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The Dawkins Delusion Exposed [PDF] ✪ The Dawkins Delusion Exposed Author Chris Eckstein – There is a 75% chance that a creation professing student will denounce that faith within one year at a secular college or university Do you want to take that chance Read this book and you won't have t There is a % chance that a creation professing student will denounce that faith within one year at a secular college or university Do you want to take that chance read this book and you won't have to I had many uestions about the competing ideologies of evolution and creation This book was the answer to those uestions What an eye opener Chris leads his readers on an very interesting and highly informative journey I felt a broad range of The Dawkins PDF/EPUB ² emotions as I read the book I felt betrayed angry mystified sad happy educated and enlightened This book is really for both the creationist and the evolutionist Shirin Tucker Sarasota FL Is Richard Dawkins just a mad scientist Or is Dawkins advancing the agenda of a cult religion that has dark and dangerous motives This is the book that exposes Richard Dawkins like no other book ever written The author pulls no punches as he delivers this hard hitting truth His commitment to the truth does not sway even when it is to his disadvantage It seems that the author is committed to the truth than he is to selling books Eckstein's investigation does an excellent job of exposing the faith of evolutionism His solid case against Dawkins and Dawkins' religion cannot possibly be rebutted although I would like to see someone try Victor Mitchell Rio Rancho NM Christopher Eckstein makes the most powerful presentation against Dawkins to date The case presented comes from the very entertaining and uniue perspective of this author scientist and apologist You will be intrigued and challenged as you embark on a read that will change the way you perceive reality forever Christopher Eckstein resides in Sarasota Florida with his wife Anna and their three children Christian Christianna and Christopher Caution Atheists that read this book are likely to become creationists wwwthedawkinsdelusionexposedcom.

3 thoughts on “The Dawkins Delusion Exposed

  1. Michael Michael says:

    I wanted to like it but I just couldn't There isn't an ounce of credibility Listing your credentials only matter when the credentials are relevant There are many many claims made throughout the book but no sources cited within the text and there is no works cited page at all Telling us to youtube or google something certainly does not count I can all but promise that this book is not on Dawkin's radar A good thing too I might add The lack of citation could make the author vulnerable to lawsuitsI have to agree that as another review put it the prose is awful To write a scholarly book one cannot speak like a child There was no editing process to speak ofThere is also a complete lack of understanding of the theory of evolution I don't believe in the theory but I understand that you can't argue against something you don't understand This could have used far research Finally the conspiracy theories that come out of no where really surprised me It had nothing to do with the thesis of the book it went off for a long time and it takes away what little credibility the author hadThere are a few pretty good arguments against Dawkins see William Lane Craig William Dembski John Lennox This however is not one of them

  2. Don Gear Don Gear says:

    I read the book and purchased a copy for my brother and two for my sisters The book is very credible it was released in 2010 since then the NDAA and the NDRPA have both been passed and thegun grab is well under way Not only does Ecksteen disprove evolution with credible sources he seems to be well aware of relevant geopolitics Asking a reader to google about chem trails fema camps or fema coffins seems to be than legit since there has been no real books done on the topics as these are cutting edge developments Google is the modern day referencemanual and dictionary for anyone under 30 so it seems that it would count Mike seems to take issue with having to come to terms with the fact that there are no higher evolved humans and that would include him Notice he claims to have read three thousand books in less than a year Come on Mike

  3. Kyle Stickland Kyle Stickland says:

    The book was very informative and scientifically accurate with the sources referenced I failed to see where the author speaks like a child as a reviewer put it He makes an irrefutable case against Richard Dawkins I like it and would recommend it for a pre college read I do not give 5 star ratings I know of only one perfect book

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