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Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind: A Guide to Personal Reintegration Reading Yoga For Body, Breath, And Mind A Guide To Personal Reintegration By A.G Mohan Escortkibris724.live Here Is A Practical And Accessible Introduction To The Full, Multifaceted Richness Of The Yoga Tradition While Most Yoga Books Focus Only On Poses, Yoga For Body, Breath, And Mindintegrates The Three Fundamental Elements Of A Complete Yoga Practice Asanasposes , Pranayama Breathing Practices , And Meditation A G Mohan, An Internationally Respected Teacher, Also Explains Essential Philosophical Concepts And Offers The Yogic Perspective On Health And Healing With Step By Step Instructions And Abundant Illustrations, Yoga For Body, Breath, And Mindis The Type Of Comprehensive Guide That Will Be Of Interest To Every Yoga Practitioner The Author Explains That Often When We Feel Stress Or A Sense That Life Has Gotten Out Of Control, It S Not Because Of Life Events Themselves, But Because The State Of Our Own Mind Has Become Chaotic And Fragmented When We Are In A State Of What He Calls Personal Integration, We Are Centered, Contented, And Able To See People And Events In Life As They Truly Are In This State, People Are Most Able To Make Decisions And Take Actions That Are Clear And Positive In Yoga For Body, Breath, And MindMohan Provides A Structured Yoga Program To Help Readers Cultivate This State Of Balance And Integration The Book Also Includes An Introduction To The Practice Of Yoga Therapy.

10 thoughts on “Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind: A Guide to Personal Reintegration

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    I found this book on the street, and since then it has been living by my couch I like the diagrams of yoga poses and explaination about squencing This book is pretty clearly written and useful in my yoga practice.

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    An accessible and complete text for students interested in learning about yoga and viniyoga.

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    Wonderful Very insightful

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    This book is different from other yoga books that concentrate on poses, from easiest to most difficult These illustrations, and the narrative, are about breathing techniques and diet with the poses This is not a book to read and shelve, but to reference daily or whenever good health is paramount.

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    Simple volume Too many good yoga books around This one pales by comparison.

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    A good cursory analysis of the art of work of yoga therapy.

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