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10 thoughts on “Be the Worst You Can Be

  1. Fabio De Bernardi Fabio De Bernardi says:

    I was uite disappointed by the book which is essentially a collection of aphorisms some interesting and uirky but most neither Here are the bits I think are worthUnlock yourself from the neurotic need to please It erodes the soulLife is pleasant without asking too many uestions of yourself or seeking a higher purposeExperience is what you get when you didn't get what you wantedDepression is merely anger without enthusiasmTenacity and staying resolute are simply being obstinate in a way we approve ofWar doesn't determine who's right war determines who's left You seem to represent all I find unpleasant about the modern world People like me who don't court personal validation believe in putting other people first Today everything is about gratification of the self and choosing our own happiness over anyone else's Whatever happened to the values I adhere to like duty morality righteousness and the belief that goodness is its own reward?A You may sound like a very good person but in fact you just suffer from the disease to please And what's you seem to want to be congratulated for it Apparently goodness is not its own reward

  2. Chiydem Chiydem says:

    If you had a bumper sticker on your car what would it be?A Jesus loves you But I'm his favourite

  3. Lauren Lauren says:

    Aside from the impractical design of the book which although it looks lovely at a glance is actually irritating to read with all the hyphenations and orphans at the end of paragraphs I expected better from someone who is so acuainted with the design world I thoroughly enjoyed this collection of uestions and answers Saatchi is witty and satirical and if you appreciate this type of humour you're likely to enjoy it too Although some comments are there to deliberately provoke if you take them for what they are you shouldn't be offended The writing on the whole is so well done that you wouldn't really need to know or care about who Charles Saatchi actually is to appreciate it And you can't say that about many interviews with famous figures

  4. B B says:

    Like others have said the choice of material is uite interesting; and I appreciate the minimalistic design as wellThe book itself is a series of A with Charles Saatchi famous advertising agent and art collector The book has an obvious satirical tone and Saatchi deliberately tries to be as offensive and confrontational as possible The book is somewhat amusing and you'll get a few laughs from it but overall it is slightly disappointing

  5. Sarah Sack Sarah Sack says:

    I love this book It helps you see things differently Charles Saatchi is a bit sarcastic funny and shows you the irony behind many things I thought it was a good read and it made me feel a bit better about not always being my best I'm human after all

  6. Dellyna Septia Dellyna Septia says:

    Interesting book to read for enlarging your perspective in life Love it

  7. Georgiana Văleanu Georgiana Văleanu says:

    Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wantedDon't be irreplaceable If you can't be replaced you can't be promoted It's ok for little girls to whine They are practicing to become women 😂😂Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you're good is like expecting the bull not to charge because you're a vegetarian

  8. Zia Laura Zia Laura says:

    A into Mr Saatchi's life and mind I found it amusing kind of sarcasm and bluntness I love Nor sure I'd love having to face him though

  9. Alistair Alistair says:

    this a mildly and sometimes very amusing trawl through the wit and wisdom of Charles Saatchi sometime advertising executive and famous contemporary art dealer and collectorHis trick is the take the opposite view on virtually everything which is politically correct and he is an antidote to most any accepted view on anything Sentimentality is certainly out and common sense stoicism and realism are in A typical sample of the Saatchi tone is in answer to the uestion What do you think would create world peace ?Total nuclear annihilation boom boomThere are lots of nice photos of paintings and celebrities and a particularly amusing one of a toddler sitting at a table holding a hand of playing cards with the caption How I am seen by my poker opponents The caustic approach is refreshing but over 160 pages can wear a bit thin The cover is suitably dull looking like a business desk diary with gilt page edges

  10. Maitri Anjani Maitri Anjani says:

    Didn't realize the way Saatchi's mind worked until I got my hands on this work of hisI also did not hesitate to buy this book right away; Be The Worst You Can Be contained all in all enjoyable cynicism and raw honesty from a person whom I related to better than the majority of people I've lived with every single dayDespite the low res photos it sure did gave me very good distractions from any present situation I was put in real life in which would be the only criteria I put for a book to be considered as slightly acceptable

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