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The Street Philosopher and the Holy Fool: A Syrian Journey Based On Five Journeys To Syria, The Special Feature Of This Book Lies Not In Offering A Straightforward Guide To The Country And Its History And Sights, But In Describing An Inner Journey Which Brings The Author Into Contact With Unusual Characters, Each Of Whom Is An Outsider Of Sorts.

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    The Street Philosopher and the Holy Fool is an absorbing if quirky book which starts out as tales about Syria but cannot avoid highlighting two extraordinary individuals, Abed and Sulayman The author is a published poet and a self styled metaphyical journalist with strong sympathies for his subject matter who is just as seduced by Abed and Sulayman as you will be Amidst ta...

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    For me this book just didn t work it didn t work as a travel book I didn t see Syria within its pages and its words didn t give me that bitter sweet longing for home that most Syrian travel books do So I tried to appreciate it as a spiritual book, but it had serious shortcomings on that level as well for example while it spends a lot of pages talking about Al Khidr it seems the author didn t do much research on the story beyond merely reading it in an English quranic translation and so says I must confess there is much concerning the morality of this sura that continues to baffle me for a man who is narrating a very spiritual and mystic story he seems to have missed the point the story of the Khidr in the quran is an allegory of fate The only time I felt spiritually moved was during his narration of...

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    Classified as a travel book at least on library shelves the title is a surer guide The author encounters the Holy Fool but it is an encounter with smoke madness eludes engagement Description is underpinned by research and lived experience It s not what I expected The role of...

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    same old orientalist travel narrative same old..

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    Something about history and religion in Syria Some stories were interesting while the others I found them boring The overall is fine.

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