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  1. Molly Ringle Molly Ringle says:

    When I started reading this book I realized I was happy to see Devlin Caine again Last year I read the first book of his adventures 'Shadow of a Distant Morning' and I guess I've missed him He's just so fun keeping the ironic humor running even when life or large amounts of money are on the line As in the first book Topek's prose is so clean and crisp it practically makes audible snapping sounds and his research on the time period is amazingly well done bringing the scenes to flawless life And this plot is if anything even twistier smarter and mischievously complex than the one in 'Shadow of a Distant Morning' I marvel at Topek's and Caine's brain being able to put all that together and keep it straight I have to imagine he had index cards and whiteboards all over his writing office laying out which characters knew what and when But for us readers it's just fun to go along for the ride and see if we can accurately guess who's conning who Caine himself will throw you a few surprises on that front but then he gets a few surprises right back in his face before the game is up The charisma and entertainment of a good con the subject of this book gives it a lighter and whimsical mood than its predecessor volume which was darker and life and death But both stay afloat thanks to a wily but charming protagonist and a seriously smart author

  2. Brenda Brenda says:

    William Topek has done it again The novel “A Shared Confidence” a seuel to “Shadow of a Distant Morning” is spellbinding from start to finish Our Private Investigator Devlin Caine receives a phone call at his Kansas City office from his estranged brother Nathan in Balti asking for help The two brothers have not spoken since attending the funeral of their parents who died tragic deaths five years before Devlin although skeptical of his snobbish brother catches a flight to Balti Upon arrival he is delightfully surprised in being reunited with his brother and wife Marie along with their two children We fall in love with Devlin Caine all over again as Topek unveils his charming family side But a high drama con artist story is about to unfold as Nathan a prominent banker tells Devlin he believes he is being set up for embezzlement through someone’s fraudulent loans at his bank The story becomes electrified with highly developed and descriptive characters as Devlin gets down and dirty with mobsters and con men involved in what is known as “the confidence game” to keep his brother out of prison The confidence game is a trick where a mark is defrauded of thousands of dollars by first gaining their confidence and convincing them they can make a lot money in the stock market Devlin is sly and skilled at identifying officers at the bank responsible for the fraudulent loans men willing to take his brother down without regard for his family men who themselves are marks of a team of trained confidence scam artist feeding off their greed Devlin is having none of it He recruits his old friends from Kansas City to play roles in his own scam to catch them at their own game but before he realizes it he himself is being conned by old FBI agents intent on bringing down the ring of con artist but specially one of the most wanted confidence men who is part of the grand scheme of things If you were a fan of the movie “The Sting” then you will really enjoy this caper It’s fun mind twisting and filled with amazing mystery You always learn something new with William Topek He’s a fine author with talent galore

  3. Wendy Hines Wendy Hines says:

    I had the pleasure of reading Topek's first Devlin Caine adventure Shadow of a Distant Morning about a year ago I really enjoyed it and A Shared Confidence is even better If you like gumshoe mysteries then Devlin Caine is right up your alleyNot only is he an unorthodox character but Topek twists and turns the plot leaving the reader guessing where he is going with the storyline but then it gradually all makes sense and you find you've been on one heck of a thrilling ride His writing is true to the era brilliantly bringing the nineteen thirties to life I enjoyed A Shared Confidence meeting Devlin's brother and learning a bit about the man himself It was entertaining and the cons intrigued me on how they worked If you enjoy a suspense mystery with a memorable investigator pick up A Shared Confidence I can't wait to see what Devlin gets up to next

  4. Rubin Carpenter Rubin Carpenter says:

    Topek's Devlin Caine is no Raymond Chandler copy cat private eyeHe's one of the best characters I'e read in years great plot characters and believable story highly recommend this series Bravo Mr Topek Bravo

  5. Melanie Adkins Melanie Adkins says:

    Devlin Caine is back with a new mystery that puts his brother in the hot seat Although they've been estranged for five years Nathan Caine reaches out to his brother for help Money is missing from his department at the bank and Nathan's name is all over it The problem is Nathan swears he didn't sign the documents allowing the money to be moved and ultimately taken Meanwhile in Kansas City Devlin is meeting with a potential client about a situation he got himself into It seemed okay A uick way for the client to make money What happened was he lost everything Sensing there was nothing he could do for the man Devlin bid him goodbye and got back to his brother's problem This was Devlin's chance to show his brother how well he did his job Now all he had to do was get to Balti and find out who really took the money from the bank Should be an easy case People always left a trail you just had to know where to look Devlin finds out his brother's problem is tied up with state and federal agencies but for other reasons Will the case blow up in Devlin's face or can he use the agencies resources and men to figure it all out? LOVE Devlin Caine He's a wonderful character This is William Topek's second book and each one just gets better and better The historical facts in this book are very accurate and fun to read The book takes you to an age when detectives did almost anything to solve a case You'll enjoy the intricate twists and turns in this book Just when you're sure things have settled something else happens to blow up all your theories I recommend this book highly I didn't find issues with this one I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I love an old fashioned detective novel

  6. Alumine Andrew Alumine Andrew says:

    This is the second novel by Topek and American writer It's published as an e book easy to buy off It's a well crafted story set in the 1930's MidWest USA among con men the mafia and the main Private Investigator Devlin Caine It's easy to envisage this novel as a movie shot in sepia involving well dressed men and smoky bars opulence and the vestiges of a lifestyle about to end as America enters the warCaine receives an enigmatic call from his almost estranged brother Nathan asking for his professional help Something is amiss in the bank Nathan works in and he fears he will be blamed for money that is missingCaine arrives at his brother's place and over the next few weeks works tirelessly uncovering a devious ploy by a con man to fleece people of great wads of cashAnd so the story goes The setting is well researched as is the era and time of the novel Good solid work this is the second of the Devlin Caine adventures The first is Shadow of a distant Morning I am hoping Topek will publish again soon

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A Shared Confidence ❤ A Shared Confidence free download ➞ Author William Topek – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Kansas City 1935 Private detective Devlin Caine receives a telegram from his estranged older brother a Balti banker who's been framed for embezzlement At his brother's reuest Caine comes to Balti expe Kansas City Private detective Devlin Caine receives a telegram from his estranged older brother a Balti banker who's been framed for embezzlement At his brother's reuest Caine comes to Balti expecting nothing than to offer a little useful advice But in short order he finds himself deeply involved in an elaborate confidence scheme Never try to con a con but A Shared Epub / Caine finds himself forced into doing just that And he may just have the experience and know how to take on a veteran master of the long con But can he handle three different government agencies his former boss and a violent Chicago mobster who also appear on the scene Working in a strange city and employing cons on top of cons Caine struggles to save not only his brother's career but possibly his own hide.