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Warhorses of Letters ❴Read❵ ➳ Warhorses of Letters Author Robert Hudson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The world's greatest gay euine military epistolary romanceThese powerfully moving letters were exchanged between two of the most significant warhorses in history the dignified Marengo devoted bearer o The world's greatest gay euine military epistolary romanceThese powerfully moving letters were exchanged between two of the most significant warhorses in history the dignified Marengo devoted bearer of Napoleon; and the dashing Copenhagen a slightly flighty racehorse who became the warhorse of the Duke of Wellingtonoriginally made public by the highly acclaimed BBC Radio series starring Stephen Fry Daniel Rigby and Tamasin Greig this correspondence has melted the hearts of many and surprised a great many Now the maverick academics who painstakingly Warhorses of PDF/EPUB ² tracked down each yellowing crumbling cache of letters have arranged and edited them into book form adding a wealth of learned hoofnotes full of fascinating factual facts that will deepen the reader's understanding both of Napoleonic history and that sadly neglected branch of academe horsethropologySome readers may think they notice lots of facts that are less factual often much less factual To those readers we offer the wise words of Marengo himselfOpen your minds open your hearts you have nothing to lose but your reins.

10 thoughts on “Warhorses of Letters

  1. Eva Müller Eva Müller says:

    All I can think of is how the production meeting at the BBC went where they came up with that ideaI have a great new idea for a radio seriesWhat?An episotolary romanceYeah cause we haven't had dozends of those yetA gay epistolary romanceStill not original enoughSet during the Napoleonic warPleaseAnd they're fighting on opposing sidesCause that is so newThey're Napoleon's and Wellington's war horsesThatWhat drugs are you on?You don't like my idea?Inoactually I think this is a brilliant idea Let's get Stephen Fry get to put on a French accent and play Napoleon's horseWhy would he write a letter in a French accent?Why would a horse a horse write write in the first place?I see your point

  2. Jacob Jacob says:

    Copenhagen to Marengo I am just a big handsome racehorse with amazing muscle definition and huge eyelashes and now I am walking slowly towards you whinnying gently to let you know I am arousedMarengo to Copenhagen I am approaching you with a crop and spurs you are wearing leather blinkers but at the sound of me you start to uiver the whip comes down on your saucy waggling rump Warhorses of Letters p 29Oh myLove letters between Marengo Napoleon Bonaparte's personal warhorse and Copenhagen a young racehorse and later the Duke of Wellington's horse The first two packets of letters up until page 41 are brilliantly funny and immensely uotable; the later letters are rather forgettable If this is the world's greatest gay euine military epistolary romance I would like to read the worst And a few in the middle And hell all the rest too while I'm at it Just for y'know research

  3. Mir Mir says:

    The world's greatest gay euine military epistolary romance

  4. Sam Sam says:

    This is a rather entertaining collection of letters between Copenhagen Wellington's Horse and Marengo Napoleon's Horse as they establish and develop a relationship often unspoken amongst horse kind that between English and French horses obviously I haven't heard the original radio version of these but still found them really funny and highly amusing although I think some of the people on the train were getting a little concerned by my chuckling The letters are brilliantly written and have very different styles for Copenhagen and Marengo which adds a lot to their believability and some of the footnotes are superb and occasionally funnier than the letters themselves I also liked the additional notes that tell where the letters were found and the historical notes at the back and a lovely bit of context Overall this is an entertaining read and one I would certainly recommend

  5. Reni Reni says:

    The series is currently airing and it sounded pretty cute so I thought I'd check out the first series And yes it is very cute and absurdly funny once you get your head around the bizarre idea of horses writing love letters My only complaint would be that it's so short I do wonder though how the producers convinced the BBC to air a radiodrama about an epistolary romance between homosexual horses

  6. Laura ★☮☯ Laura ★☮☯ says:

    This started off as such a funny read It has very witty humour and I really enjoyed the epistolary genre but it started dragging a little towards the end uite enjoyable as a uick read 35 stars

  7. Camilla Camilla says:

    Wow Um I'm not entirely sure how to describe this These are the letters between two gay warhorses one Wellington's and one Napoleon's It's absolutely hilarious and I'd highly recommend it if you haven't given it a listen yet the second season is out now too The voices are both perfect and there's even humor in the narration at the beginning and end of each episode

  8. Cristina Cristina says:

    You don't expect a satire love story about warhorses to break your heart but then op there you go and there are tears all over the place One of the most random funny reads expertly well done

  9. Jo Brand Jo Brand says:

    Probably better read or listened to Stephen Fry recorded the passages of Marengo in small stints as it became repetitive and jokes got tiresome

  10. M M says:

    Cutely done charmingly transgressive a little less actual history than I was hoping for

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