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  1. Jacob Wren Jacob Wren says:

    For me Chris Kraus is something like the perfect writer whose books are made even greater by the honesty of their many imperfections She is the writer my generation needs to jump start English speaking literature again in these hopelessly depleted heart sick and mediocre times to re invent directness in a world of spin and televisual lies Every novel she writes for me reinvents the game though Aliens Anorexia remains my favorite perhaps only because it was the first one I read She is a writer who is always driving towards the content towards a personal and accurate understanding of the world we live in today alongside theory but also away from theory's hypocrisies and excesses towards what is concrete and significant in what she is saying and how she is saying it When I meet someone who also reads and admires the novels of Chris Kraus I know I have met someone I'm happy to talk with for awhile And yet it always makes me nervous when I start to overload the praise Just read all of her books

  2. Lee Foust Lee Foust says:

    Another amazingly important novel from Chris Kraus There might be other novels recounting the slippery descent into self hatred fear and scapegoating that the Bush administration precipitated and which has firmly gripped the USA since the turn of the century but not having read any of them or even knowing about them I find this novel astounding and original in its penetrating gaze into our current social and political situation We have indeed become a nation divided into waggish haves who deal in cultural savvy andor easy corporate wealth and bury themselves behind walled and gated suburban communities or urban high rises and an other growing America of miserably unselfconscious often ethnically defined have nots who live in a shifting triangular space between addiction insurmountable and ever mounting debt and incarceration The failed love affair of this novel then is the story of American bourgeois liberality the last tattered remnants of our Christian and social conscience being crushed under the pseudo or neo fascist boot of privatized prison profits a xenophobic rounding up of the usual foreign suspects now for actual torture under the name of interrogation and Ayn Randian logic that claims that hating your fellow humans is the best way to serve them From the other perspective it would seem to be about blind animal survival ever tougher in a world that humiliates one at every turn and has forged a bond between poverty and morality that is only echoed in the few life preservers thrown to the drowning loans to pay off previous loans a moral twelve step fatalism and leaning guiltily on some member of that other somehow much much better classI'm so glad someone said so Reading this novel has been an empathetic trial and cathartic release and I will recommend it to anyone who will listen from now on as the experience is described for the female bourgeois half of the couplenarrative In other words I identified wholeheartedly with the character of Catt I too am a university instructor writer and cultural con man Still I couldn't help but wonder what a member of the great American underclass with whom I have flirted overlong and imitated but in which I have never really felt comfortable would think of this novel Will Summer of Hate ever be read by people like Paul? And what if they did? Would they find it condescending? perhaps in part Such are the problems of subjectivity and the old modernist trope of representing in a novel a pair of contrasting subjectivities Deftly done it seems to me but I cannot entirely judge the novel's success for my own subjectivity gets in the wayAs a writer I was at first uite disappointed to find that Summer of Hate was not written in the post modern stylings of the other Chris Kraus novel that I loved sooooooooo much I Love Dick Still I think I would defend the choice politicalsentimental novel that it is the subject here is perhaps better suited to the modernist tradition with its firm roots in the socialistic realism of the nineteenth century Still I think Ms Kraus did do much of the same kind of social critiue in I Love Dick and in that novel the PoMo pyrotechnics served her well particularly when dealing with love as a discourse art world issues and the exposure of the muting of the female perspective in the Occidental literary tradition So whatever Summer of Hate says exactly what needed to be said and in a traditionally sound way Kraus is a great writer regardless but I did slightly pine for the groundbreaking form that I so loved about her first novel I Love Dick Now on to the other two novels that she wrote in between or at least Torpor; Aliens and Anorexia seems to be out of print and I can't find a copy anywhere that I can afford

  3. julieta julieta says:

    I found this book incredibly uncomfortable and at times pretty sordid She definitely gets the message across about incarceration and the long road to reinsertion but to me this book is all about the message and not so much about the storyAnother thing about such a novel is that money is such an important element and that was probably what made is aesthetically somewhat tiresome Money is spoken about from the first to the last page and even if it is an important message the one in this novel I found myself not believing it the possibility of all that happens the characters If Paul is such a wonderful man eaten by a system that won't give him a chance why is that the only thing you know about him? There must be and still you don't see it I suppose because it is not the most important part But if a character is just representation then how can you believe his her story? can it also be emotional? I must add though I think Kraus is a fiercely original writer and I love the directions she takes in her books the places she takes you are pretty great

  4. Michael Livingston Michael Livingston says:

    This is an entertaining novel that tries to tackle the big issues of the Bush era USA class race nationalism the prison industrial complex crumbling lives in crumbling cities and ways that people get by The central plot thread is the romance between Catt cultural commentator cum real estate entrepreneur and Paul the ex con with a heart of gold This flickers along without ever fully convincing and there's a sense throughout that the characters are pawns in Kraus' bigger political game The disappointment then is that the political points lack nuance or bite the targets are obvious and the delivery straightforward The writing is clear and readable throughout but not particularly memorable and the whole experience of reading this book is engaging without being particularly stimulating

  5. Cindy Cindy says:

    Kraus has talent for creating that punched in the gut sensation pointing out the insanity and disconnect we all lived under during the Bush administration Kraus is able to put her finger directly onto the emotions of those years She illustrates a time we all seemed to be under a Xanax haze numb and ambivalent to the cruelty the US was imposing on the outsiders of our society This novel has its flaws in my opinion they lie mostly with character but they are so forgivable in the light of what Kraus has provided

  6. Eugene Eugene says:

    the kind of honesty i like one with a thin sheen of fiction and on occasion a thick glob of style but this mostly subtle a french exit or a tasteful gesture mannered yet truthful paced here with a good and slow buildup but not uite manipulatively suspenseful an effective documentary ish presentation re class race and cultural capital and reading it in january 2017 the appalling realization the bush II years were a restrained preview and not the nadir dug this book

  7. Tatyana Kagamas Tatyana Kagamas says:


  8. Alexander Alexander says:

    This book reads like it's trying to sound smart without actually being smart Like a pretentious college student who's trying to get participation credit in class but didn't actually read the material and is thus just throwing in buzzwords It contains lines un ironically delivered like I have been thinking about this from the position of abstraction as a form of representation and Abjection implies a descent In order to suffer this degradation doesn't the subject first have to exist? These lines have barely context in the text than I give here It's like a second rate sociologist tried her hand at being a second rate novelist and succeeded at neither But hey it's easy to criticize I read the whole thing so I guess it was good enough

  9. Phil Overeem Phil Overeem says:

    This is the kind of fiction I wish there was of about the real lives of people in the 21st century free of writerly tricks There was something about the hands across the social classes romancereverse Pygmalion thing that was hard to buy but I did like Kraus' analysis of what's gone wrong with us

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Summer of Hate [PDF / Epub] ☄ Summer of Hate By Chris Kraus – In his journal Paul liked to make lists What he ordered from Commissary shaving cream toothpaste deodorant the transistor radio he had for a week before the guards took it away The books he picked off In his journal Paul liked to make lists What he ordered from Commissary shaving cream toothpaste deodorant the transistor radio he had for a week before the guards took it away The books he picked off the cart The Bible Dean Koontz Stephen King Codependent No More What phone calls he made and received; also Bible Study certificates letters and cards his workout routines and his moods Anxious Nervous Trusting Summer of PDF/EPUB or in God but mostly Depressed Paul has a record of every push up he did while he was in prison but he cannot remember shit about what happened before his arrest from Summer of HateWaking up from the chilling high of a near death sex game Catt Dunlop travels to Albuuerue in to reinvest some windfall real estate gains and reengage with something approximating real life Aware that the critical discourse she has used to build her career as a visiting professor and art critic is really a cipher for something else she hopes that buying and fixing slum buildings will bring her closely in touch with American life than the essays she writesIn Albuuerue she becomes romantically involved with Paul Garcia a recently sober ex con who has just served sixteen months in state prison for defrauding Halliburton Industries his former employer of Almost forty years old Paul is highly intelligent but has only been out of New Mexico twice He has no information With Catt's help he makes plans to attend UCLA only to be arrested on a ten year old bench warrant en routeCaught in the nightmarish Byzantine world of the legal system Catt and Paul's empathic attempts to save each other's lives seems doomed to dissolve Summer of Hate is a novel about flawed reciprocity and American justice recording recent events through the prism of a beleaguered romance As lucid and trenchant as ever Kraus in her newest novel reminds us that the writer can be a first responder of sorts when power becomes invisible or merely banal.

  • Paperback
  • 249 pages
  • Summer of Hate
  • Chris Kraus
  • English
  • 09 August 2014
  • 9781584351139

About the Author: Chris Kraus

Chris Kraus is a writer filmmaker and professor of film at European Graduate School in Saas Fee Switzerland Her books include I Love Dick Aliens Anorexia and Torpor Video Green Kraus' first non fiction book examines the explosion of late s art by high profile graduate programs that catapulted Los Angeles into the center of the international art world Her films include Gravity G.