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The Cold Spot [Reading] ➶ The Cold Spot By J.G. Faherty – Clay Daniels is an outcast among outcasts Cursed with a terrible birthmark on his face his life is an endless misery of teasing and physical abuse from his classmates Things only get worse when his pa Clay Daniels is an outcast among outcasts Cursed with a terrible birthmark on his face his life is an endless misery of teasing and physical abuse from his classmates Things only get worse when his parents die and he's forced to move in with cruel relatives who make the torture of school seem like paradiseThen everything changes The Cold Kindle - when he meets a boy named John in the woods behind his house John and his friends don't care what Clay looks like or that he's not strong or particularly smart That's because they're dead and the dead don't discriminate Their acceptance of him helps Clay overcome his initial fear and soon he's doing all the cool things he always dreamed of—sneaking out of the house drinking beer smoking cigarettes and hanging out in a hidden cemeteryFor the first time in his life he knows the joy of having friends Friends who treat him as an eual Friends who have his back when trouble comes along and even stick up for him against his violent cousin But John and the others harbor dangerous secretsThe secrets of The Cold Spot.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 174 pages
  • The Cold Spot
  • J.G. Faherty
  • English
  • 08 May 2016

10 thoughts on “The Cold Spot

  1. Chris Chris says:

    35 starsSlightly better than He Waits although it suffers from the same problems Once again I feel that this book was written for a younger audience based on the prose level simple plot structure and characterization We do get a feel for the protagonist Clay Daniels and his motivation but the outcast teenager who acuires a supernatural buddyiesprotector has been done so much better elsewhere with Dweller by Jeff Strand being pretty much the gold standardThis novella does have an original ending that gave it an extra half point Like I said in my review of He Waits I probably would have really liked this one if I had read it when I was younger

  2. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    One of the best things about reading a story by JG Faherty is the incredibly authentic characterization In this novella about a lonely boy forced to endure the vicious cruelty of others on a daily basis I found myself so caught up in the characterization that I never saw where the end was going A rare pleasure for someone who reads as much fiction as I do THE COLD SPOT is an emotionally potent novella that hits like a ferocious punch to the gutRecommended

  3. Lee Howard Lee Howard says:

    This is the first Faherty story I've read but it won't be the last I love young protagonists yet what starts out as I thought a coming of age tale gradually turns into a nightmare as 13 year old Clay Daniels is seduced into dire and ruinous circumstances What begins as a bad situation for an orphaned adolescent devolves into mounting horror that had me dreading the end This tale was disturbing and I like that in a horror novella A on the ghosts' abilities

  4. Benjamin Uminsky Benjamin Uminsky says:

    This is my first Faherty piece and overall I found it to be simply ok Certainly it was a competently told story and I didn't find any major blunders in the work itself However I can't really say that I was entirely engaged by any of charactersIn particular our protagonist Clay Daniels had a fairly bland yet whiny personality one that was certainly appropriate for a teenager but not one that helped him stand out as a character I think I am giving this story 3 stars because I can appreciate the themes that Faherty attempts to tackle in this story that of teenage bullyingBut beyond this thematic treatment I really didn't find this story and its use of the supernatural to be entirely compelling Much of the story was fairly predictable and even the twist in the end wasn't surprisingI think the part that really lost me in terms of appropriate character development was the scene where one of Clay's bullies is bullied back In this scene you see Clay rejoice in his bully's downfall which is a normal reaction But when the bully gets his neck snapped which should have been shocking and horrific Clay's reaction is of an insouciant resignation to his feelings about murder This kind of reaction really rang hollow and in a sense muted the rest of the horror in this storyI'd give Faherty another read but I can only hope that his next piece is promising than this one

  5. Dave Thomas Dave Thomas says:

    TS Eliot once wrote that Youth is cruel and has no remorse Well this concept is brilliantly on display in JG Faherty's The Cold Spot a compelling addictive read that will take you back to your formative school days and having you thanking the good Lord that they're overAs if Clay Daniels's parents and his dog dying in a horrific fire just two weeks prior wasn't bad enough he's now forced to move in with an uninterested aunt a borderline drunk of a disciplinaran uncle and three lousy cousins who care nothing for him Oh and he's also been cursed with a large wine colored birthmark on his face and now must relive the horrors of attending a new school and enduring old tormentsWhen Clay meets a young ghost named John in the woods along with his cabal of dead friends Clay thinks he's finally found a group of people who accept him for what he is how he looks But the dead boys in the forest have secrets violent tendencies and ulterior motivesThe Cold Spot works on so many levels it is at once a tale of bullying of how far kids will go to fit in and how sometimes no matter what you do you're always bound to be the outsider It's a gut wrenching emotional story with beautiful prose and vibrant characters best read in a single sitting

  6. CC Vep CC Vep says:

    The pains of adolescence are well known by everyone The struggle to find one’s self and be accepted by their peers is usually one of the most harrowing events in growing up JG Faherty’s The Cold Spot illustrates the vulnerability of youth and the manipulation of death with unnerving detail and motivationFaherty reintroduces one of the oldest horror stereotypes with gut wrenching honesty The youthful naivety in the search for acceptance is fully detailed in Clay’s derailing Turning to something he doesn't fully understand Clay is thrown into a whirlwind of uncertainty and terror The ghosts in The Cold Spot are convincing characters as is Clay in his despondent isolation The characters are the driving force behind the story as the reader you become invested in Clay’s acceptance both individually and socially However just because something is dead doesn't mean it’s exactly as it seems The twist at the end of the book is worth any time it takes to read Cleanly executed Faherty hits you with the one two and leaves you clutching your gut not only from the shock but also the bit of raw violence and goreRead my full review at Bloody Good Horror

  7. Anthony Hains Anthony Hains says:

    The Cold Spot is the first work by JG Faherty that I have read I am especially partial to ghost stories because they can genuinely creep me out So I am always thrilled to come across a good one I’m excited to say that The Cold Spot fits the bill and then some Clay is a young adolescent whose parents have recently died in a fire and he is sent to live with some rather crude relatives in upstate New York – far from his home in Florida Clay has the misfortune of having a large port wine birth mark on his face which subjects him to cruel bullying The bullying existed in Florida and began immediately upon his arrival in New York Much to his surprise he does make friends with a group of boys he meets in the woods One problem though – these kids are dead Here is where Faherty really gets rolling with his story First the ghosts have “depth”; they are interesting kids in their own right The actions and behavior of the ghosts are also unexpected as Flaherty breaks some of the overused conventions associated with ghost stories The story navigates surprising dark territory that I did not see coming and I thought the conclusion was not only chilling but creative Highly recommended

  8. Peter Peter says:

    Clay Daniels was born with a terrible birthmark on his face All the kids at school would make fun of him and call him names Clay's mother and father were killed in a fire Clay was force to live with an aunt and uncle that he could not stand Things changed one afternoon while walking through the woods Clay meet a boy name John John accepted Clay for what he was and wanted to hang out with him There was only one problem with John and his friends they were dead Clay was so happy to have friends to hang around with that the other stuff did not make a difference Clay would end up sneaking out of the house to meet up with his new friends Clay's new friends took him to this old hidden cemetery in the woods Clay nicknamed the cemetery The Cold Spot What happen next would change Clay's life forever Things don't always turn out the way you think they should be The is the first book that I have read by JG Faherty This was a uick enjoyable read

  9. Horror Bookworm Reviews Horror Bookworm Reviews says:

    A truly chilling ghost story with a blindsided twist

  10. Brett Talley Brett Talley says:

    Another great piece from JG Faherty People are going to start thinking I am him in disguise but Faherty's short works particularly those focusing on children are chillingly good

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