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The Black Company ❮BOOKS❯ ✹ The Black Company ✯ Author Glen Cook – Some feel the Lady newly risen from centuries in thrall stands between humankind and evil Some feel she is evil itself The hard bitten men of the Black Company take their pay and do what they must bur Some feel the Lady newly risen from centuries in thrall stands between humankind and evil Some feel she is evil itself The hard bitten men of The Black Company take their pay and do what The Black eBook ã they must burying their doubts with their dead Until the prophesy The White Rose has been reborn somewhere to embody good once There must be a way for The Black Company to find her So begins one of the greatest fantasy epics of our age—Glen Cook's Chronicles of The Black Company Librarian note an alternate cover for this edition can be found here.

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  1. Lady Luna. ✨ Lady Luna. ✨ says:

    DNF 48%THIS BOOK WAS NOT MY CUP OF TEA This book is utter pus a uote by Lady Luna hater of all things shit I'm actually really sad about this DNF I wanted to love this book and before I even read it I knew it was going to be a four or five star read because of the reviews on it that blurb sounds goddamn amazing I However can safely say I was wrong and that I absolutely loathed reading this I'm sorry I truly tried however I just didn't care about anything the writing shudders I tried forcing myself to love this however my rating on the book kept getting lower lower until it reach a 'no star' rating that's when I threw in the towel I RARELY DNF books it saddens me to do it But I'm not even sorry this one got the can This book truly deserved it I know I'm in the minority here however this book is so hugely overrated in my opinion I heard this was the best grimdark ever created well for me it's probably the worst yeah I get it was written in the 80's however that's no excuse Classics are classics for a reason and this book does not deserve the hype it gets I've read gory disgusting messes of books before that have you gritting your teeth I didn't get that once with this book I understand I didn't read the whole thing but I just couldn't force myself to continue There was nothing happening that made me want to read I honestly was either breaking ribs from laughter at the amount of bullshit I was reading or I was rolling my eyes I seriously got an eye cramp for the amount of times I rolled them I honestly feel this book is unworthy for a full review so I'm going to justify my opinion with a dot point presentation on why I hated it so much leers at book with venomous contempt “ As you might expect in a company of villains held together by its now and its us against the world gone befores” Okay well where was the villainary at? All I read about was a bunch of grown men giggling and finding corpses that weren't even described A lot of the action scenes were done in the background Stop telling us show us instead Actually don't bother I don't care “ Bassard All bassard” Something struck him funny He giggled” I HATED all the giggling Tough grown men do not giggle like school girls I HATE THIS what the heck is a Bassard? I put the word into Google computer says no anger rising I was bored I was confused I have the attention span of a goldfish this book was like having to do homework It sucked Like There's no descriptions of things so I didn't have a clue what the fuck the limper or soulcatcher was Oh and did I mention I don't care either because grown freaking MEN WHO ARE MURDERS WERE GIGGLING There was 0 world building I didn't know what anyone or anything looked like I didn't really care anyway There's 0 back story so the whole book was a confusing mess There was 0 compelling characters 0 feels were involved I'm someone who is very extremely particular about POV's I hate first person story telling And this book was the strangest first person POV I've ever read i can't even describe it literally took all the enjoyment out of reading this book This would have to be the most disjointed sloppy lazy hard to follow writing I've ever come across I can normally look past bad writing however this book held 0 interest for me So it felt like a chore to try to read it and believe me when I say you need to concentrate really hard on the writing while reading it zapped all my precious energy Example of why I didn't like the writing; Zig when they expect you to zag” What even is that sentence? Red eyes Four legs Dark as the night Black leopard It moved as fluidly as water running downhill It padded down the stair into the courtyard vanishedThe monkey in my backbrain wanted to scamper up a tail tree screeching to hurl excrement and rotted fruit I fled toward the nearest door took a protected route to the Captain’s uarters let myself in without knocking” cough what the actual fuck? Like why is the author talking about monkeys flinging poo? You call this grimdark? My nannas undies are darker after she farts I feel this book just tried way to hard to be different I get the author was trying to break stereotypes HOWEVER it felt forced But it was the writing that honestly just put me off it was SO hard to digest I have heartburn now Crap You kill them same as you kill anything else Only you move faster and hit harder ’cause you only get one shot” This to me is a promise of badassery however Glen Cook broke his promise and delivered none in the entire first half Also a lot of nothing happened Seriously nothing happen except a bunch of grown men playing cards giggling chasing wereleopards imagining what the Lady looks like Did I mention grown men were giggling? CAUTION MINOR SPOILERS BELOW A child is raped and tortured but it had 0 relevance to the plot Like it was just there to make the book darker and add shock value however all it achieved was pissing me off It made me want to rape this book with a knife anger fully risen side note an Internet troll informed me that this information is false the rape plays a bigger role later on But just remember I couldn't careless NOW IM RAGING This book made me so angry I am ready to fight someone flips table I'm sorry I really tried on this one but I can safely say this would probably be the worst book I've ever tried to read in my whole entire existence I do not like this author wont be trying any of his books in the future So to all my Goodreads buddies that love this book I'm sorry you had to read this nasty review Truly I am Here's a cupcake to cheer you up Please be mindful that this is only an OPINION on a BOOK believe it or not I'm not looking to change anyone's opinion on this novel or stop them from reading it Plus my opinion can't be trusted on this one BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE LOVES IT I obviously just got a dudNow have a lovely day Yours sincerely your local Goodreads axe wielding psychopath preview;Literally the biggest buddy read I've ever done like we are no longer a group we are now an army of savages wanting grimdark goodness Sir Twerks My stinky princess Oriental Jody Alex Craig Emilia Terry MichaelWill the force be with this one?It even has Darth Vader on the coverPs I'm keeping the wine cooler

  2. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    💀 Buddy reread with the clueless new mercenary recruits over at BBB Under the wicked supervision of our Ever Stalking Black Company Overlord ESBCO™ of course 💀➽ And the moral of this reread is There is that yes Also my boyfriend Croaker and my girlfriend Lady have been safely stashed away in my High Security Harem for a few decades years now and I think it's high time I discreetly kidnapped some of their fellow mercenaries to keep them company They have me to keep them um entertained of course but what with my other 24548 harem spouses I can't keep everyone um you know satisfied 247 and stuff I have therefore decided to abduct One Eye and Goblin I'm pretty sure they will provide Croaker and Lady with hours and hours of most delightful lively entertainment Official Court Harem Jesters OCHJ™ I hereby name them and stuff That's not exactly what I had in mind but hey I guess it would work too Sure it would I bet Lady is going to love the unicorn costume tooAnd now excuse me while I go um entertain Mad Rogan and Sandman Slim and His Furriness and Daniel Faust and Ms Caitlleanabruaudi and Caleb Shepperd and Ace Dante and and andneed I go on? Didn't think so Original review► Actual rating 15 stars And I'm not even exaggerating Warning this book is not for the fluffy bunnies pastel colored rainbows romance freaks If you belong to that scary lovely bunch of people do not I repeat DO NOT read this book It might scar you for life It might even haunt you after deathThere are books with bad guys Then there is this book Never before have I encountered such a glorious collection of twisted evil morally corrupt vile dishonorable despicable contemptible shady characters The guys are immoral the chicks are villainous the weird creatures are blood thirsty And all of them are homicidal maniacs This Book A dream come true ① Meet the bad guys The Black CompanyThey're mercenaries They will do anything for money Morals? Completely irrelevant Ethics? Oh please don't be silly We're talking about war here And crushing the enemy whatever the cost Whatever the reasons Whatever everything Just follow the orders hum or less and cut cut cut slice slice slice hit hit hit kill kill kill Some people sell cute puppies for a living other get murderous for money Just a job like any other view spoiler given the choice guess which of the two jobs I'd choose? insert homicidal maniac smile here hide spoiler

  3. mark monday mark monday says:

    i thought this book was great a strange kind of modern classic one that influenced many other fantasy efforts by ushering in the genuine darkness grittiness and lack of wonder of the military novel the writing is direct unadorned choppy a soldier's perspective i suppose the novel jumps right in the middle of the action and makes no attempt to help readers out assuming that they will eventually catch up experiencing the lack of poetry and of justice the anonymity of most of the soldiers and the dearth of noble sentiment indeed very little sentiment of any kind whatsoever was like splashing into icy cold water it is startling at first but you get numbed to itthe beginning was definitely abrupt but i got into the swing of things pretty uickly the novel is an onion that gets increasingly rotten as you peel away every layer but still isn't a completely bad onion you can still use parts of it in a salad don't toss that onion away it's not all bad in particular i loved the literalized levels of moral ambiguity and evilview spoiler the perspective of an often ethically apathetic but at times heroic doctor and Company historian Croakerwho lives and works for a dark deadly downright evil but not always totally evil murderous macho mercenary outfit The Black Companythat is hired by a frightening elegantly evil but at times rather sympathetic and even gracious boss Soulcatcherwho is part of an ersatz Legion of Doom filled with flamboyantly evil sorts who are effectively deadly but also often drolly incompetent and are sometimes not so completely evil all of whom have their own stylish Swingin' Villain Look The Ten Who Were Takenthey all work for a pretty darn evil vicious torturing sister slayin' former but still ambitious tyrant of the land and well sometimes not so evil big boss The Ladywho is locked in a secret combat over the fate of the world with The Worst of the Worst a Completely 100% Evil Big Bad Guy her husband and former co tyrant The Dominatorwho secretly commands his own mind controlled Justice League heroes who are as morally ambiguous as any modern day guerilla group The Circlewho in turn lead a resolute force of men fighting against imperial evil those brave souls known as The Rebeleasily sacrificed patsies who are apparently the actual good guys of the novel we are not privy to their perspective hide spoiler

  4. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    Glen Cook is often called the father of grimdark fantasy This is his most famous series which most definitely helped grimdark to become the dominant sub genre of the modern fantasy A long time ago even way before JRR Tolkien created his classic trilogy most of the fantasy or what would later be called such belonged to so called heroic fantasy There was a person or a group of people who had to perform heroic deeds to save the world most of the time; Lord of the Rings firmly falls into this category Conan the Barbarian performed his heroics for personal gains Elric by Michael Moorcock while not being a nice person still saved the world from evil several times Welcome to the world of The Black Company There is no single person in the entire series who could be called nice by any stretch of the word's definition You will find plenty of shades of gray though Their world is dark and violent with almost constant struggle between plain evil and outright evil which would make the Biblical Satan look like an amateur The Company is a band of mercenaries with its people just doing their jobs of fighting and dying caught in the power struggle of demigods; at the end of the day even demigods need an army to finalize their conuests; compare it with modern military actions no matter how many airstrikes you do with even the most modern bombs available only the ground troops ensure the area in uestion is secured The heroes of the series are low level grunts of the mercenary band None of them are nice people but they do have their own honor code and they try to support the lesser of the evils when they have a choice The characters of the company are excellent and memorable; they grow on you and you find yourself rooting for them after a while Speaking of the characters I cannot help mentioning One Eye and Goblin These two are the best frenemies of fantasy in particular and any literature in general They are minor wizards whose purpose in life is to outdo each other by using any means necessary and as a result they never fail to bring amusing moments I am convinced Glen Cook is practically unsurpassed when it comes to the amount of backstabbing and double crossing in the literature This makes up for an exciting and unpredictable plot twists The book and most of the series is written as the company's annals by its annalist and surgeon aptly named Croaker For this reason it takes some time to get used to writing style with uite a few people abandoning the series because of this When you think about it Croaker really does not have much time for writing fancy literature; unlike real life Patrick Rothfuss or George RR Martin he cannot afford taking his time to write being in the middle of military action Glen Cook is a Vietnam War vet and as such when he writes about a war he really knows about it He never glorifies one; in fact the main idea of the series is that there is no glory in any war no matter which side you fight on He is also great when it comes to describing military camaraderie; Croaker often refers to people of the company as family So the writing sometimes is choppy and uite minimalist when it comes to the descriptions If you managed to get past it you will be rewarded with very good characters and exciting plot All of the book of the series are hard to put down after the initial confusion and this one is not an exception To be completely honest I need to mention I am a big fan of the series so please take my rating with a grain of salt It might be half a star lower

  5. Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads-no-more says:

    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsI went into the reading of THE BLACK COMPANY by Glen Cook nearly blind I knew a lot of people didn't like it I knew it wasn't going to be warm and fuzzy But that was pretty much itI uickly learned that despite Joe Abercrombie being widely known as Lord Grimdark it was Cook who gave birth to the subgenreSo that's important to know it it grim and it is darkBut it's also about brotherhood about family It's about upholding some version of a moral code in the midst of your own depravity It's also surprisingly funny I buddy read this with a bunch of friends on Goodreads and after various similar incidents I suggested the BR's catchphrase should be Shock horror and hilarityShock Horror And hilarity The story is told from the POV of the Company physician a man named Croaker He's also the annalist the Company historian and it doesn't take long to determine he's perfectly suited to the taskCroaker is curious So curious that he borders on being nosy but he's not a gossip and his good natured need to unravel mysteries keeps him likable rather than obnoxious He's one of my favorite charactersBUTLikable as he may be as any of the Company may be they are not the Good Guys They're sellswords the archetypal mercenaries they fight for coin not for cause and while Croaker admits to not recording every foul deed in which the Company partakes he records enough that you never confuse them with heroesThe Black Company enthusiastically engages in the spoils of war and all that entails so consider this your warning if anything that falls under that umbrella is one of your triggers This kind of thing is always unpleasant but as I've mentioned before I give a lot of it a pass when it happens in fantasy bc realismBUTThey do have their own version of a code and unless it threatens the Company as a whole they follow it to the best of their abilityUnfortunately that code doesn't preclude working for the Bad Guys Bc according to Company philosophy there are no Bad Guys and similarly “Evil is relative You can’t hang a sign on it You can’t touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword Evil depends on where you are standing pointing your indicting finger BUT Croaker becomes less and less convinced of this as the story progresses as and people become victims in the power struggles of their betters And by victim I mean DEAD As a doornail Numbering in the tens of thousands Bc WARThe only real problem I had was an infreuent lack of clarity I don't expect to know ALL THE THINGS in the first installment of a long running fantasy series but the things I don't know need to be tangibly shrouded in mystery You can't make incomprehensible statements in a way that looks like you're supposed to know what they're talking about when in reality you're notThat way lies madnessBeyond that I loved THE BLACK COMPANY by Glen Cook One of the wonderful things about fantasy is that it ages well and whether it's traditional good vs evil fantasy or nebulous what is good or evil fantasy the elements are timeless there's a reason this one is still making the rounds nearly 25 years after it was originally published and that reason is EPIC Highly recommendedPre reviewSO I just finished this and it was so good that even though the thing I didn't want to happen bc so bloody obvious happened I did not care bc the way it played out was EPICNow I NEED Full RTC

  6. carol. carol. says:

    Three stars; ultimately it's just not my kind of book As far as plot it mostly consists of a series of encounters for the Black Company starting with getting out of their current contract and accepting employment from the Lady I don't mind this style of plot in my books but not everyone may enjoyThe pacing of the story was uneven at best Mostly the narrative stopped on plot points germane to their particular tasks for the Lady but occasionally it takes time to linger on company dynamics Those interludes mostly seem to consist of card games I'm definitely used to the epic fantasy that tells you what the road was like the color of the blooming flowers the sunsets etc along the way David Eddings anyone?The characters felt mostly archetypal sketch portraits done in greys There's a grizzled captain who knows than he lets on and has a hidden moral core; the fallen warrior; the morally ambiguous doctor; the orphan foundling who will be the figurehead for a new movement That said the small touches helped make them interesting to me and left me intrigued the wizards' bickering Darling's finger language Soulcatcher's voicesThe world seemed interesting as much as we are given The concept of the Taken was fascinating The forvalaka was fascinating as well but language is odd why did we go from a made up word to Taken? I think the forvalaka was one of the only created words which sits oddly with the language of the story Flying carpets were introduced late and seemed mostly to be a plot device They seemed at odds with the conventional methods of horseback cart walking shipOverall it was a kind of a shrug kind of book for me I didn't hate it but I was able to put it down and even fall asleep while reading it and I've been known to stay up all night reading However I'll check out the next in the series out of curiosity and because Cook has so many fans I'm trying to see the appeal

  7. Mayim de Vries Mayim de Vries says:

    “There are not self proclaimed villains only regiments of self proclaimed saints Victorious historians rule where good or evil lies” Evil fights the darkness folks The Black Company is a grim and jarring read meant for a mature audience fast paced devoid of extensive descriptions and throwing the reader into deep waters inhabited by hungry and malicious things The Black Company is a group of mercenaries offering their services to those who pay well It has nothing to do with “serving the good cause” and individual members of the Company are often despicable individuals Their only creed and hence faithfulness belong to the Company which is their home and family It is a “Company of villains held together by its now and its us against the world gone befores” The Company becomes entangled in a war between the Lady aided by her Taken sorcerers it is the one called Soulcatcher that enlists the mercenary band and the Rebel forces of the White Rose The fact that our heroes are fighting on the wrong evil side is a great starting point for the book In the first volume of the Chronicles of the Black Company we follow the events from the perspective of Croaker the doctor and annalist The first person narrative means that we know Croaker very well but his companions we know only as much as Croaker knows them And as for the rest of the protagonists what you get are just scraps of knowledge that Croaker will learn throughout the book What is applied here is the same trick which was later repeated with great success by Mr Erikson We know nothing about the world we will not find any introduction prologue dramatic personae overview The author does not bother with something as obvious as explaining who is who or where the conflict originates from All this is revealed in the minimum amount of information transmitted through Croaker’s observations and recollections As the action develops and it does rather uickly almost too uickly we get to know other protagonists and with every new plot twist we get a new piece of the puzzle to fit in “Fire Riots in the Groan Dancing at the Gate of Dawn”At this point I would like to say that it is worth grinding your teeth and arming yourselves with patience during the initial chapters I promise that the breakthrough will come and you will not be able to stop reading Also the scant information sharing is an advantage In the end when we learn enough to begin to understand what's going on the book ends Nice trick Mr Cook view spoiler Even though I knew what was coming very early on in the book hence the star off for predictability hide spoiler

  8. Nancy Nancy says:

    After 75 pages I've come to the conclusion that life is too short to waste reading bad books Positive praise and reviews caused me to bring the book home against my best judgement The first person style lack of character depth stupid names inane dialogue and juvenile prose have caused me to abandon the book in frustration Good thing I read Mary Gentle's Ash A Secret History before giving up on the military fantasy genre altogether

  9. Eon ♒Windrunner♒ Eon ♒Windrunner♒ says:

    Before Abercrombie Before Lawrence Before MartinThere was CookI loved The Black Company It is dark entertaining and funny with a hint of epic and it kept me enthralled until the end It's about a group of people with a particular set of skills D fighting for the employer of the day These people are not good or bad They are just people Some are worse than others but it’s all about your point of view I mention this only because I kept on wondering if I was backing the bad guys here Turns out things are not so much black and white as they are greyThe beginning of the book was a bit of 'WHAT IS GOING ON?' at first but the confusion dissipates and makes way for 'just one page' pretty uickly as we follow the core of a group of mercenaries known as The Black Company Didn't see that one coming did you?The story is told from the viewpoint of the company’s annalist and opens up with our mercenaries doing their thing in the city of Beryl ueen of the Jewel Cities protecting the Syndic from rivals and his own troops among other things So basically bodyguards That is until events conspire and something is released upon the city “You know anything about that out there?” An isolated scream echoed in the distance It had a uality which set it aside from other recent screams Those had been filled with pain rage and fear This one was redolent of something darkerCan it be killed?”“They’re almost invincible Captain”“Can they be killed?” The Captain put a hard edge on his voice He was frightened too“Yes” One Eye confessed He seemed a whisker less scared than Tom Tom “Nothing is invulnerable Not even that thing on the black ship But this is strong fast and smart Weapons are of little avail Sorcery is better but even that isn’t much use” Never before had I heard him admit limitationsUnfortunately for the mercenaries the forvalaka is just the beginning and leads them to a fated meeting with something that goes by the name of Soulcatcher and thus they make the best of a bad situation and are hired and caught in a war they do not want to be a part of fighting for an employer they do not want to serve Also EVIL is about The Captain settled beside me “Tell me Croaker”So I told him about the Domination and the Dominator and his Lady Their rule had spanned an empire of evil unrivalled in Hell I told him about the Ten Who Were Taken of whom Soulcatcher was one ten great wizards near demigods in their power who had been overcome by the Dominator and compelled into his service I told him about the White Rose the lady general who had brought the Domination down but whose power had been insufficient to destroy the Dominator his Lady and the Ten She had interred the lot in a charm bound barrow somewhere north of the sea“And now they’re restored to life it seems” I said “They rule the northern empire Tom Tom and One Eye must have suspected We’ve enlisted in their service”The writing felt different I cannot pin exactly what it is that felt so fresh but suspect it is just the way Cook writes He says things in ways that I haven’t read them before and his humour was delightful in that horrific kind of way More pleaseHighly recommended PS One Eye vs Goblinbest wizard rivalry ever One Eye had trooped downhill behind me sour surly grumbling to himself and spoiling for a row His path crossed Goblin’sSlugabed Goblin had just dragged out of his bedroll He had a bowl of water and was washing up He is a fastidious little wart One Eye spotted him and saw a chance to punish somebody with his foul mood He muttered a string of strange words and went into a curious little fling that looked half ballet and half primitive war danceGoblin’s water changedI smelled it from twenty feet away It had turned a malignant brown Sickening green gobs floated on its surface It even felt foulGoblin rose with magnificent dignity turned He looked an evilly grinning One Eye in the eye for several seconds Then he bowed When his head came up he wore a huge frog smile He opened his mouth and let fly the most godawful earthshaking howl I have ever heardThe LadySoulcatcher

  10. Markus Markus says:

    “No one will sing songs in our memory We are the last of the Free Companies of Khatovar Our traditions and memories live only in these Annals We are our own mourners” After only reading the first book in the three part omnibus edition I can already tell that Glen Cook is an exceptionally skilled storyteller and that The Black Company is probably the best war story I have ever readSeries review from the beginningSeries review from the ending

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