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    This is a good introduction to aesthetics from the point of view of a range of philosophers However, Wicks hasn t gone back to original sources and relied on secondary material which makes me wonder as to accuracy I m also not clear on the criteria for selection, and if it s just related to what fits within his paradigm, e.g is he just selecting for authors who focus on aesthetics as a doorway to social change what about those artists who look backwards or who want to maintain an eternal present what about Kant s morality is moving forward, not ossifying what underpins this idea of art as the procession moving society towards a pinnacle of equity Wicks also writes about Deleuze as though he doesn t have a clue because Wicks ignores Deleuze s ideas of...

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European Aesthetics In This Seminal Study, Robert Wicks Provides A Sweeping Survey Of European Aesthetics Over The Last Two Hundred Years Presenting The Theories Of Sixteen Important Continental Thinkers Including Kant, Nietzsche, Freud, And Derrida, This The Only Comprehensive Study Of The Evolution Of Continental Thought In This Key Area Of Philosophy.Highlighting European Ambivalence Towards Reason In The Aftermath Of The Violence Of The French Revolution, Wick Shows How Each Philosopher Deals With The Tension Between The Ideals Of Scientific Rationalism On One Side And Creativity And Human Instinct On The Other Should Art Be Evaluated Objectively In Terms Of Its Form And Dimensions, Or Should We Value It Because Of How It Makes Us Feel With A Colour Plate Section And Written In A Lively But Objective Tone, This Book Will Prove Essential For Students In Philosophy, Art, And English Literature.