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Synthetic Panics: The Symbolic Politics of Designer Drugs Reading Synthetic Panics The Symbolic Politics Of Designer Drugs Author Philip Jenkins Federicoscridel.eu America Has A Long History Of Drug Panics In Which Countless Social Problems Have Been Blamed On The Devastating Effects Of Some Harmful Substance In The Last Forty Years, Such Panics Have Often Focused On Synthetic Or Designer Drugs, Like Methamphetamine, PCP, Ecstasy, Methcathinone, And Rave Drugs Like Ketamine, And GHB Fear Of These Substances Has Provided Critical Justification For The Continuing War On Drugs Synthetic Panics Traces The History Of These Anti Drug Movements, Demonstrating That Designer Chemicals Inspire So Much Fear Not Because They Are Uniquely Dangerous, But Because They Bring Into Focus Deeply Rooted Public Concerns About Social And Cultural Upheaval Jenkins Highlights The Role Of The Mass Media In Spreading Anti Drug Hysteria And Shows How Proponents Of The War On Drugs Use Synthetic Panics To Scapegoat Society S Others And Exacerbate Racial, Class, And Intergenerational Conflict.

  • Hardcover
  • 247 pages
  • Synthetic Panics: The Symbolic Politics of Designer Drugs
  • Philip Jenkins
  • English
  • 10 February 2019
  • 9780814742433

About the Author: Philip Jenkins

John Philip Jenkins was born in Wales in 1952 He was educated at Clare College, in the University of Cambridge, where he took a prestigious Double First degree that is, Double First Class Honors In 1978, he obtained his doctorate in history, also from Cambridge Since 1980, he has taught at Penn State University, and currently holds the rank of Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of the Humanities He

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    Jenkins book is a very interesting one about moral panics in regards to synthetic drugs We get a history of various drug scares that occured in the US since the speed epidemic of the 1960 s It s a very critical view of how the media and institutions such as the DEA frame these issues and distort the actual use and dangerou...

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