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The Bull [Read] ➼ The Bull ➹ Matthew Weber – The mayor of Fulton Springs Alabama has one thing on his mind His reelection and the money and power that come with it He's an old pro in the political game and uick to sell out the public to special The mayor of Fulton Springs Alabama has one thing on his mind His reelection and the money and power that come with it He's an old pro in the political game and uick to sell out the public to special interests if the price is right He says all his decisions are made in the best interest of his citizens so they should just shut up and follow the rules Restaurant owner Frank Standish is tired of having his business hamstrung by all the new taxes and regulations that crop up at each city council meeting helmed by the mayor's lackeys The cronies in office are choking off his livelihood and stomping on his freedom So Frank decides to do something about it Backed by a surge of grassroots support Frank and his family and friends at The Bull a local bar and barbecue pit mount a blue collar revolt against government run amok Frank runs on a groundbreaking political platform a promise to serve only a single term on behalf of the freedom loving citizens of Fulton springs imposing his own strict term limit to insulate himself from the influence of outside interests His strategy resonates wildly with the voters who orchestrate an underdog campaign to unseat the mayor a concerted effort that refuses to be silenced by slanderous propaganda corrupt authority vindictive police or even bullets from a gun With a red hot rebellious streak steeped in rich southern tradition this is the story of Frank Standish and company who are sick of the city telling them what to do And they plan to make a change whether the mayor likes it or not.

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  1. Marina Fontaine Marina Fontaine says:

    This book very nicely accomplishes what it set out to do namely personalize the cost of big government and show how regular citizens can make a difference Because of the setup where the main plotline is the mayoral campaign the characters can actually discuss issues at length as natural part of the story instead of sueezing political points artificially into random scenes The town mayor is a colorful villain a combination of the President from David Mamet's November NYC mayor Bloomberg and a corrupt tele evangelist whose name escapes me at the moment The rest of the characters are less over the top and real and sometimes the writer falls victim to his own good writing where the reader wants to skip through the politics and get to know these people better There are a couple of characters fully deserving of a spin off However making us love these everyday heroes is how the book drives the political points home the government's overreach hurts real people in uncountable ways and someone needs to stand up for them Some conservatives may be put off by the villain being a Baptist minister I admit I was suspicious since it's such a liberal stereotype As a whole though the story is very clear in its portrait of a man who uses every trick at his disposal to increase his power and religion for him is just a tool he uses on an as needed basis Therefore I recommend this book wholeheartedly to any lover of freedom no matter where they are on the political or religious spectrum

  2. Charles Charles says:

    A uick and entertaining read from a talented writer A blue collar restaurantbar owner stands up for one of his patrons only to find himself at the center of a grassroots effort to derail a corrupt political machine Though the characters spend much of the book making black and white arguments against an oppressive and abusive local government the author does allow for some complexity when the protagonist's libertarian views come into conflict with his concern for his son's life choicesOverall a fun book but one that should promote serious discussion

  3. Randy Quarles Randy Quarles says:

    The Bull was a fun read with an inspirational message about a man leading a battle for freedom Anyone who chaffs at the ever growing mass of government rules that limit our personal choices will find much to like about this engaging story The fight here is against intrusive local regulations which we sometimes tend to overlook in the shadow of federal overreaching and national scandals But as The Bull effectively demonstrates City Hall continues to whittle away at our liberties too I look forward to the author's next effort

  4. Stewart Carol Stewart Carol says:

    AWESOME book

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