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The Golden Arrow A Virago Modern Classic [PDF] ✈ The Golden Arrow A Virago Modern Classic By Mary Webb – The gate clicked and she was there She had never looked so frail so provocative; she had never been purposeful or less desirous of admiration They went in Lily was genuinely pleased; after the ramblin The gate clicked and she Arrow A PDF/EPUB Â was there She had never looked so frail so provocative; she had never been purposeful or less desirous of admiration They The Golden eBook ì went in Lily was genuinely pleased; after the rambling ruin at home impossible to keep in order even for industrious hands than hers the compact neat little Golden Arrow A PDF/EPUB ã home was delightful She thought how easy the work would be She was not meant for the hardy magnificence of manual labour.

10 thoughts on “The Golden Arrow A Virago Modern Classic

  1. Mark Mark says:

    This is the latest book by Mary Webb that I have read; a couple of others still to add on here Since reading Precious Bane I have been working through all the others and found none to reach the sublime poetry of Precious Bane and have found them variable in their uality This was one of the better ones even if the illness that the main character succumbs to after her lover deserts her smacks a little of the self indulgent rather than the spirituality it is clearly supposed to representLike all her books though the characters are so wonderfully wrought and so real whether they are given to a spiritual communing with nature or a meanness of spirit which delights in the suffering of others And whether the plot and characters fully engage you or not you are sure to come across at least ONE paragraph that will stun you with its ability to crystallise a whole narrative into a few lines and will punch you in the gut with its power Take this for instance describing the main character’s simple amiable brother and the object of his affections who has been put upon by a puritanical father and despite being able to hide it underneath a pretty exterior is envious of all and delights in cutting others down to size“Joe gazed at her over his large cup with love the white everlasting that grows in simple places flowering in his face He did not know that to such as Lily the snapping of flowers – even everlastings – was a matter of course They were things to pick use fling away only blossoms not necessary to anyone like vegetables and meat So the gospel of the grey hearted had sunk into Lily’s soul which was meant to be a thing of colour and fragrance but had been so frozen and stunted that only a poor little empty crevasse remained”My main regret after reading these books is that I didn’t also take a notepad and pen to bed with me to note down each wonderful sentence or vivid paragraph that captured my imagination as I read them The paragraph above came at the end of a chapter and so was the last thing I read before turning out the light and therefore its place in the book was emblazoned on my memory Whether brilliant or indifferent Mary Webb’s books for me deliver all the magical power of language that the books of Elizabeth Goodge promised from the extract in Barbara Cartland’s ‘prayer’ book “The Light of Love” but failed to deliver in reality

  2. Jennie Rogers Jennie Rogers says:

    Reading the signs of nature as one would read a tarot card spread It is the tragedy of the self absorbed that when the great moments of their lives go by in royal raiment with a sound of silver flutes they are so muffled in self and the present that they neither hear nor see

  3. Caitlin Caitlin says:

    Way too much melodrama didn't like several of the main characters So much self centered nonsense

  4. Kath Kath says:

    Rather melodramatic and didn't enjoy it as much as Mary Webb's 'Precious Bane' The storyline was a bit predictable but the characters were very strongly portrayed I loved grumpy old Eli dependable and thoughtful John and the self centred Stephen who was always going to leave Anyway he sees the error of his ways and comes home all's well that ends well

  5. Discoverylover Discoverylover says:

    From Mary Webb March 25 1881 October 8 1927 was an English romantic novelist of the early 20th century whose Hardyesue novels are set chiefly in the Shropshire countryside and among Shropshire characters and people which she knew

  6. Consuela Consuela says:

    I got yet another book by the author of one of my absolute favorite books Precious Bane Unfortunately this one was very weird and only morbid curiosity made me finish it I wouldn't recommend this to anyone But read Precious Bane it's a wonder

  7. Jennifer Jeffries Jennifer Jeffries says:

    Ah I had to read this because it was by the author of Precious Bane my favourite old classic tale This isn't as good but still the words are worth getting your tongue around as is the ancient and evocative setting

  8. Heather Heather says:

    A trifle mawkish and fatalistic at times but some lovely descriptive narrative I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading from this author

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