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Clown Friday Marlowe A Small, Picturesque Town In The Worcestershire Countryside Village Green, White Church Spire, Maypole, A Quaint Town.A Beautiful Town.An Evil Town.Journalist Clive White Is Sent To Cover Marlowe S Annual Carnival Clown Friday An Easy And Straight Forward Assignment But, As He Interviews The Locals, And As He Uncovers The True History And Nature Of The Town And Its Carnival, It Becomes Clear That There Is Something Very Wrong In Marlowe There Is An Article To Be Written And A Story To Be Told, But White Realises That The Story Is A Dark One It Is The Story Of Something Ancient, Vile, And Evil, Something That Lusts After Spilled Blood And Human Flesh And It Is A Story That Only He, Clive White, Will Be Able To Tell.

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    This was really creepy I ve never liked clowns, creepy clowns I like horror books with new ideas Got tired of vampires, werewolves, and zombies about 15 years ago so I appreciate something different.

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    May contain hint at possible spoilers I never liked the circus, not since I was a child and a clown tried to get me to go on stage and be a part of their act, scared me to death, and probably scarred me, so now I have always had this hatred towards clowns, even though there just men dressed in makeup they don t have freak me out, but that is why I love to read about them, I read horror for it to scare me, to give me that uneasy feeling in my stomach, that makes me not want to go to the toiler in the middle of the night Plus I am always on the look out to find a book film to creep me out as much as Stephen King managed to do with the infamous IT of course I wasn t really expecting it to exceed IT but it was enjoyable enough to read and for 77p you can t grumble really but the clown s weren t really the main focus, therefore I couldn t get scared which didn t give it as much impact as what it probably would have if lets say it was just a maniac clown running round with an axe killing everyone in sight..Instead we have our journalist and main protagonist Clive White who is shipped off to do a seemingly boring and laborious assignment of covering the annual carnival in the little town of Marlowe, of course on arrival, it is quite obvious Marlowe isn t the quite little town it appears to be, it is merely a cover for something sinister as our journalist soon discov...

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