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Beyond Preemption: Force and Legitimacy in a Changing World America S Three Most Recent Wars In Kosovo, Afghanistan, And Iraq Have Raised Profound Questions About When To Use Military Force, For What Purpose, And Who Should Make The Decision Whether To Go To War These Crucial Questions Have Been Debated Around The World With Increasing Intensity, And By Beginning To Provide Important Answers, Beyond Preemption Moves The Debate Forward In Significant Ways During The Past Three Years, The Contributors To This Volume Have Engaged In A Global Dialogue With Political Officials, Military Figures And Strategists, And International Lawyers From Around The World On When And How To Use Force And In What Way Its Use Can Best Be Legitimized They Found Consensus That The World Has Changed So Dramatically That Much Of The Old Way Of Thinking About When And How To Go To Use Force To Deal With New Challenges Has Become Largely Obsolete Drawing On These High Level Discussions, Ivo Daalder And His Colleagues Make Specific Proposals For How To Forge A New International Consensus On The Vexing Questions About The Use Of Force, Including Its Preemptive Use, To Address Today S Interrelated Threats Of Terrorism, Weapons Of Mass Destruction, And Humanitarian Crises In Beyond Preemption, The Authors Also Consider The Critical Matter Of How These Strategies Could Be Best Legitimized And Be Made Palatable To Domestic Audiences And The International Community At Large Contributors Include Bruce W Jentleson Duke University , Anne E Kramer Brookings Institution , Susan E Rice Brookings Institution , James B Steinberg Lyndon B Johnson School Of Public Affairs, University Of Texas At Austin.

About the Author: Ivo H. Daalder

Ivo Daalder served on the national security council staff in the Clinton administration and is now a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution His most recent book, America Unbound The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy with James M Lindsay won the 2003 Lionel Gelber Prize.Daalder was educated at the University of Kent, Oxford University, and Georgetown University, and received his Ph.D in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.He was fellow at Harvard University s Center for Science and International Affairs and the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London He received a Pew Faculty Fellowship in International Affairs and an International Affairs Fellowship of the Council on Foreign Relations Daalder was an associate professor at the University of Maryland s School of Public Affairs, where he was also director of research at the Center for International and Security Studies He was a Senior Fellow in foreign policy studies at the Brookings Institution from 1997 to 2009, where he was a specialist in European security, transatlantic relations, and national security affairs.

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