to the storylines and setup plots for future books in many of our favorite series and Mr Rain seems to have followed their lead in that respect since there were some large things to be resolved in the future The fact that some are concerning for Samantha Moon Vampire for Hire and some are concerning for Samantha Moon the Mom is a bit of why these books are so addicting Mr Rain I will probably hate you until the next book comes out and we start this dance again

  3. Minx Minx says:

    Definitely a different take on vampirism It was a short read and I can't say that it turned me on to the series but if I have to read another book for a reading challenge and a book from the series fit the bill I would probably read it D

  4. Cheyenne Meadows Cheyenne Meadows says:

    This book was great I liked the positive uotes in it I just like the way it goes funny suspense trying to find purpose It a great book and I'm loving the series

  5. Kara Kara says:

    “Vampire Dawn” is book five of the “Vampire for Hire” series featuring private investigator Samantha Moon picking up a few months after book 45 Yeahthe numbering is getting convolutedSamantha has further conversations with a couple mysterious all knowing and perhaps all powerful entities that describe her as being destined for immortalitywith vampirism being her path to that destiny rather than vampirism being her destiny and immortality being a side effect Yeahwe’re all confused togetherSamantha’s relationships with many other lead characters change significantly in this book She gets closer to her friend Sherbet and as she worries over changes with her son Anthony he was a vampire for a few days in book four but he got better she asks “”But will he be okay?” and is advised by one of the mystical beings to “Show him love and strength Sam Not fear and worry” Good advice for each of us as we worry about friends family and loverswhether we’re vampires or notSelf described as cute and spunky Samantha finally succumbs to her heterosexual nature and has sex with Kingsleypretty much off camera once she got past admiring his size Much of her oogling guys has actually been fun up to now with her recurring admiration of potbellies and old spice aftershaveAgain there are two detective stories The one involving her shitty ex husband Danny is pretty routine and the one involving a serial killer is for the most part pretty enjoyable Once the mystery is solved Samantha must face again whether she is human than human or less than humanand her relationship with another lead character shifts as she confronts those uestionsThis book comes closer to recapturing the 5 magic of the first two books in the series and it’s very enjoyable With the multiple threads of Kingsley Fang Anthony Danny Sherbet Hanner Max and the other mysterious entitiesthe story isn’t a tight standalone novel especially at only 45 hours long I rate this book as 425

  6. Erth Erth says:

    I really did enjoy this book I wish it was a little longer I like the expanding relationship with Det Sherbert Sam is struggling with slowing losing her humanity The effects of the sun are getting greater and the want for blood stronger While trying to figure out who is killing people she is trying to figure out what is happening with her son He starts showing signs of great athleticism and strength I liked that there was a balance between work and her kids and it didn't seem like one was the main focus Her relationship with Kingsley is progressing but I honestly don't like them together but that is just my opinion This is another great addition to the Vampire for Hire series

  7. Sally Sally says:

    Vampire Dawn is another mystery that Samantha Moon mother of two private investigator and of course vampire has to solve This time the mystery is very close to home as people are missing and found dead as well as completely drained of blood Vampire killing? Perhaps not but it definitely does have something to do with the creatures of the night and Samantha Moon is the best investigator for finding out the truthThis like all the other Vampire for Hire stories is great It is witty endearing in parts even gruesome J R Rain has picked a heroine who is very likeable and as you read through the series it is not difficult to wish her and her family happiness The mystery part of this most recent instalment does not have too much substance and is easily solvable and a very uick read What I like about this book is it's complexity of the characters There is definitely tension with the cyberspace relationship between Fang and Moon Dance and Samantha's romance with the mighty werewolf Kingsley Plus the situation with Samantha's son possibly the decision she made in Vampire Child does have repercussions and with the hints in Vampire Dawn I'm looking forward to seeing if our heroine did make a mistake in the next instalment

  8. Dianne Dianne says:

    Now that Samantha has officially turned into a Mary Sue what can we expect her to pull out of her hat next? Eating real food? Something a little crazy to help her solve the next case? Some new otherworldly creature to show up and prove what a wonderful thing she has going? Perhaps a reincarnation of the Dali Lama will show up next? Maybe God? All she had to do was to have faith and she could live in the sun? Why does that sound like a fairy tale to me All you need is to believe I did find what was going on with her son to be very interesting and it is a story line I would like to see completely played out but that is not enough for me to keep going with this series Book by book things are getting out of hand and I see the author walking into the abyss like Laurell K Hamilton did So many people had complaints as to how short the book was I did not Had it been any longer I would have been compelled to not finish it since it really stretched the idea of suspending disbelief I so loved the first few books since Samantha at the time was still a flawed creature trying to find her way in this new world she found herself in Now not so much sigh

  9. Diane Diane says:

    I have a girl crush on Samantha I get all tingly when she slaps bad guys around

  10. Liz Liz says:

    I'm going to hang in there with this series a little longer but it does have some troubling aspects First of all Sam is becoming too powerful Heck she can already leap tall buildings in a single bound actually it's leap off of cliffs and then fly off just before hitting bottom She was a much engaging character when she couldn't solve all of her problems with a new superpower There are a lot of interesting characters but they don't get their due because the booksnovellas are short It looks like Anthony is going to be a superhero too with all the superpowers and none of the pesky blood drinking or sunshine avoiding annoyances It's starting to look like that's what will happen to Sam also as she overcomes these obstacles with much sought after magic medallions that keep falling into her lap The book is titled VD for a reason I still like the premise and the characters so I will continue the series though I will be taking a break from it

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